9 Steps on Replacement Radio For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The best replacement radio for Harley Davidson motorcycles allows every rider to customize sound irrespective of their riding style or preference.

A top radio setup is an excellent addition to your bike since they are designed to keep you entertained while on the road.

Without a radio system, your motorcycle is incomplete.

This article discusses some of the top replacement radios you will find on the market, especially on a leading marketplace like Amazon.

We understand how overwhelming it may be to choose a top-quality radio from the numerous options or designs flying around.

Especially if you are replacing your radio system for the first time and do not have sufficient experience about what the process entails.

Also, we will look at the steps involved in radio replacement on your bike.

Our aim is to provide you with adequate information that will help you perform radio replacement on your Harley efficiently in the comfort of your home.

Having a broken radio or deciding to upgrade, whichever is the reason for finding the Best Replacement Radio For Harley Davidson Motorcycles, is essential.

There are hundreds of replacement radios that you can buy in the market, which can be tricky since it will be hard to find the perfect product for your bike.

If you are looking for a replacement radio that will elevate the music in your Harley Davidson motorcycle, here are some radios that you can purchase.

We will also help you not only in finding the right product but also in how you can install this on your bike.

Why Do I Need a Radio Replacement on Harley?

Usually, a radio replacement on your Harley involves removing the radio system that comes with your bike when it becomes faulty.

However, a replacement can also be done when you desire an upgrade. Especially when your bike’s radio doesn’t have the features you want.

The main aim of this activity or task is to ensure you experience amazing tunes whenever you hit the road by elevating your music over the noise around you.

There are two reasons why people tend to replace their Harley Davidson radios, the first one is it’s broken, and the second one is for an upgrade.

Replacing the radio is not a waste of money, but rather an investment if you just choose the right product.

That is why we are here, to help you upgrade your radio and get the best music experience while on the road.

Upgrading the old radio can be beneficial since the best items have advanced features that catch up with today’s technologies, which means it can be in service for a few years.

How Do You Know Your Radio Needs Replacement?

Asides from a personal decision or reason for an upgrade, a radio replacement is done whenever the radio system goes bad.

There are some signs and symptoms that depict a faulty radio.

For best performance, you need to get these issues fixed or corrected whenever they occur.

Common symptoms or signs of a faulty radio include:

  • Dead radio. This is when the radio becomes unresponsive and fails to come on
  • The radio may go off at irregular intervals
  • When the sound or display feature goes off or becomes inaccessible
  • Reduction in sound quality or distorted sound
  • Noise or rattle instead of sound or music

When any of these faults keep reoccurring and appear difficult or impossible to fix.

Especially if the radio is old, then it may be the right time to get it replaced with a high-quality design.

There are signs that you need to look out for as they might indicate that you need to replace your radio.

Abnormal Noises: If your radio releases cracking sounds when in use, you might want to check it.

Audio Distortion: If the sound that the radio is releasing sounds like chipmunks or like playing in the tin box.

Can’t Detect Radio Signal: Sometimes, it is not the antenna that has a problem; sometimes, the radio itself needs a repair or a replacement.

There are many symptoms to consider, and you might check your radio from time to time, especially if they are way too old.

The Tools, Time & Cost of Replacement Radio For Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This section discusses the process involved in replacing old or faulty radio in Harley Davidson motorcycles.

It contains all the necessary information you need for a successful task independently or if you decide to consult an experienced technician.


  • 10 mm open-end wrench
  • A cross tip screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Hex key wrench
  • A top-quality radio


The installation of a radio system on your Harley Davidson can last between 1 to 4 hours.

Nevertheless, this indicated timelines may vary depending on factors such as using the right tools and having adequate skill and experience.

Usually, an experienced audio technician will complete the installation within a shorter timeframe than someone with little or no experience.


Replacing a faulty or old radio on your bike is not excessively costly.

The price of a new system depends mainly on its complexity and quality—the affordable designs on the market cost between $50 and $200.

On the other hand, the most complex or expensive radio systems cost more than $500 to install on your bike.

Step By Step Process DIY on Replacement Radio For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Step 1

Decide if you are willing to take up this task on your own or if you wish to consult an audio expert instead.

For independent replacement, make sure you gather enough details on what it takes to remove a faulty or old radio set and replace it with a new one.

Step 2

Ensure the engine is off. You must only attempt a replacement when the engine has been off for a while and completely cooled down.

Step 3

Ensure your choice of location or space is wide enough to accommodate the needed tools and removed parts accordingly.

Step 4

Spread out the replacement tools for quick access. Also, ensure each part or component removed from the bike is placed or positioned orderly.

This guarantees easy reach or access when it is time to couple them back into their respective position.

Step 5

Take out the rear fender fastener using a screwdriver. Preferably, a cross tip screwdriver

Step 6

Now that the rear fender fastener has been removed. Detach the torque from the seat.

Once the torque has been removed successfully, push the seat to the back for easy detachment from the motorcycle.

Step 7

Remove your bike’s battery. Do not forget to take out the negative cable.

You can complete this task efficiently using a 10mm open-end wrench

Step 8

Disconnect the radio’s outer fairing for safe and secure removal of the radio system.

The outer faring is held together or secured by 7 fasteners. Remove these fasteners using s Torx screwdriver.

The fasteners are located near the handlebar clamp, close to the speakers, and beneath the inner fairing.

Step 9

Once the fasteners have been removed successfully, the next step is to disconnect the wire connector from the headlight assembly.

Move the outer fairing forward and squeeze the wire connector for easy disconnection.

After the successful completion of this process, you can then take out the outer fairing with ease.

  • Unplug the 4 connectors linking your bike’s wiring system to the radio. These are the black radio connector, antenna cable connector, grey radio connector, and CB antenna cable connector.
  • Take out the 4 screws holding the radio and support bracket in place using a hex key wrench. Once the screws are removed, you can then disconnect the radio, take it out, and then replace it with a top-quality radio system of your choice.

Professional cost

Installing a new radio system with the help of an audio expert or at a service location of your choice could cost you about $100 on average. When coming up with a budget, make sure you include the labor cost.

Some Replacement Radios For Harley Davidson on The Market

01. Aquatic AV MP5


Highlighted Features

  • 9 x 6 x 4 inches in dimension
  • 180 watts of output power
  • 4 channels
  • Plug and play installation
  • USB and Bluetooth enabled
  • 63 pounds in weight

A high-tech design that meets up to the modern era demands and needs.

Aquatic AV MP5 is Bluetooth enabled, allowing it to connect with any Bluetooth-supported devices for full entertainment while riding on your bike. Also, it is MP3 compatible.

If you are looking for a radio system that offers elegant design, convenience, and top-quality sound, here is a great option that you can consider.

It can be installed independently and without stress (plug and play), and the handlebar controls function excellently well.

All the installation components are present in the box, and it is nicely packaged.

It comes with a watch that shows the time, song, artist, and station you listen to from time to time.

02. Pioneer DEH-80PRS


Highlighted Features

  • 7 x 6.4 x 8.9 inches in dimension
  • 4 channels
  • 64 pounds in weight
  • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • 16-band equalizer

The DEH-80PRS is a powerful radio system. It is built to support all riding styles and preferences without being affected by road conditions.

So if you are looking for a reliable audio system you can invest in, here you have it.

The packaging box is equipped with all the necessary hardware you need for a successful installation.

In addition, it comes with a sophisticated feature (the 3-way active crossover network) for easy adjustment, control, and sound amplification for excellent quality.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect this audio system with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-supported devices.

This will enable you to enjoy your favorite songs as you ride on the road.

To get the best out of this design, you may need to connect it to external amplifiers.

03. Sony XAV-AX7000


Highlighted Features

  • Voice control option
  • 95-Inch display
  • Supports smartphone and USB connections
  • 94 pounds in weight
  • Weatherproof design

This is one of the top-quality and bestselling radio system designs for Harley Davidson.

Sony XAV-AX7000 is strongly built and can comfortably power up to 6 speakers and 2 tweeters without the need for an amplifier. This shows how powerful it is.

The sound quality is impressive — very loud and clear. The screen is wide, supports a full-color display, and the details shown are easy to read.

Its sleek and elegant design guarantees easy adjustment, control, and navigation. You can comfortably change settings, adjust the volume, and playback.

Since the screen is weatherproof and the buttons are adequately sealed.

Moisture is prevented from getting into the device, thereby ensuring a massive improvement in longevity.

FAQ of Replacement Radio For Harley Davidson Bike

What factors should I consider when choosing a radio system to buy for my Harley?

The most crucial factor to consider is the sound quality. However, the sound quality of your audio system can be affected by speed.

When you look at the radio system on the market, many of these designs don’t perform greatly when you ride at a speed greater than 50mph.

So for consistent performance (excellent sound), ensure you choose a radio system that can comfortably accommodate your average ride speed.

Also, choose a design that is compatible with your bike and not affected by weather conditions (durable and strongly built).

While some radio systems can easily withstand the effect of moisture, others can’t handle a few drops of rainfall.

Since it can start to rain in the middle of your road trip, choosing a waterproof audio system design is essential.

What makes the auxiliary a vital feature in an audio system?

The auxiliary is a significant feature you need to consider in a radio system during a replacement or upgrade.

This feature supports the easy connection of your smartphone to the speakers.

For instance, if you receive many calls while riding on your bike, this feature enhances safety.

It becomes easier to talk without necessarily holding onto your phone, thereby ensuring complete control of the wheels.

Also, you can listen to your favorite music and at the same time remain conscious and pay attention to the things happening on the road.

So, overall, this is a safer option when compared to the use of headphones.

How easy is a radio installation or replacement?

Some models support simple installation. They are popularly known as plug-and-play.

While you can assemble and couple some designs in a few minutes, others take a few hours to successfully mount them on your bike.

Usually, with the right information and tools, installation is straightforward.

If your choice of design comes with an installation guide, it is a big plus.

The installation manual should contain adequate information on how best to install that specific model on your Harley.

Also, having the necessary hardware or components packed alongside the audio system makes the job easy.

What are the qualities of a top-replacement radio?

The best replacement radio must be portable, durable, lightweight, produce top-quality & consistent sound, and equipped with a wide range of admirable features or options.

All of these qualities support optimum entertainment while riding on the road.

To choose Harley radio’s best brand or design, you need to consider the features you desire and go for a device or unit equipped with these functionalities.

How long should a motorcycle radio last?

Usually, a motorcycle radio system should last for about 5 years on average.

Make sure you invest in an audio system that is sturdy, durable, and made from top-quality materials.

With proper maintenance, or when used correctly (protected from the adverse effect of weather elements), this device can last for about 10 years.

Can I add Radio to My Harley Davidson?

Yes, you can. Even if your Harley Davidson doesn’t have a radio, as long as their design can have the radio, you can install one.

Do Older Harley Davidson Have Radio?

The infotainment system came out later in 2003, but they can have an aftermarket radio. Some radios are compatible with 1998 models.

Does It Make Sense With A Radio On A Noisy Harley?

Well, some people may think of that, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. It’s your bike, your choice.

However, we do not advise using earbuds while riding for your safety because it lessens the awareness of the surrounding that can cause accidents.

How Much Does A Replacement Cost?

It will depend on your choice. If you tend to do the DIY installation, it will only cost you the replacement radio, and it ranges from $100 to $500 depending on the brand and specifications.

It will cost you more to ask for some professional help, and it can go up to $2500.

When You Will Know If You Need To Replace The Radio?

It depends on you. Do you want the latest or brand new radio for your bike? If your answer is yes, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

The status of your old radio is also a factor. If you think that the radio is not performing well, or it’s already out of date.


Replacement radio for Harley Davidson motorcycles adds fun, excitement, and convenience to every ride.

You can easily listen to the music of your choice and receive calls while still holding firmly on the handlebar.

While looking for a radio system to buy, go for one of the best designs on the market.

We have mentioned and discussed 3 of these brands in this guide. Asides from making your rides more enjoyable, they also support easy controls.

Before you invest in any radio design or brand, make sure you go through their specific features to verify if they meet your expectations and requirements.