Riding Through the Seasons: Why Your Motorcycle Needs Ceramic Coating

Our motorcycles give us a source of freedom and a passion that keeps our adventures going. Whether you go on an adventure in your free time, or you just like to hit the road for longer journeys it’s always a good thing to look after your motorcycle, to keep it in its best shape through all the seasons. In order for you to do that we highly recommend ceramic coating and in this article, we’ll explore why your motorcycle needs it, how to use it, and more.

The Unpredictable Nature of Outside World

As bikers, we know the feeling that our motorcycle gives us to connect with the outside world but with that comes many environmental obstacles. And as you know the challenges you face with your motorcycle include the hot heat of summer, cold in the winter, rain, and other contaminants such as dirt and debris. These challenges can make your motorcycle look bad and damage it as well if you leave it unprotected for whatever reasons.

Ceramic Coating: Your Motorcycle’s Shield

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If you think that ceramic coating works just for cars then the good thing is that it definitely works for motorcycles too. What this protective liquid is made of is a liquid polymer that will bond with your motorcycle’s paint in this case or on vehicle paint in general and will create a shiny protective layer. We have here for you some strong reasons why you should go with it and start using a ceramic coating to take the benefits as soon as possible:

Season-Proof Protection: One of the main benefits you’ll gain is year-round protection from extreme temperatures and other difficult weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving in the hot sun of summer or near some icy mountains in winter what your motorcycle’s paint has gained now is protective abilities.

Water Repellent: This hydrophobic feature of ceramic coatings will definitely help your bike with all that rainwater, mud, and road grime you’ll hit as you drive. It will make your road less of a hassle and really easy for you to clean it afterward.

Enhanced Longevity: While traditional wax or sealants need frequent reapplication with coatings that come in the form of ceramic sprays which you can apply by yourself it will last longer. This means fewer expenses for you and more time on the road. You can buy high-quality ceramic sprays like Nexgen, to learn more about it check an honest review at carcarereviews.net

Shiny Looks: What it will do with your bike’s look is give it a natural shine and make your motorcycle paint look new. It doesn’t matter if you have a custom paint job or a factory finish what ceramic coating does it will make your paint pop, and you’ll have more turning heads as you drive.

Resale Value: If you ever decide to part ways with your bike (or change it), having a newly looking bike will boost its value and you can trade it at its maximum price. We all know how people like well-maintained and protected bikes.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is made really easy, its hydrophobic features will repel dirt and grime way easier giving you more time to spend enjoying the thrill of your ride. Plus with the ceramic spray we mentioned you can easily reapply them to prolong their benefits and maintain that shiny look.

How to Use a Ceramic Spray on Your Bike?

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In this easy guide, you can learn for yourself how to ceramic coat your bike like a pro without any professional help. It’s a really easy step-by-step guide on how to use a ceramic spray from the comfort of your home and give your bike that extra protection:

  1. Prepare Your Bike: To avoid any quick drying of your ceramic spray, the first thing is to park your motorcycle in a shady spot. What you want to make sure as well is to check your bike if it’s clean, if not then it’s best for you to wash it.
  2. Wash Your Motorcycle: To give your bike a good wash it’s recommended to use a specific motorcycle soap if possible and a wash mitt. What you should do next is rinse off the soap and let your bike dry, keep an eye on your bike’s surfaces like the frame wheels or anywhere you like to apply your ceramic spray.
  3. Shake it: Shake your ceramic spray to mix the contents for maximum results
  4. Apply it: Since it’s really easy to apply a ceramic spray on your motorcycle what you should do first is start with small sections of your bike. Start working on one section at a time, this will help you to prevent it from drying quickly. Keep a clean microfiber towel to use for spreading the ceramic spray across your bike surface. Here you can do overlapping circular motions to make sure you’ll do a complete coverage. Continue this process until you’ve covered your entire bike.
  5. Buff and Polish: When you apply the ceramic spray to a section of your bike use another clean microfiber towel to buff and polish that section. This will help you to remove any extra product and will definitely make your bike surface more smoothy and glossy. Repeat this on your entire bike
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  6. Let It Cure: After you finish the 4th and 5th steps, it’s time to let it cure. Feel free to check the product’s instructions for the curing time, some of them can vary, between 24-48 hours. During this time try to not expose your bike to rain or water.
  7. Final Inspection: After the curing time, make sure to check your bike for any streaks or parts where it may need more attention from you. If you see any imperfections to specific areas reapply it and buff them out.
  8. Maintain it: To make sure you’ll continue reaping the benefits of ceramic coating wash your bike on a regular basis with a PH-neutral or a coating-friendly shampoo. Try to avoid using abrasive brushes or any harsh chemical as it can damage it.

If you follow these steps you are closer to gaining the benefits that coating has. Starting from the long-lasting protection and a stunning shiny finish. As always make sure to check the specific product instructions because they can vary.


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What we learned here is that ceramic coating can do more than just give your bike a good look, it can give also great protection during the changing seasons. It will do that by adding a layer of long-lasting protection to the paint, this way you can enjoy a shiny and well-maintained motorcycle. So, if you want this to be a reality for your bike go ahead and grab one for yourself and follow the step-by-step guide to gain the maximum results.

After you hit the road and your bike is coated with a high-quality spray like Nexgen, that glossy shine will resonate with every twist and turn.