Top 10 Best Cam Upgrade For Harley 103 Engine 2024 – Guide

Are you searching for the best cam upgrade for Harley 103 engine? As you may know, the camshaft is the most long-lasting engine component.

As it features steel construction, the camshaft is not susceptible to breakage. Also, it does not succumb to wear and tear.

Even if camshafts are enduring, they can eventually develop problems. For example, the cam lobes can wear down and fail to open the valve. As a result, the performance of the engine can reduce. As well, it can cause the cylinder to misfire.

Besides, the lifters can wear away and fail to lift the valve. Still, the camshaft can fail if it breaks.

In a pushrod engine, it can cause damage to the cylinder block, connecting rods, crankshaft, and pistons.

If you are dealing with a camshaft problem, this product review and buying guide are for you.

In addition to our top 10 product reviews, we have included a buying guide with a FAQ. So, feel free to read and find out the best cams for your Harley 103 engine.

What is The Best Cam Upgrade For Harley 103?

Andrews Products TRTB9046 is the best cam upgrade on our list. An alternative choice is the Feuling 1009, as it responds well to modified cylinder heads. 

Why Andrews TRTB9046 is The Best Brand For Cam Upgrade?

We chose Andrews Products TRTB9046 as the best cam upgrade because it is affordable, easy to install, and functional.

As well, this camshaft is ideal for carburetor and fuel-injected engines. Above all, it will increase rpm.

Comparison Table of Best Cam Upgrade For Harley 103

10 Best Cam Upgrade For Harley 103 Reviews

1. Andrews Products TRTB9046 – Best Quality Cam For Harley



  • Camshafts
  • A roller bearing
  • A ball bearing(1999-2006models)
  • For Harvey-Davidson hydraulic lifters
  • Carburetor models
  • Fuel-injected models
  • 103-110in engines
  • Splined chain drive cams

The Andrews TRTB9046 camshaft is the best cam upgrade for Harley 103. First, this cam set boasts the best craftsmanship. So it will last longer.

If you want to install the camshaft, there are some checks you should do: Valve to valve clearance, valve to piston clearance, and coil bind.

Moreover, this camshaft set includes splined chain drive camshafts. It is also for use with your stock Harley-Davidson hydraulic lifters.

After you order this camshaft set, you will as well receive a kit with cams and bearings.

The kit will contain one ball bearing and also one roller bearing. Further, the bearings are only for the 1999 to 2006 bike models.

Additionally, you have to choose these cams for 103in and 110in engines.

As well, we would recommend this product to you because it is versatile. In short, it suits both carburetor and fuel-injected models. 

  • It will give you quite a boost in power
  • These cams are easy to install
  • The sound will change for sure
  • There is a service manual to guide you.
  • Not all parts are in the kit.


2. Feuling 1009 – Best Heavy-Duty Harley Cam



  • Wicked power band
  • Easy bolt-in installation
  • 96in., 103in., and 110in engines
  • Solid low-end performance
  • Mid and top-end power
  • Modified cylinder heads
  • Smooth cam lobe design
  • 2100 to 6500 power range
  • Chain-driven cams Twin Cam


These chain-driven cams could be the best bolt-in cam for 103 engine. Firstlythe manufacturer made it for several Harley Davidson bikes.

From Road King to Road King Classic to Switchback, these cams are the best preference. Furthermore, if one has a modified engine, the Feuling 1009 is still the correct camshaft.

In addition, one can get it for the stock 96in, 103in, and 110in engines. As this is also a model-specific engine part, ensure compatibility before buying.

Furthermore, the Feuling 1009 cam can ensure guaranteed mid-end and top-end power. As a solid engine part, the Feuling camshaft also reacts well to modified cylinder heads.

Additionally, the low to high torque Feuling cams are easy to install if you have performance pushrods, lifters, and performance valve springs.

Likewise, they have the softest cam lobe design that can create a smooth and silent valve train. Moreover, they can respond well to existing intake systems and performance exhaust.

Lastly, they are perfect cams for increased RPM power: 2100 to 6500rpm.

  • These are excellent cams for the 103in engine
  • These cams can increase power at a lower RPM
  • They are worth the expense
  • The camshafts are solid and durable.
  • They are slightly expensive.


3. Andrews LEPAZA7371



  • Fuel Injection only
  • EV27 Grind/.495 Lift
  • 1500-6000RPM
  • Broad torque band
  • Bolt-in stream cam
  • Fast open and close ramps
  • Full dress touring bikes


If you want to do the best cam upgrade, this Andrews LEPAZA7371 component is worth checking. Again, this Andrews cam is for fuel injection models.

Additionally, it will only fit an EVO motor. Even though the camshaft has the best features, there are also components you should buy separately.

Examples of these are shims, lifters, and pushrods. More to the point, you do not have to modify the engine to make it compatible with the camshaft.

However, if it has been a while since you replaced the inner cam bearing, you should also replace it. If not, the factory cam bearing will wear down because it is prone to failure.

Also, it is a good idea to replace the pinion gear if it is too damaged.

In addition, ensure that you measure Camshaft and pinion gears correctly.

This rule will apply to those who own the 1990 model or a later one. However, if you cannot measure correctly, seek professional help.

  • This camshaft fits a variety of Harley models(1984-1999)
  • Also, installation is easy to do
  • You should, as well, expect better performance after installation
  • One also needs to purchase shims and other parts separately.


4. S&S Cycle 33-5177



  • Twin cam to Gear drive
  • Cams
  • Inner and outer gears
  • Gaskets
  • Bearings
  • Bolts
  • Bearing plate
  • 88 in and 103in engines
  • Intake opening: 20 degrees


S&S Cycle 33-5177 Camshaft kit is all you need to increase valve timing. It will also get rid of the loose stock cam gears.

As well as that, it will do away with the timing chain lash.

Hence, there will be no more tensioners, chain guides, and chains.

Consequently, you will not have defective parts any time soon.

In addition, the kit will reverse the direction of rotation of the rear cam.

Due to this, there will also be extra clearance between the cam lobes.

Just like that, you can as well attain higher cam lifts with the 33-5177 kit.

Furthermore, the RPM range of 3000 to 5500rmp is also admirable.

Above all, this component is a bolt-in camshaft for engines with compression ratios that are under 9:7:1.

If you want to install this set of cams, ensure that you have a mechanical skillset.

Although installation is pretty easy, it can also be tricky if you lack mechanical skills. As well, you need access to a hydraulic shop press.

  • You will receive a complete set of camshaft
  • You can, as well, expect better riding experiences
  • This camshaft is also the best upgrade from the HD design chain and tensioner.


5. Feuling Twin Cam 1001



  • Increased torque bandwidth
  • More fuel economy
  • Bolt-in camshaft
  • Low to mid-range power
  • Higher throttle response


If you want a cam upgrade to increase fuel economy, the Feuling Twin Cam is the correct product. As well, it will enhance the torque bandwidth.

This component can also increase the odds of achieving maximum torque rpm. At this rpm also, fuel can burn more efficiently.

As a result, this camshaft can generate low-level and mid-level power with linear horsepower and torque curves.

Moreover, you may still use factory pushrods, valve springs, and lifters as you install them.

Again, installation is also an easy job that you can do personally. Hence, this is the best bolt-in cam upgrade for your stock engine.

Furthermore, getting it means no more trouble starting your Harley Davidson motorcycle. We would therefore recommend that you buy this camshaft. 

  • Requires a simple installation job
  • Increases torque
  • It is the best for increased fuel economy
  • More throttle response after installation
  • It has none for now 


6. S&S Cycle 106-5807



  • S&S .583” lift cam
  • Chain drive cams
  • Softail, Dyna
  • Horsepower: 1500 to 5000rpm
  • Better torque
  • Gear cover gasket
  • Cam bearings
  • User instructions
  • Intake opening: 5 degrees
  • Intake closing: 15 degrees


If you are an owner of Softail or Dyna, this can be the best cam for Harley 103 bagger.

Also, it can be a good choice if you want to increase the rpm range. According to the manufacturer, the Chain Drive Easy Cams set can generate 1500 to 5000rpm.

For most people, this is where they want the power to be. Moreover, these cams can increase overall engine performance. And they can do that without subjecting you to further costs.

When the kit arrives, it will contain most of the items required for easy installation.

These include cam bearings, cams, a gear cover gasket, and a manual. One can also reuse most stock components.

Additionally, the intake opening is 5 degrees, and the intake closing is 15 degrees. Finally, this camshaft set has several applications.

For this reason, it suits the 2010 Harley Davidson Softail, Dyna, Street Bob, Fat Bob, Rocker, Road Glide, and Cross Bones, among others.

  • Easy installation due to the provided manual
  • Guaranteed power gain
  • You can still use old stock components with the cams.
  • This camshaft can fit different bike models.
  • Until you reach the 6th gear, don’t expect a massive power gain.


7. Andrews Products TRTC11108




  • Suits Stock compression ratio
  • Better throttle response
  • Higher pulling power:1500 to 6000rpm
  • Heavy touring bikes
  • High geared bikes
  • EVO Big Twin (84 to 99)


Andrews Products is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality camshafts.

For that reason, every EVO Big twin bike owner should buy the Andrews Products TRTC11108 camshaft.

 First, the buyer should ensure that these cams can fit their bike model.

In line with that, any EVO Big Twin bike in the 1984-1999 model range can use these cams. Nevertheless, there is an exception: 1999.

Twin Cams model. In summary, these cams are suitable for heavier touring bikes and also high-geared bikes.

These types of bikes have 65-tooth rear pulleys.

Additionally, these are hydraulic lifter cams that can generate 1500 to 6000rpm.

More to the point, the EV23 EVOLUTION CAMS can achieve this pulling power range with stock springs only.

As they have a computer design, these cams also have advanced technology.

Additionally, the construction process involves heat-treating processes and the use of top-quality alloy steel billets.

Besides, installation is simple if you know what you are doing. Furthermore, the manufacturing of these cams takes place in the USA.

As a result, premium-quality construction is a guarantee.

  • These cams can enhance throttle response
  • They can also work better in higher altitudes
  • They are ideal for carburetor and fuel injection engines
  • EV23 EVOLUTION CAMS are a USA product.
  • There is no support as far as checking all the clearances and the oil bind.


8. S&S Cycle LEPAZA625




  • High-performance camshafts
  • Come from the USA
  • 88in-103in.
  • For 100in and 107in engines
  • Intake opening: 20 degrees
  • Gaskets
  • Cam sets
  • Bearings
  • Installation guide


Firstly, these cams can make the best cam upgrade for Harley 103 engine because they can also fit many Harley Davidson bikes.

Whether you own the 2006-2013 Dyna or the 2007 to 2011 FLHR Road King, this camshaft set is still the ultimate choice.

More to the point, the S&S Cycle is an American brand that makes superior camshafts.

For this reason, you can get value for your money. Further, these camshafts can fit 88-103in engines with a compression ratio range of 10 to 10:5:1.

Additionally, these cams can fit 100in and 107in engines with a compression ratio range of 9:7:1 to 10:5:1.

Above and beyond, the package entails gaskets, bearings, and an instruction manual.

At the bare minimum, you should as well buy adjustable pushrods to make installation simple.

Otherwise, if other stock components are not working, you should also buy them separately.

  • The camshaft set can fit several Harley Davidson bike models
  • There is also an installation guide to follow
  • This cam set is also a superior USA design with the best quality.
  • You need to purchase some parts individually.


9. Vance & Hines 35-4551



  • Inner cam bearings
  • A gasket set
  • Ramp profile
  • Bolt-in camshafts
  • Timing Open: 20deg./45deg
  • Timing Closed: 40deg./15deg.
  • Easy to fit


This cam – the Vance & Hines 35-4551, is a good pick for people who like to ride hard.

Also, it can suit those who wish to get the most out of their bike. Hence, if you also want to have the best, this is the cam to choose.

Moreover, while others may offer more torque, using them would also negatively impact response time.

Consequently, users can be confident that these cams will work well with lifters and also stock pushrods. Besides, there is the offer of 240 degrees of duration too.

And, this is with the exhaust and also the intake. Once you order this camshaft, you can also be sure that the bike can reach optimum performance.

In addition, the size of the cam is 10.3 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches. For that reason, you will know if you have the right one for your bike.

Lastly, the Vance&Hines 35-4551 is also a pretty affordable bike component that most people can afford.

  • This cam is also easy to install
  • It is as well available with adjustable pushrods
  • Equally important, this camshaft is easy to fit at home.
  • Meanwhile, this cam is less suitable than others for heavier engines.


10. S&S Cycle ‎330-0017



  • 1999-2006 Harley Davidson models
  • High torque cam
  • Designed to be a bolt-in
  • No compression releases
  • 180 Psi cranking compression
  • Intake opening: 18 degrees
  • intake closing: 18 degrees


When selecting this part for your Harley Davidson motorbike, note that it is a high torque bolt-on cam.

Hence, it is suitable for the 1990 – 2006 models. As well, if you own other models, you will also require a separate set.

Further, this cam provides 180psi cranking compression without the need for compression releases occurring.

What’s more, the opening intake and also the closing intake are 18 degrees.

Concerning the exhaust, the opening is 46 degrees; and, the closing is 11 degrees.

Again, the kit will contain gear-driven cams. Also, it will come with an installation kit to ensure that fitting is easy.

Last, of all, we highly recommend this as the best cam upgrade for Harley 103 engine

So, do not be afraid to purchase it for your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

  • One can use it with a stock backing plate too
  • There is as well no need for compression releases
  • You will also receive an installation kit containing the necessary hardware.
  • Some users experienced decreased fuel economy
  • Gears can as well whine after application.


Buying Guide of Best Cam Upgrade For Harley 103

H-D Twin Cam 103

There are various things to consider when deciding on the best cam upgrade for Harley 103.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of considerations to make before purchasing a camshaft kit.

How you use the bike

How the bike one rides their bike will be one of the first things to consider before making the purchase.

Is this a glamorous machine for day-to-day use, or is there another purpose?

Is it a bike for racing, such as drag racing or track racing? What is best for one will not be ideal for the other.

Type of riding

Firstly, this is a little different from the use of the bike. It is more regarding the speed and actions of the rider.

The way the rider uses the bike is a big part of the decision.

Not everyone drives the same way, and this can be important when making a purchase.

If it is for couples’ trips where a lot of it is gentle riding, check what is best for that type. More aggressive riders will want a more aggressive engine.

HD riding sunset

Bike and Engine Combination

Issues such as the weight and the sort of cylinder head can be important.

It may not mean that one will not work, but there will certainly be some that give a better performance.

In the long run, buying the wrong on could mean that you cannot reach the right amount of power and speed.

Again, you can avoid this by checking all the advice before making a purchase.

Correct Type

It may seem obvious, but it is vital to buy a fitting camshaft. With so many different bikes and cams, not all will be suitable matches.

Even when it comes to a specific brand of bike, there will be certain year’s models that require different parts.

It may not seem to be a big deal, but when the part does not fit, it will be a big deal.


Many people will decide that they will not buy the cheapest or the most expensive but something in between.

If it is a product from a reputable brand, there is logic in that opinion.

Here is no different. As long as the price for the product is reasonable, then follow the idea.

It would be best to consider if the price is too low or too high. Too low could mean it is not safe and too expensive will just be a bad deal.

HD riding safety


As with all parts for bikes, they should be from a reputable source.

There are some areas in life where you can take risks with parts, but a high-powered bike is not one of them.

Anyone who is an experienced rider when it comes to riding a powerful bike will undoubtedly be aware of this.

The issue can happen when it is a new owner who may not be aware of how powerful the bike can be.


Some cams will be responsible for increasing horsepower. The level the driver wants to achieve could have a lot to do with the camshaft.

There is no point in having one that is powerful if you will only cover a short journey. In the same way, certain ones will ruin the attempt at a long, hard, and fast ride.


As with all modifications, this has to be a consideration. Decide on the amount of torque and power, and then start looking for suitable cams.

If the aim is to achieve a quick burst of power, then there is no need to purchase a very expensive item.

A heavy-duty one is better if there is the need for a considerable boost.



If you think you can fit it yourself, then that will save you money. Don’t rush in however and assume this is the way to go.

It could cost an awful lot of money trying to correct mistakes. The cost of installation may be cheap in comparison.

Finding a professional to fit the cam should not be difficult.

FAQ’s Harley 103 Cam Upgrade

H-D Twin Cam

Which is the best camshaft product to buy?

It is not possible to say which the best is. It will depend on the requirement of the driver and the budget.

Do the research and then make the decision. Choosing the right cam can require a calm head and acceptance of ability when it comes to riding.

Is a cam important?

So many roles are carried out by the cam, so purchasing a good one is vital.

Without one the car would not work as there would be nothing to alter motion and act as a timing device.

The number of cylinders will determine the number of cams required, so make sure you are aware of what you need for your vehicle. 

Does the brand matter?

To a large degree, the brand is not going to matter as much as the fit.

Some brands will have a great reputation while users will have had poor experiences with them.

On the other hand, brands that most people will not consider could be just the company too. This is where research is so important.


When there is the need for a new camshaft kit, it can be worrying and more than a little overwhelming.

The choice is vast even allowing for the fact that not all cams will fit all bikes.

All the information to help you choose the best cam upgrade for Harley 103should be available by now.

There will be one that will tick all of the boxes.

Owners can lose a lot of money by making an incorrect decisions. So, be careful.

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