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The Throttlemeister Motorcycle Cruise Control kits fit a wide variety of motorcycles and ATVs. Use our unique fitment guide to find your exact fit. Any questions, please call 414-464-6060


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Each Throttlemeister comes with matching left side weight.

This way you have matching weight and style bar ends.

The Throttlemeister Cruise Control for Motorcycles was developed in 1993.

Marker Machine our parent company was owned by an avid motorcyclist who came to our designers with a need and a vision to make long motorcycle trips more comfortable.

The Throttlemeister was born.

Our machinists made a few sets for the owner and his motorcycle friends.

The Throttlemeister was highly praised.

We machined 10 sets of Throttlemeisters and took them to a rally in Michigan and they sold out in 20 mins. The rest is history.

Unique Finishes

All of our kits allow for a unique finish to be selected. You can choose from six different custom finishes.

Optional Sizes

With most of our throttlemeister cruise control kits, you have an option of different weights and heights.

Easy to Use

Once the kit is installed on your bike, the system is extremely easy to set. Say goodbye to hand cramps on long trips.


I just wanted to write quick and say I'm very satisfied with my black heavy bar ends I purchased for my BMW F800R. They look like they were made specifically for the bike and they help with the vibration a lot more than I expected. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at how well they would work and paying that amount of money for a pair of bars ends was a little worrisome, but I really like them a lot. They make the bike a much more enjoyable to ride.
Thanks so much for a great product.

- Greg

I just got my 3rd Throttlemeister in the mail (as a replacement for my 2nd Throttlemeister that fell off because didn't use LocTite...) and it was on the bike in a matter of minutes.  I've been riding for a little over 4 years and have had a Throttlemeister nearly all that time.  It makes a long ride immensely better!  Without one my hands will go numb within 30 minutes, with one I can ride indefinately.  To date I've logged 7,800 miles on my Kawasaki and 9,100 miles on my Honda CBR600RR with the vast majority of those miles using the Throttlemeister. 
Installation and operation are very simple.  If you can use an allen wrench you're good.  A little money on LocTite will save you a lot of money later...the blue stuff works fine.
Quality and craftsmanship are absolutely superb.  This is a very VERY high quality product designed to last a lifetime.  The machine work is impeccable.  Fit and finish are always flawless.  My left bar end on my CBR600 has been on there since 2008 and still looks like new. 

-Jeremy B

Thank you ThrottleMeister ! I placed my order on a Friday at my 1pm and received it on Monday... Wow ! Everything I needed in the box, Instructions were clear, Now I did not see my bike on their list so I inquired by email and also received a response within the same afternoon, This professional company has made me extremely happy, and the standard size black milled version looks like they were made just for my new 2010 VFR 1200. It works flawlessly !!! Again thank you...

-Bryan M

About Us

Marker Machine Inc is the manufacturer and distributor of the Throttlemeister Cruise Control. We have been in the machining business since 1968. Contact us with any questions about the Throttlemeister or and general machining projects.

We've also been employee / family- owned and operated from the start.

Address: 5240 N 124th St Milwaukee, WI 53225-2999

Phone: (414) 464-6060


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