The Top 10 Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring Reviews & Buying Guide 2024

If you are looking to buy the best cam for TC88 Harley touring, then our comprehensive review will answer your questions.

Harley Davidson has always sought ways of improving its products over the years, and one of the latest of such moves is the improvement f the TC88’s engine.

The right cam will augment your bike and make your road tour smoother and more interesting.

That is why we made a compilation of the best cam for TC88 Harley touring. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

What Is The Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring?

Our pick for the finest cam for the twin cam 88 Harley Davidson offers a slew of inconceivable capabilities that outperform the competition.

The S&S Cycle 510G by S&S Cycle is the best cam for TC88 Harley touring.

While it is true that the manufacturer was thoughtful enough to make its packing excellent.

The real reason why it topped our list is because of the amount of power it provides in a short time.

With this product, you don’t have to worry about those annoying sounds that cams produce.

Lastly, this product has a high value for money, meaning that you’ll reap the benefits of investing in it.

Why ‎S&S Cycle ‎Is The Best 88 Twin Cam Brand For Harley?

‎S&S Cycle is the best cam manufacturer for TC88 Harley touring for some reason.

It uses some of the best materials for the manufacturing process in addition to producing very convenient products.

Also, the brand has been in the industry for a while and this adds to their credibility and competence.

A classic example is the S&S Cycle 510G. Unlike most of its counterparts, this product produces less noise. Most bikers love it for this reason. 

Why Do You Need a Cam for Your TC88 Harley Touring?

“What cam best fits my bike?” is a common question we get.

Although there’re no strict guidelines for selecting a cam for a particular purpose, there’re some general considerations to keep in mind.

Take note that efficiency cams are often used to increase the energy output of engines.

Before acquiring a new cam for your motorbike, you should consider the following three factors:

  • Foremost Usage

Is the objective for getting an engine that runs at maximum horsepower and torque for drag or track racing, or will the bike be used for all-around road touring?

Do you waste time cruising two-up on freeway excursions or is having the greatest power possible more vital to you?

To put it differently, do you like a cautious or assertive riding position?

  • Bike/Engine Combination

The displacement, compression ratio, cylinder head, and bike weight are all factors to consider.

Has anything been done to improve the flow efficacy of the exhaust and intake ports?

Does it have a larger than stock compression ratio to leverage a can with a longer duration?

Is it a lightweight motorcycle, like a hefty bagger, or a Dyna?

10 Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring Reviews

 01. S&S Cycle 510G – Best Quality Cam For Harley Touring


Highlighted Features

  • Powerful engine
  • Noiseless
  • High compression ratio

The S&S cycle is built as high torque, bolt-in cam for Harly Davidson twin cam 99-06 models.

With a180 psi cranking compression, your bike wouldn’t need any compression releases.

It comes with twenty-two CID engines bearing a compression ratio idle of about 4500 rpm.

Removing the rockers wouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes, and you can as well drain it remove the tank within this timeframe.

By just sliding them out and up and then back again, you can recycle the stock pushrod.

You do not have to purchase shorter tubes or adaptable push rods because you can install them with stock tubes.

Installation is pretty very straightforward, but it would be more interesting and engaging to those with decent mechanical knowledge or those that in good disassembling/assembling things. You’ll have to be patient to get it right.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Quality sound
  • It offers great power in all the RPM range.


  • There is a substantial decrease in fuel economy when using this product.

02. S&S Cycle 509G – Best Harley Touring Cam TC88



Highlighted Features

  • Great for Heavy Bikes
  • High Compression Ratio
  • High Power
  • Less strain
  • Midrange and low torque

If you use relatively heavy vehicles, then this is the product you are looking for.

This is attributable to the fact that it optimally operates at the midrange and low torque.

Also, it is perfect for bikers who meticulously maintain and upgrade their bike engines so that they can always be up to standard.

Like the 5109G, it is suitable for the 22CID engines that possess a 4500rpm compression ratio idle.

Also, it is built as a high-torque, bolt-in twin cam that best fits the Harley Davidson twin cam 99-06 models.

There is also the 180 Psi Cranking Compression feature, meaning that your bike will have zero need for compression releases.

Additionally, the intake closing and indoor opening are all set at eighteen degrees.

There is no covering on this product to make it last longer.

They do, nevertheless, feature a core construct that renders them harm-resistant.

It’s built using a bolt-in mechanism and slides right into the bearings with no effort.

The extra noise may not pose much disturbance, and also the extra power bump may not be too distracting.

But, this cam features a significant decrease in fuel economy, and this is not too pleasing to most bikers.


  • Possesses high power
  • Affordable
  • You don’t have to purchase additional rods when installing it.
  • It does not cause any chain tension issues.


  • Not so suitable for every road tour

03. Andrews 57H


Highlighted Features

  • One ball/roller bearing
  • Great Idle Sound
  • Fuel-injected
  • Carbureted

This product made it into our list for some obvious reasons. It includes splined chain drive camshafts that make biking more fun-filled.

It was specifically produced for Harley Davidson twin cam 103-110 engines

Andrew 57H comes with a kit that includes one ball bearing and one roller bearing.

It was specifically designed for bikers to use with stock for their Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters.

You can have it installed in both fuel-injected and carbureted models.

Great cam except that the Vance & Hines Fuel Pak does not cut it with it. Plus, the 88 required ridden somewhat harder to get the power out of it. The twin-cam 96 has a bit more torque at lower speeds.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Great torque gains.
  • The bike sounds great at idle.


  • Could be much louder thereby causing some level of inconvenience
  • Can be hotter when you ride it for a long time

04. Feuling 525 1001


Highlighted Features

  • Superior Bolt-in Camshaft
  • Midrange and low-power
  • 1750-5800 RPM Range
  • Superior Engine Parts
  • Greater fuel economy

Fueling 525 twin cam is one built for bikes requiring greater fuel economy and augmented torque bandwidth.

It features a superior bolt-in camshaft for stock engines.

Fueling 525 twin cam is one of those products that produce midrange and strong-low power with torque curve and linear horsepower.

It is applicable in lifters, pushrods, and factory valve springs.

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you install this product is that it makes starting your bike easier, plus it augments throttle response.

It includes a great bolt-in camshaft and operates maximally within the 1750-5800 RPM range.


  • Sound has no distortion
  • It can make your bike somewhat more low-end grunt.
  • The engine parts are top-notch and a great fit.

05. Andrews TW21


Highlighted Features

  • Middle and low RPM (1,700-5,200rpm)
  • Carburetor and fuel injection
  • Extra bearings
  • Dependable

Andrews uses a computer with cam build capabilities to polish its cams. This cutting-edge technology ensures peak efficiency and dependability.

Only the highest-quality composite heating-treating and steel billets methods are employed.

Only when better Andrews high-performance computer-designed cams are placed in a Harley twin-cam motor is all of the motor’s power unleashed.

Some new bearings are included with the cams.

It is a bolt-in cam with more torque at middle and low rpm with a range of 1,700-5,200rpm.

Like some of the other products reviewed above, it works well with both carburetor or fuel injection.

Apart from the fuel economy suffering when you give it to the gas, this product is a pretty good one that’ll serve your purpose.


  • Quite cheap
  • Great midrange and low power
  • Come with extra bearings


  • Does not include rear bearing

06. MBS Mfg TC 88


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality Materials
  • Adaptable
  • Installation Instructions
  • Convenient Storage

This is made to a high standard and contains current design technologies, so it is not as ineffective or inexpensive as some of its competitors.

The MBS Mfg window adjustment to the installation plate is featured in this package.

Fortunately, all of the directions are written for you to read during installation.

It works with all tc88, 103, 96, and 110 models that use b168 or b148 bearings.

Both on the current and previous versions of Dyna Harleys and twin cams, this pair will install the interior cam bearings.

Newer b-148 and b-168 bearings are also available. The revised collet style is included in this kit.

“May have some difficulty fitting into the bearings well.

Although, some models may kit experience this difficulty. But twin cam 88 faces this issue.”


  • High adaptability
  • Convenient storage of threaded knobs
  • High quality of build materials


  • Fitting it into the bearings requires time.
  • It may not last long.

07. MBS Mfg 1999-2006


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality Puller
  • Black Oxide Covering
  • Installation Guide
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable

One of the reasons to go for this product is that it allows you to sit comfortably on your bike – all thanks to this power and efficiency.

This twin cam product allows for high-end torque, which is ideal for Harley-Davidsons.

They’re long-lasting thanks to the blackened oxide covering, and the provided guidelines that simplify the installation process.

You may need to take extra time and comprehend everything.

The bearings, on the other hand, come out fast, which is a welcome relief.

The length of the included thumbscrews is way too long and uncomfortable to handle.

They bottom out long before the plate can be secure against the case.


  • Comes with a high-quality puller
  • Handling old bearings is a breeze
  • Holes align perfectly
  • Overall high-quality tool and superior protective painting.


  • The installer is not all-encompassing for Harley Davidson bikes.
  • Long thumbscrews.

08. XKMT-Motorparts 1999-2006


Highlighted Features

  • Decreased Sound
  • Great Efficiency
  • Reduced Friction
  • Sturdy

The sound that normally emanates as a result of bearing friction is greatly minimized, ensuring that your bike’s bearings will last for a long time.

These are ideal for both new and vintage Twin cam 88 motors, and they perform wonderfully in increasing their efficiency.

Like some of its counterparts discussed earlier, this product adjusts the tension of its primary chain automatically and provides even and constant tension that helps augments gear shifting.

XKMT is also one of those twin cams that reduce shifting noise, ensuring that you enjoy a smoother ride all through your journey.

It is particularly fit for Harley Davidson’s 1999-present models.

“The puller has a hard time fitting into the bearing. Also, when you insert the shaft into the pulling tool.

It becomes too loose and its flanges may not spread to keep bearing in place.”


  • Handing the bearings with the tools is easy
  • They have a sturdy build
  • Do not give off loud and inconvenient shifting noise


  • Takes a lot of effort to reduce the internal friction between its parts
  • Installation instructions are absent

09. Precision Marine Tools 99-06


Highlighted Features

  • Superior Pusher
  • Low Friction
  • High Quality
  • Easy Maintenance

Installation tools and an inner cam bearing remover are included in the Precision Marine Tools inner cam bearing installer+puller.

It was made for twin cam versions from 1999 to 2006, however, it will not suit the Harley 2006 Dyna.

The inner cam bearings of the Twin Cam 88 are removed and replaced with this pair.

The bearing puller may be missing the centerpiece, so this may necessitate the purchase of another. Could cost you valuable time.”


  • Comes with a superior pusher.
  • Great for decreasing internal friction on your bike’s parts.
  • High overall quality
  • Easy to maintain


  • Could be hard to figure out initially
  • The bearing puller could miss the centerpiece

10. Dasen Inner Cam 1999-2017



Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • High-quality Materials
  • Easy Installation
  • Heavy-duty

Dasen inner cam bearing installer and puller tools is made of heavy-duty and black powder-coated finish.

The thumbscrews are stainless steel bolts, and the washers and nuts are yellow zinc.

It is also one of the easy to mount options out there.

There is a novel removal hole design to see clearly what you are doing while using the kit.

The package includes a set of cam inner needle-bearing tools.

The puller is not so useful and the press may have a hard time lining up correctly when you press the bearings in.


  • Super easy to work with
  • A great tool made of quality material.
  • It is quite cheap[


  • The package could have missing parts
  • Inefficient puller

Buying Considerations of Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring

Before spending your money on a cam for your TC88 twin-cam, there’re a few things to think about.

These will increase the lifespan of your car and protect you from having to make repairs over the long term.

The Components’ Compatibility

To get the greatest performance out of your cam, make sure the cam is fully compliant with the engine’s parts.

It must be compatible with the engine’s head design, valve size, and compression ratio, stroke, diameter, and flow characteristics, among other factors.

Compatibility is very important when it comes to selecting your cam’s engine part.

If you do not want any issue to arise in the future as a result of engine part incompatibility, be sure to replace any damaged part with a compatible one.

Usage and Application

Consider how and why you intend to use the motorbike. Do you want to ride it on the street? Is circuit-riding your major focus?

The right answers are crucial since they determine the sort of cam you will require for your Harley Davidson.

You can pick a cam based on the amount of power that your tasks demand.

If you want to buy a cam just for riding around the neighborhood, you should check for cams that fit into that characteristics, there are cams designed to fit into any mode of usage.


Because a Harley Davidson is a big bike, it is expected to feature a powerful low-end torque engine.

This operation should be made easier by whatever cam you choose. If you travel over a long distance, you should get a cam with high torque and horsepower

Cam’s Duration

As previously stated, Harley Davidsons requires low-end torque. A cam that features 220-235 degrees cam duration is ideal for producing this horsepower.

It all depends on the features you want, you can always make your researches before you purchase any product.

Service Manual

Harley Davidson Cam maintenance instructions will function as short manuals to assist you to know.

The mechanics, assembly, and maintenance necessary for the Harley Davidson Cams once you have purchased the finest cam for your TC88 touring.

They provide straightforward directions and enough pictures to help you rapidly grasp the information.

They include information on how to solve issues, as well as simple suggestions, alternatives, and particular precautions to protect you and your bike.

Also, if you don’t seem to understand any of the service manual procedures, do well to contact an expert so as not to cause damage to the cam.

Consider Taking A Test Drive

After inspecting the engine of the bike, it’s time to stop and think about taking a test ride.

Some motorbike proprietors, though, may refuse to let you undertake a test ride. Please don’t jump to conclusions.

There is nothing to be worried about1, and you do not let influence your motorbike purchasing intention.

If chance favors you, and the owner agrees to a road test, take advantage of it!

A trip will enable you to quickly identify all of the bike’s performance concerns. Also, it allows you to get a sense of how it performs.

You need to see whether it’s a motorbike you’ll like operating and can manage comfortably throughout the road test.

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller if it does not feel right throughout the trip.

They should be prepared to discuss any unexpected problems with their motorcycles in detail.

If they are hesitant to express themselves, they may be concealing a secret from you.

Carry Out A Post-Ride Assessment

After a road test, turn off the motorcycle and visually inspect the oil whilst its engine is still heated.

If the oil level seems insufficient, it might be a sign that the biker doesn’t monitor it often.

If it appears to be excessively dark, it implies the biker does not replace it as often as is necessary.

If the oil seems to contain moisture, this is just an engine emulsion—it’s a big warning that the engine’s performance has been lowered!

It’s also a good idea to look within the fuel tank. When you open the fuel tank, you’ll notice a strange varnish odor, which suggests aged fuel.

It indicates that the motorcycle has been sitting for a long period unused.

Evaluate the filler cap for corrosion and painting that is bubbled or mismatched.

Evaluate the Mileage

There are indeed “bad” and “good” odometer mileage estimates, contrary to popular belief.

This is due to the fact that various HD motorcycles have distinct specifications and are built for entirely different reasons.

The best, though, is to verify the bike’s mileage and match it with the motorcycle’s exterior condition/appearance.

If these two factors don’t appear to be in agreement, ensure you settle for a different motorbike.

Some seasoned bikers even say that because the odometer may be readily altered.

The mileage number on a bike’s odometer may be entirely meaningless when making a purchase choice.

Even though Harley Davidson simply tries to fine-tune the very same V-twin, 45-degree, air-cooled engine design on a regular basis.

They are undoubtedly working on a unique clock when it relates to bikes engines.

FAQ’s About The Best Cam For TC88 Harley Touring

Is it necessary to necessary the cam bearings at the same time as the cam?

No, except the original cam bearings are in bad shape, you do not have to change it.

Although changing it does not affect the cam bearing too, so you can just leace it as it is.

What triggers Harley-Davidson cam bearing failure?

Excessive friction, misalignment, abrasive wear, and inadequate oil quality are all factors to consider.

All these should be paid attention to avoid bearing failure.

What is the lifespan of a Twin Cam 88?

Forty thousand miles is the mean lifespan of twin-cam 88.

It will survive so far take good care of it, service it when needed, replace any worn-out part and your Twin cam 88 will last longer.

How do you pick the best Cam for your Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Evaluate whether you’ll be riding your bike off-road or on the street, if you’ll be doing hard steep climbs or downhills, the size and weight of your bike, and the bike/engine combo.

Engine quality is a great feature to look out for when picking a good cam

What effect do cams have on the efficiency of a bike?

By pressing against its valves, a cam or camshaft opens them up.

They come with valve springs that shut and return to their original position when in use.

If done correctly, this operation may have a considerable influence on a bike’s efficiency at different velocities.

Is it true that a cam increases the horsepower of a bike?

A cam assembly alters the precise intervals at which your vehicle emits fumes and enables petrol or air to enter.

You may dramatically boost the peak horsepower of a motorbike by altering this interval.

What good is a cam for Harley Davidson vehicles?

Mounting an improved cam on your Harley Davidson may alter valve intervals and increase horsepower and torque considerably.

You must understand the principles of the item if you would like the finest cam for your twin cam 88 to enhance the effectiveness of your bike.

Perhaps you’ll make the best choice depending on your requirements.

As a novice, the details provided above are all you need to grasp before buying a cam for your twin cam 88.


To sum up, most Harley Davidson motorcycle owners and bikers are baffled as to why they need to swap their broken or defective cam for superior cams out there in the market.

There’re several cams available, but you need to select the best and most appropriate kit for your motorcycle.

You don’t want to hang on any longer to begin using the best cam for your motorcycle in order to improve its lifespan and performance.

Make use of our recommendations in this article.

If you absolutely want the greatest high-end horsepower. If you have any questions, do well to leave a comment.