10 Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders 2021 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

If you are interested in buying the best Harley seat for tall riders, this review will surely be of great help.

Although many Harley seats are available in the market, not all of them will make a good buy, especially for tall riders.

If you want the best, there are many factors that you need to consider before you finally make your choice. This guide tries to consider them all.

A Comparison Table of Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders [Updated 2021]

Mustang 76694
Mustang 79556
Le Pera LK-957DL
XFMT‎‎ Harley Touring 2009-20
Saddlemen LS 806-04-172
Mustang 76157
Saddlemen 808-07B-0042
Saddlemen ‎808-07B-184
Le Pera Maverick LK-957DLBR

What is The Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders?

Based on our extensive research, Mustang motorcycle seats are the best Harley seat for tall riders in the market today for tall riders.

However, Le Pera and Saddlemen seats are also good alternatives if you want to consider other options.

Why Mustang Motorcycle Seats is The Best Harley Seat Brand For Tall Riders?

Our decision to choose Mustang motorcycle seat as our best Harley seat brand for tall riders is based on quality, convenience, and price.

Mustang products are of the highest quality. They are durable, comfortable for all users, and yet affordable.

Here is a review of our top 10 Harley seats for tall riders.

Top 10 Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders Buying Guide

01. Mustang 76694 For Harley Davidson 2008-2019 – Best Popular Harley Seat


There are many reasons we choose this product as our number one seat. One of the first attractions of the Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat is its wideness.

You will also love its diamond stitches. It is cut low, and the hip area is constructed in a way to allow low riding.

With these features, tall riders can conveniently sit and enjoy their rides.

The comfortable width is another reason for a tall rider to love this seat.

Tall people usually have huge bodies, hence, the need for a wide seat.

Made with durable synthetic leather, You can use the motorcycle seat singly. You can also combine it with a passenger seat.

Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat comes with slotted mounting nuts, shoulder washers, and chrome washers. However, the quality of its padding is low.


  • Supports low ride
  • It has diamond stitches to make it look attractive
  • It is compatible with Harley Davidson standard
  • It comes with shoulder washers and chrome hardware


  • You cannot use it with a backrest
  • Padding quality is low

02. Mustang 79556 For Harley Davidson FL Touring 2008-2019 – Best Quality Seat For Harley Davidson


If you prefer a motorcycle seat with a backrest, then Mustang 79556 Super Touring One-Piece 2 Up Motorcycle Seat is an excellent option to consider.

The black seat from Mustang is one of the most comfortable seats in the market, and many people will consider it as the best seat for tall Harley riders.

The design ensures both the biker and his passenger are comfortable. The seats are wide and ideal for tall riders.

The driver’s seat has a backrest for comfort. You can adjust the backrest to your desired position or remove it entirely if you so wish.

Mustang 79556 Super Touring One-Piece 2 Up Motorcycle Seat comes with all needed hardware and is compatible with Harley Davidson.

However, if you are on a low budget, you may have to look for another product as this bike seat is expensive.


  • Features adjustable driver’s seat backrest
  • Wide and comfortable
  • Ideal for tall people
  • It comes with chrome hardware


  • It is expensive

03. Le Pera Maverick LK-957DL – Best Comfortable Seat For Harley


Our third seat to consider is Le Pera Maverick Stitch LK-957DL Daddy Long Legs 2-Up Seat.

Le Pera is among the leading manufacturers of bike seats, and Maverick Stitch LK-957DL Daddy Long Legs 2-Up Seat is one of their best.

It consists of both driver and passenger’s seats. Both offer good comfort.

Made with foam and covered with high-quality vinyl, the bike seat is specifically designed for tall riders.

The driver’s seat gives extra two inches to move its leg around.

It also has contours to make sitting convenient and protect the tailbone from impact. The base of the seat consists of powder-coated steel to ensure stability and comfort.

The driver’s seat has a width of 15 inches at the widest point, and the passenger’s seat has a width of 14 inches. The bottom of the seats also has carpet.

This offers protection to the fender. However, this seat is heavy and bulky. Therefore, it may be difficult to install or remove for cleaning.

But if you don’t care about the size, this is a perfect seat for you.


  • Made with foam and covered with high-quality vinyl
  • It gives an extra two to move legs around
  • Come with both driver and passengers seat
  • Has to contour to protect rider’s tailbone
  • Enough space to accommodate people of different statures
  • Seat base supported by powder-coated steel for stability


  • It is bulky

04. XFMT‎‎ Harley Touring 2009-20


XFMT New Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat is another seat that deserves to be on our list.

The one-piece seat is made majorly of high-quality synthetic leather and foam.

But it also has iron and plastic at its base to provide comfort for the rider.

The seat is wide and low enough to be comfortable for tall riders.

It also has an integrated suspension design that ensures the tail bone of whoever sits on it is protected against sudden shock or accident.

XFMT New Hammock Rider and Passenger is compatible with the 2009 Harley Touring model and later models.

It is also compatible with Tri Glide models. However, we noticed that the stitching of this bike seat is not perfect.


  • Designed to protect the tail bone of riders and passengers from accident
  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather, foam, plastic, and iron
  • Compactible with the 2009 Harley Touring model and Tri Glide models.
  • Comfortable for tall riders


  • Irregular stitching

05. Saddlemen LS 806-04-172


Saddlemen Step-Up Ls 806-04-172 has many features that make it an idle seat for tall riders.

Saddlemen has been known for long to be among the top manufacturers of rider’s equipment.

This set-up seat provides adequate comfort for both driver and passenger, even during a long ride.

It has an ergonometric design that ensures you are kept in your position no matter how the ride is. It also put the rider in control.

Saddlemen Step-Up Ls 806-04-172 is made with quality material, easy to fix on your bike, and compatible with Harley Davidson models.

It weighs just 8.6 pounds and has a width of 15 inches at its widest point. As you can easily mount this seat on your bike, you can also remove it effortlessly.

Hence, it won’t pose any challenge to you when you want to remove it for cleaning. However, the bike seat is expensive.


  • Ideal for tall riders
  • High comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • The ergonometric design ensures riders are kept in position throughout the ride.
  • Compatible with Harley Davidson models
  • Wide enough to accommodate riders of all statures


  • It is expensive

06. Mustang 76157


This is another excellent product from the famous manufacturer, Mustang. Like other Mustang seats, the 76157 Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat is compatible with the 2004 to 2019 Harley Davidson model.

It has a raised back to make the rider comfortable. The seat has a wide bucket and is lowered to accommodate tall riders.

With a 17 inches width at the widest point, Mustang 76157 Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat is designed to keep you comfortable even during a long ride.

You can use it alone. However, if you want a 2-up ride, you can combine it with a passenger seat.

The driver seat has a width of 12 inches at the maximum point.

This makes it equally comfortable for the passenger. Installing this seat is easy, and you can quickly remove it as well.

Mustang 76157 Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat is made with premium leather that guaranteed durability.

However, many users complain of being uncomfortable anytime they have to stop.


  • Very comfortable
  • It is easy to mount and remove
  • Wide driver bucket
  • It has a raised back for the convenience of the driver
  • It is compatible with the Harley Davidson model of 2004 to 2019


  • The ride might not be comfortable if you need to stop frequently.

07. DANNY GRAY 21-403 Solo Seat


The next seat for tall riders we will discuss is DANNY GRAY 21-403 Solo Seat. The motorcycle seat is made of premium leather and weighs just two pounds.

Designed to fit the contour of the rider’s body, this solo seat provides comfort for riders even if they need to ride for hours.

With a width of 16 inches, length of 25 inches, and seat lowered for comfort, DANNY GRAY 21-403 Solo Seat is undoubtedly among the best options for tall riders.

It is also easy to install and is compatible with most modern bikes. However, the seat is sliding, and the absence of a backrest may make it uncomfortable if you are traveling a long distance.


  • Made with high-quality leather
  • The seat is lowered to make it ideal for tall riders
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • No backrest
  • The seat is sliding

08. Saddlemen 808-07B-0042


808-07B-0042- Dominator Solo Seat is another product from Saddlemen. It is compatible with the 2008 to 2013 Harley Davidson models and very easy to mount on the bike.

It has a backrest, which makes it a good option for tall riders. Apart from its backrest, tall risers will also love its size.

With a width of 14 inches at the maximum point and a length of 32 inches, there is a significant space to adjust.

Saddlemen 808-07B-0042- Dominator Solo Seat is made with quality material, well-padded, and has a raised back.

However, it is bulky, and many people may prefer a lighter seat. But if the weight is not a problem, then you should consider this product.


  • It comes with a backrest
  • The size is ideal for tall riders
  • Has raised back for comfort
  • It can be easily mounted on a bike
  • Made with quality material


  • It is bulky

09. Saddlemen Road‎ 808-07B-184


Like other products from Saddlemen, Road Sofa LS Seat is made with premium material. It features a lattice stitch which makes it look unique.

There is a split cushion that prevents the tailbone from hitting hard on the seat. Hence, you are protected from sudden impact.

The cushion also offers comfort, which makes the seat ideal for a long journey. Maximum width of 15 inches and a length of 30.5 inches ensure tall riders will be comfortable on it.

The seat also has a raised back to provide support for the driver’s back. There is a good space for adjustment, and tall riders will find it comfortable.

With a weight of just 10 pounds, you can easily mount and remove the seat. Saddlemen Road Sofa LS Seat is compatible with 2008 to 2013 Harley FLHX2.

But this product doesn’t come with a backrest and does not even support it. So, you cannot install a backrest. This may pose a challenge if you are traveling a long distance.


  • Has raised back to provide support for the driver’s back
  • The split cushion prevents the tailbone from hitting hard on the seat
  • Lattice stitching add more to its beauty
  • It is easy to mount and remove for cleaning


  • It does not support backrest

10. Le Pera Maverick LK-957DLBR


If you are tall and need a bike seat that will keep you comfortable for a long ride, then you should consider the Le Pera Maverick LK-957DLBR Daddy Long Legs Seat.

Not only is the solo seat lowered to make sitting convenient for tall people, but it also has a comfortable backrest.

It has a mass of 16.66 pounds, but it is very easy to install. The width at the maximum point is 21 inches, and that is pretty a good fit for everybody.

Le Pera Maverick LK-957DLBR Daddy Long Legs Seat is made of durable material and is compatible with many modern bikes.

Another advantage of this product is its affordable price. When you compare the price with other products of similar quality, this will undoubtedly be a good buy.

Many users are not happy about its weight, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Installing and removing the bike seat from your motorcycle cannot give you any problem.


  • Comfortable for tall riders
  • It comes with a backrest
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and easy to install


  • Bulky

Buying Facts of Choosing The Best Seat For Tall Harley Riders

Getting the right seat as a tall rider might be challenging. Many tall people have complained of discomfort when riding their bikes.

That is because they didn’t consider their height before buying the seat.

Therefore, if you diligently consider factors that affect comfort before making your choice, you will surely enjoy your seat and ride.

Before buying a seat for your bike, the essential factors to consider include the following:


Most of the seats in the market are always too low for tall people. For you to be comfortable, the seat must be of significant height.

However, it must also not be too tall so that your leg can reach the ground.

Therefore, before you buy a seat, consider your height and the height of the seat.

If you are not sure of the height the seat should be, you can test different heights first before ordering your seat.

If you previously have a seat that is not comfortable, you can add some padding to it to test how much height you need for comfort.

That will guide you to know the height of the seat to order for.


If you are tall, it is likely that your body will be generally big.

That’s envious, but you might be uncomfortable sitting on a seat designed for a rider with average body size.

Therefore check the size of the seat and be sure it will be comfortable for you.

A comfortable seat for tall riders should have adequate space for adjustments that will not affect the passenger.

If this is not available in the seat you are considering; then it is not for you.


It is essential to consider the material used for making the seat.

The most common material available in the market today is foam covered with synthetic leather.

However, different manufacturers still explore many other options.

The essential thing is that the seat must be made with material that will be comfortable for you and worth the cost.


When talking about material, you will also think about the durability of the seat. Of course, nothing lasts forever. However, some materials last longer than others.

Apart from the material, the design of the seat, the base material, the padding, and the reinforcement will all contribute to its durability.

Therefore, you must consider the durability of the bike seat before you conclude on buying it.

Certainly, you don’t want to be on the internet anytime soon searching for another bike seat.


Among the crucial factors that will decide how comfortable the seat is going to be is its padding.

Different manufacturers use different materials and methods to pad their seats. Among the common materials used for padding are foam, gel, and sponge.

A well-padded seat will offer a good cushion and will be comfortable even when you are traveling a long distance.

Therefore, confirm how good the padding of the seat is before you decide to buy it.


Not all bike seats come with a backrest. However, if you go for one with a backrest, it will be an added advantage.

The backrest offers comfort and support for your back. If you are traveling a long distance, having a seat with a backrest can make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

However, the backrest must be located in a position that will make it properly serve its duty.

It will be of no use if your back cannot properly rest on it.

That is why you must also consider if the backrest is adjustable and how much you can adjust it.

The best Harley Davidson seats for tall riders usually have adjustable backrests.

Ease of Installation

Most bike seats are not difficult to install. However, you should be sure that installation will not be a challenge.

You can read a review of other users to ensure nobody is complaining about fixing the seat on the bike.


Everyone wants value for his money. The more features you want from your seat, the more expensive you should expect the seat to be.

However, this is not always the case. There are many costly seats that are not spectacular, yet many seats will offer good features at affordable prices.

Therefore, consider the cost of the seat before you order it. It is ideal to compare prices of similar seats before you finally choose the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Harley Seat For Tall Riders

Is there a maximum height you can be to ride a bike?

No, anyone can ride a bike irrespective of your height. However, tall people may not be comfortable on some kind of seat.

Therefore, if you are tall, you should consider buying a bike seat that is ideal for riders of your height.

Are there seats designed for tall riders?

Yes. Even if it is not explicitly stated, some seats are more comfortable for tall riders than others.

If you are tall and not sure which bike seat will be comfortable for you, then you can read reviews of bike seats to know the seats that are convenient for tall people.

Where can I get the best seat for tall riders?

You can buy bike seats online, and you can buy from a brick-and-mortar shop.

Buying online will allow you to easily compare prices and features of different products and save you the stress of visiting a physical shop.

However, you must always ensure you buy from a reliable online marketplace.

If you prefer to touch the product before purchasing it or wish to test-drive it, you must look for a physical shop close to you.

If you don’t know anyone, you can go online to search for the nearest shop selling bike seats around you.

Are all bike seats compatible with Harley Davidson models?

No. However, there are many bikes in the market that are compatible with the model.

It is important to confirm the compatibility before you buy from the manufacturer if you are in doubt.

How Much does a good bike seat cost?

The price varies significantly. The better the features, the higher the price.

However, there are many seats that are available at a low cost yet have exceptional qualities.

That is why it is essential to compare prices before buying. You can click on the links provided in this review to check the prices on Amazon.

What feature should I look for before choosing a bike seat for a tall rider?

As a tall rider, there are many factors that are essential for comfort.

These include the height of the seat, the nature and material of padding, and the availability of space for adjustment.

It will also be best to choose a seat with an adjustable backrest and one with a width that will be convenient for you.

Generally, it would help if you chose a seat that you can easily mount on your bike and can conveniently remove for cleaning.

You should also consider the material used for the seat and the durability of the seat.

You must also consider the price as compared with that of similar products.

If you are not sure of how to check for these features, you can read online reviews on the different bike seats and learn from the experience of others.

You can also buy from a trusted manufacturer with a good brand reputation.

Do bike seats come with a guarantee?

Yes, but not all of them. It is essential to check with the manufacturer before finalizing your purchase.


Tall riders may find the standard bike seat uncomfortable, but there are Harley seats specifically designed for tall riders.

The best Harley seat for tall riders should have space for adjustment without affecting the passenger.

They usually have significant height, and width and most of them have raised back to support the rider’s back.

Harley seats for tall riders should have a backrest and at least extra two inches to move legs for more comfort.

The seat should be compatible with most modern bikes and must be easy to install or remove.

In this review, we discussed our top ten Harley seats for tall riders. We also discuss the essential factors to consider before buying a bike seat as a tall person.

We believe the guide will help you to make the right decision when searching for the best Harley seat for tall riders.

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