7 Common Harley Tri Glide Problems & Solutions

When dealing with trikes, every Harley trike owner knows that Harley Tri Glide problems are unavoidable in some of the models.

Ever since this manufacturer began its operation in 1903, it has done far beyond expectations, and its ever-loyal and growing fanbase justifies this fact.

Harley-Davidson has long fostered a burgeoning trike culture in the United States and across the world.

The corporation now has a sizable celebrity following because of its outstanding competence and excellence.

It’s also a favorite of several trike clubs, including the Outlaw MCs.

But over the years, some Harley Davidson trikes have faced some serious problems that if ignored can blossom into something undesirable.

Some of these problems are impossible to ignore and a head-on redress is completely necessary.

Harley-Davidson, like other long-running companies, has committed some blunders throughout the years.

If you’re wondering, this article will show you some flaws with their tri glides that we discovered.

Harley Tri Glide Features

Tri Glide Riding Differences

The Tri Glide is fitted with a 6-speed transmission and is driven by a 103 cu in a 1,690-cc overhead V-twin valve motor that generates 101 feet pounds of torque and a rear-wheel horsepower of about 70.

Electronically controlled fuel injection is used to inject fuel into the trike’s engine.

When the Tri Glide was first launched, the electric-powered reverse was an option, but it subsequently became a normal part of it.

An electronic steering wheel is included as an official feature.

The epitome of ease. Premium tour capabilities and chrome extras are included in Harley Davidson trikes.

These are the perfect trikes for riders that want a memorable three-wheel exploring experience.

This tri-glide is boldly styled with Tomahawk™ and wheels premium paint.

Kahuna™ controls and Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine is some of its notable features.

Some other features of the Harley Davidson Tri Glide features include:

Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Engine

This engine feature is the most displacement in typical H-D Touring prototypes.

You’ll enjoy an inch³ of horizon-chasing and power with this twin-cooled engine.

Reflex™ Connected Brembo® Brakes Plus Standard ABS

Harley Davidson designers introduced this feature in their trikes to ensure that wheels don’t get locked under braking.

This will help the rider main control and stability when he is braking in a direct route.

This functionality works autonomously on rear and front brakes to retain the movement of the wheels and help avoid unrestrained locking of the wheels in urgent circumstances.

Boom! ™ Box GTS Infotainment System

An improved user interface with a contemporary appearance, function, and feel, as well as excellent durability and capabilities tailored for motorcycling.

Every feature has been designed to improve the rider’s connection with the trike and engagement with the rest of the world.

High-Performance Suspension

The premium Harley-Davidson® traveling suspension system is tuned particularly for Trike variants, resulting in a responsive and smooth ride.

Transmission: Six-Speed Cruise Drive®

On the highway, it delivers efficient, silent switching and lowers engine speed, resulting in improved fit between road speed and engine RPM.

Tour-Pak® Storage For Trunks And Kings

The inbuilt trunk has a storage space of 4.4 cubic ft. and fifty pounds, and the injection-shaped Tour-Pak® baggage carrier has a storage space of about 2.4 cubic ft., for total storage space of approximately 6.8 cubic ft.

Daymaker® Led Headlamp And Led Foglamps

A headlight that defies the dark so you can observe what lies in front of you and also be noticed.

Split steam Air Vent and Batwing Fairing

Aimed at providing streamlined airflow and lowered head buffeting with a pressure-equalizing vent on the front.

How Do You Know That Your Tri-Glide Need To Service/Got Problems?

2020 Tri Glide Ultra service

While it may not be immediately obvious what is wrong with your Harley Davidson tri-glide, there are certain telltale signs that it has run into a problem.

Sometimes, these signs may indicate that it’s time to see a mechanic service your vehicle.

And at other times, it needs that one or more of its parts are faulty and needed a total replacement. So, what are these signs? Let’s take a look!

  • Oil leaking through the front rocker at increased speeds.
  • Reverse motor failure, oil pump failures, engine blowing up, and faulty oil filters.
  • Huge carbon buildup in the exhaust of your trike causing the pistons and clutch to malfunction at high speeds.
  • Issues with the transmission so that oil drains wrongly causing the transmission to remain empty.
  • Your trike radio may be auto-repeating songs, and you may find it difficult to turn off the flashers.
  • The parking brake becomes faulty. When this happens, the tiny spring that withdraws the brake continues to fall out.
  • Drilling a side hole on the brake can allow the spring to position farther and hence, increase its stability.
  • The loss of air from the air suspension.
  • Difficulty in steering.
  • The unequal wearing of the wheels. This describes a situation where either the left rear wheel or the right rear wheel wears faster than the other.
  • When the parking brake requires regular adjustment.
  • When the trike becomes underpowered in mountainous areas.
  • When the trike runs hot.
  • Failure in the reverse gear system.
  • The accumulation of oil drips in the exhaust so that the right rear and chrome becomes difficult to become clean.
  • When the rear brakes almost no halting power above thirty miles per hour.
  • When the seat is coming apart at the seams.
  • When the trike’s steering becomes hard to steer at corners.
  • When the bike comes down with fuel management problems.
  • When the exhaust bracket at the rear case bolts keeps falling out
  • When the parking brakes becomes non-functional
  • When the reverse assembly loosens up

7 Common Harley Tri Glide Problems

Tri Glide Riding

  1. Leakage of the steering damper
  2. Loosening of the oil cooler mounts over time
  3. Loosening up of the transmission trap door bolts and falling out of the exhaust mount bolts
  4. Left side mufflers wear down a steep bit more than the right-hand side
  5. Transmission shift arm loosening
  6. When the bike consumes too much oil
  7. When the trike’s reverse assembly begins to loosen

Harley Davidson Tri Glide Recalls Some of the Trike Models

In the U.S., Harley-Davidson Motor Company has announced a recall for over 12,500 trikes owing to a possible braking problem caused by a defective application.

The issue is estimated to affect about one percent of the 12,624 affected products, according to the firm.

The issue is estimated to affect about one percent of the 12,624 affected products, according to the firm.

  • 2019/2020 Tri Harley FLHTCUTG Glide (Classic Ultra Tri Glide)
  • 2020/Harley Tri FLHTCUTGSE Glide (CVO Tri Glide)
  • 2019/2020 Tri Harley FLRT Glide (Freewheeler)

The Trike Traction Control System is managed by the EHCU (electro-hydraulic control unit) on all three Harley trike versions.

The EHCU might present a mistake, causing the traction control to behave inappropriately to a defective speed signal at the rear wheel, according to the automaker.

This might force one of the brake systems to operate by itself, causing the tricycle to shift direction unexpectedly.

It might result in a loss of coordination, which could lead to a collision.

Harley-Davidson dealerships really ought to be conscious of the problem, and notifications to concerned customers were sent out in early December 2019.

Customers were encouraged to schedule a trike inspection with their local Harley-Davidson dealership.

If the automobile has a software problem, the program will be upgraded, which could fix the problem.

The solution will be delivered at no cost to the user.

Customers of one of the affected models are encouraged to contact Harley-Davidson phone support at 1-800-258-2464 to have their VIN digits confirmed when they have any concerns or questions.

0175 is the company’s internal code for this recall. Customers can also call the NHTSA’s helpline at 1-888-327-4236 for any questions.


Harley-Davidson has informed trike owners and vendors that will have the traction control program updated, at absolutely no cost at all.

The recall was initiated sometime on December 2, 2019.

Harley-customer Davidson’s care number is 1-800-258-2464. The recall code for this Harley-Davidson is 0175.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harley Tri Problems

Where Can I See A Service Outlet For My Harley-Davidson Trike?

Your trike may be serviced and warrantied at any licensed Harley-Davidson dealership. Find a dealer around you with the dealer locator.

Where Can I See My Trike’s Standard Routine Maintenance Schedule?

In the maintenance part of your owner’s handbook, you’ll find the routine maintenance content for your trike.

The maintenance schedule’s service intervals are predicated on typical riding circumstances.

What Is The Process For Getting A Substitution Key For My Trike?

Please visit any licensed Harley-Davidson dealership for more information.

You must be willing to offer evidence of ownership as well as the VIN (vehicle identification number).

Try bringing some other keys you may have for your trike.

Can I get My Trike’s Owner’s Manual Online?

Your Owner’s Manual is available to view online. Consult your local licensed Harley-Davidson dealership or go to the online listing to order a comprehensive owner’s manual.

What are the Different Harley Davidson Trike Models to Choose From?

The Harley-Davidson® range presently includes two trikes: the Tri Glide® Ultra and the Freewheeler®.

Both of these trikes have the powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 114 motor and the classic Harley-Davidson styling.

Aside from that, each of these designs has its emphasis, so let’s have a peek at their uniqueness.


The Freewheeler® is a 3-wheeled version of the traditional cruiser motorbike.

With Mini-Ape handlebars and bobtail fenders, these tricycles call to mind the muscle motorcycles of classic Hollywood rugged dudes.

The Freewheeler’s numerous personalization options allow you to personalize your tricycle to better fit your riding style and personality.

When you ride your Freewheeler around the neighborhood, irrespective of the color you settle for, you’ll be sure to impress the people around.

Tri Glide® Ultra

2019 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide Ultra (FLHTCUTG) - Review and Test Ride

Maybe the ideal riding motorcycle is the Tri Glide® Ultra! These trikes are over 200 pounds heavier than the Freewheeler®, and their larger frame is packed with all the amenities you might want for a long-range tour.

This contains 6.8 cubic ft. of cargo and 50 pounds of weight! The Boom! ™ Box GTS infotainment module for simple navigation is also included in the Tri Glide Ultra, as is the six-speed Cruise Drive gearbox for incredibly smooth and silent riding.

On the Tri Glide Ultra, you may spend long hours touring the countryside in complete comfort.


If you want a reliable trike with some of the most mouth-watering features, then Harley Davidson trikes are your best bet.

While it is true that they give other trikes a run for their money, their efficiency at touring the countryside terrains is what earns them the top trikes.

But, like every other product, they can develop certain problems with time.

Reading this article to this point, there is no question that you’ve found some of the most common problems that most Harley Davidson’s trikes come down with.

Which is peculiar to your trike? Let us know!