Harley Stator Upgrade: Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Cost

Do you seek relevant information on Harley stator upgrade: Harley Davidson stator replacement cost? If yes, I can understand why.

Your Harley stator will always remain an integral component of your Harley Davidson charging system.

As a result, a bad stator means more than we know. You may have been considering the option of upgrading your motorcycle’s stator, but you don’t know how much it cost.

Or perhaps, you have only had conflicting information concerning the cost of the Harley Davidson stator, and that hasn’t helped much either.

If you fit the above description or are new to stators and would love to have some information about it, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explain all you need to know about stators, from what they are to how they function with a motorcycle’s charging system.

What is a Stator?

Motors are made of two basic parts: the moving part and the fixed part. The immovable part of a motor is known as a stator.

Usually, it comprises several windings. When an alternating current is supplied through a stator, its polarity changes constantly.

Therefore, every time an alternating current flows through the coil windings, an EM field is generated across the rotor’s bar.

The alternating current will result in a rotational magnetic field. Stators are equally known to have stacked and thin laminations that are wounded with insulation wires.

The basic objective of a stator is in handling different frequencies, voltages, unstoppable poles, and outputs.

Some people often use the terms alternator and stator interchangeably. They may be right in some sense.

The alternator is a collection of components that helps to produce alternating current power courtesy of mechanical motion.

In contrast, a stator happens to be one of several components that work together to do the same thing.

How Does it Work on Harley?

Whether it’s a bike or a car, motion is only possible when their ignition system creates enough spark.

A certain amount of current will be supplied to produce the power the ignition system needs to produce the spark.

The power generation method for motorbikes is a bit different from that of cars. For motorcycles, the stator is placed within the engine.

They are not externally mounted like what you have in cars. Like other motorcycles, the stator in Harley can produce the necessary power when it combines efficiently with a regulator.

How does it connect to the Harley charging system?

Harley Davidson, like many motorcycles, employs a similar charging system known as permanent magnetic alternators.

While belts in cars drive alternators, they are driven by the magnets embedded on the flywheel in motorcycles.

The crankshaft and flywheel are fixed to one another, spinning with the RPM of the engine.

As a result, power generation is possible with a flywheel positioned inside the magnetic system of the flywheel.

As we may already know, the stator is surrounded by coils of wrapped wires.

They are connected to a wiring harness that comes out of the motor’s side case and approaches the rectifier/regulator. After that, it is then linked to the battery to enable charging.

When the motor is running, the crankshaft spins along with the flywheel fixed to the end, and the magnet is spinning on the stator’ outside.

That magnet that spins past the core with the wrapped wire produces electricity.

When the electricity is generated, it is not sent directly to the battery. Recall that it is an alternating current.

That’s where the rectifier or regulator comes in. The regulator helps convert the AC to DC, which can safely charge the motorcycle battery.

Harley Stator Upgrade

The basic reason for a stator in a motorcycle is to ensure the production of AC that is meant for the charging of the battery.

It is the same thing for all Harley Davidson motorcycles. And in most cases, the stator that comes with the Harley will deliver just about the right amount of current.

Nothing more! The resulting power will be responsible for charging the battery within a specific timeframe.

Having said that, it is safe to say that an upgraded stator with higher capabilities will deliver a higher current.

For instance, imagine upgrading your stator from 8 poles to 11 poles. The current delivery will increase due to that upgrade. And with more current, the battery will be subjected to faster charging.

Why does the Harley stator need to upgrade?

  • For faster charging of your battery
  • For enhanced engine performance
  • It helps to protect the battery

How to carry out Harley Davidson stator replacement

Replacing your failed Harley Davidson stator is no rocket science. For anyone who is a DIY freak, it’s a fulfilling experience.

And even if you haven’t done anything like this before, you just need to be directed on what to do. All the steps will be broken down for you in this section.

But before we get started, it is recommended that you have your service manual close by.

A good dose of mechanical experience would also make more sense. Lastly, make sure all the replacements are ready before you do this;

Step 1 – Draining the primary

This is where it all begins. Have the primary drained and take off the primary cover.

This means you have to remove the linkage/shifter; you are to loosen a pinch bolt and pry it off.

These bolts are head cap screws. They are of different lengths; keep that in mind. You can always look at the service manual if you forget.

Step 2 – rotor, clutch & primary chain assembly

This is where you focus on the crank and clutch sprocket. They are tightly fixed in most motorcycles.

You might need to apply some heat around before you can break it. Suppose you have the small type of propane touch, fine.

Heat the crank and clutch sprocket slowly with the torch. That will simplify how much effort you will need to loosen the nut.

Try using the right locking tool, so you don’t turn the engine as you try to lose the nut. A brass door hinge will be perfect for a locking tool.

And if you are confused about how to tighten or loosen the nut, check the service manual for further explanations.

Upon successfully removing the clutch and rotor, the other component will fall off as one unit. The stator will be seen clearly at this point.

Step 3 – removing the stator

Here, you need to take out the stator. To get this done, remove the connector that is close to the bike’s front lower frame.

But before you take out the stator, ensure you tie a rope to the cable’s end.

That way, you can easily pull the cable through when you are ready to fix the new stator. With the old stator removed, it is easy to fix the new one.

Tool’s needed

  • Impact wrench
  • Puller
  • Appropriate Torx bit size
  • New screws, spacers, and washers
  • New gasket


How long it will take you to change your stator depends on some factors like your experience level.

With the right amount of experience, changing the stator should not take you anything more than 3hours.

Six to seven hours would be enough to do the belt change.

Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing your Harley Davidson stator will be influenced by the kind of stator you are buying.

If you don’t have an idea of the features you should be looking forward to in a stator, then this section has been put together for your sake.

Highlighted below are a couple of Harley Davidson stator models you should be aware of;

1. New Replacement for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Stator 45 AMP

There are a lot of reasons why this stator appears like a good fit for your Harley motorcycle.

It has turned out to be suitable for many of them. There must be many reasons this stator has become popular demand for Harley bikers.

Perhaps, intimating you with some of its features will help convince you in this regard.

Highlighted features

  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Design to exceed OEM specs
  • Tested for durability, performance, and reliability
  • One year warranty

2. Accel 152115 50 Amp 3-Phase Motorcycle Stator for Harley-Davidson

Without the appropriate current going to your stator, your Harley Davidson motorcycle will be coming up short in many areas.

From slow charging of your battery to a low voltage that won’t power your stereo accordingly, your Harley is bound to perform below its standard output.

So, to make sure everything is right on track, you need a replacement Harley stator like the Accel 152115 50 Amp 3-Phase Motorcycle Stator. Here are some of its features;

Highlighted features

  • Maximum output due to precision winding
  • Insulated pure copper windings
  • OE connector style
  • A reasonable warranty period


If you have been struggling with your Harley Davidson due to your stator’s low output voltage, it is high time you did what is right.

You cannot reduce the performance of your charging system with a stator that delivers below the required current value.

That’s pretty unnecessary, not when you can upgrade yours to the remarkable 54 AMP HIGH OUTPUT CHARGING SYSTEM FOR HARLEY.

Implement this Harley stator upgrade and watch your charging system step up.

Beyond its ability to work with various Harley models, here are some other exciting things worth knowing about this stator.

Highlighted features

  • Comprises a detailed installation manual
  • Delivers 54A when on 4000 RPM
  • Ensure optimum performance
  • Includes a new regulator mounting bracket

If upgrading your stator to one that can deliver a higher output current will boost your riding experience, then go for it.

FAQ’s Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

Do I need a special tool to take out the outer primary cover?

When you are changing your Harley Davidson stator, that is the simplest thing to do.

You do not necessarily need a special tool to get this done. Unlike other aspects of the replacement, any tool of your choice will be good enough.

When reinstating the new stator, can I use the old washers and spacers?

No! It is recommended that you use new spacers and washers. Even the retaining screws have to be new.

That is because while you may see them as still useful, they might not fit as they did before you removed them.

Most new stators come with new retaining screws, so that shouldn’t give you any problems.

I’ve heard frightening things about changing the belt; how bad is it?

You do not have to be afraid of it. All you need is a bit of mechanical experience, and you are good to go.

It might take you roughly six to seven hours to change the belt if you are good. If you aren’t, it will surely take longer. But, it will be a fun experience for you.

How can I tell if my Harley Davidson stator is not good?

You can use a multi-meter to confirm if your stator is good or not. Connect the terminals of the stator cable to the terminals of the meter.

Conduct a continuity test. The meter needle will be motionless if the stator is in good shape. Otherwise, know that the stator has gone bad.

What is the essence of a stator?

The primary aim of the stator is to generate the necessary power required by the spark plug.

If the stator goes bad completely, it will be impossible for the engine to run.

A dying plug is not better off either because it would generate a weak spark, which causes the engine to perform below its normal capacity.


Failure to upgrade your Harley Davidson stator is an indirect way of saying you want an underperforming motorcycle.

Apart from ensuring excellent battery charging, there are other benefits you are privileged to enjoy when you upgrade your Harley stator.

With a bit of mechanical experience, you can do this yourself.