Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart

The Harley Davidson throttle cable length chart gives an overview of the ideal cable length to choose or buy for your motorcycle for successful installation and optimum operation & performance.

Getting the wrong throttle cable for your bike can be frustrating and disappointing.

If you pick up a throttle cable that is extremely short for your Harley Davidson, it won’t fit properly, and you may have to pick up a new and actual cable length to get your bike back on the road.

Usually, each model and model year of Harley Davidson has the specific cable adjustment and replacement details highlighted in the owner’s manual.

In case you don’t know where exactly to find this information in your service manual, we have included a chart in this guide to provide the necessary details that you need.

In addition, you can also consult your mechanic before you go ahead to purchase a brand or design of throttle cable.

What is a throttle cable?

Harley-Davidson Throttle Cable


The throttle cable is one of the simplest and most important components of your bike.

The throttle cable, also known as an accelerator cable, is a mechanical link that connects the throttle to the carburetor for fast acceleration response and improved engine performance.

If the throttle cable is not in an excellent working condition, which is sometimes due to poor maintenance, or when it is old and due for replacement.

This may affect drivability, result in unsafe riding conditions, and even affect the engine function.

On a regular basis, ensure you inspect your throttle cable for corrosion, cracks, twists, and other unusual appearances.

If you notice any damage or irregularities to the throttle cable, conduct a replacement immediately with a top-quality design. Ensure you pick up the actual cable length.

What is the perfect length for Harley?

Each model of Harley Davidson has a specific throttle cable length. However, some models are designed/built to use the same throttle cable length.

The perfect cable length is the one recommended by the manufacturer, more like the length of the throttle cable that comes with your bike from the factory.

You can find relevant cable adjustment and installation information in your owner’s manual.

Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart

FLHR/I, FLHRC/I, FLHT/I FLHTC/I FLHTCU/I & FLTR/I (2002-2007) 39-inch
FLHX/I (2006-2007) 39-inch
FLTR/I (1998-2001) 41.5-inch
FLHTCU/I (1996-2001) 41.5-inch
FLHRS/I (2004-2007) 41-inch
XL1200L, XL1200C, XL1200N, XL1200R, XL883, XL883C, XL883L & XL883R (2007-2009) 30.5-inch
XL1200C & XL883C (1999-2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200L (2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200R (2004-2006) 28.5-inch
XL1200S (1996-2003) 28.5-inch
XL50 (2007) 30.5-inch
XL883 (1996-2006) 28.5-inch
XL883L & XL883R (2005-2006) 28.5-inch
VRSCA (2002-2006) 29.5-inch
VRSCAW (2007-2009) 29.5-inch
FLST/I (2006) 30.5-inch
FLSTC/I (1996-2008) 30.5-inch
FLSTC/I (2009) 32.5-inch
FLSTF/I (1996-2009) 30.5-inch
FLSTN/I (2005-2009) 30.5-inch
FLSTS/I (1997-2003) 30.5-inch
FLSTSB (2008-2009) 34.5-inch
FLSTSC/I (2005-2007) 30.5-inch
FXCW & FXCWC (2008-2009) 30.5-inch
FXST/I (1999-2009) 30.5-inch
FXSTB/I (1999-2009) 26.5-inch
FXSTC (1996-1999) 30.5-inch
FXSTC (2007-2009) 32.5-inch
FXSTD/I (2000-2007) 30.5-inch
FXSTD/I (1996-2003) 32.5-inch
FXSTS/I (2004-2006) 30.5-inch
FXD/1 (1996-2005) 32.5-inch
FXD/1 (2006-2009) 28.5-inch
FXD35 (2006) 30.5-inch
FXDB/I (2006-2009) 32.5-inch
FXDC/I (2005) 32.5-inch
FXDC/I (2006) 28.5-inch
FXDC/I (2007-2009) 30.5-inch
FXDF (2008-2009) 28.5-inch
FXDL/I (1996-2005) 32.5-inch
FXDL/I (2006-2009) 30.5-inch
FXDS-CONV (1996-2000) 32.5-inch
FXDWG/I (1996-2008) 32.5-inch
FXDX/I (2000-2005) 32.5-inch
FXDXT (2001-2003) 32.5-inch



On average, a throttle cable costs between $25 and $50. If you are hiring an expert to conduct the replacement, you may spend between $70 and $100 on labor costs.

The amount you pay to an expert varies from one city or location to another.

If you can afford to pay a premium, there are expensive choices/options on the market. These designs are known to offer remarkable value for money by delivering reliable and outstanding performance over time.

01. AHL Throttle Cable

AHL Throttle Cable

Highlighted Features

  • Premium steel wire
  • Designed for Harley Sportster
  • A pair of throttle cable
  • Available in various sizes
  • Adjustable design

AHL Throttle Cable is made from a top-quality steel material. This material guarantees durability and also ensures you enjoy solid and stable performance upon installation on your bike.

The throttle cable is designed specifically for Harley Sportster, and it comes in various sizes/lengths.

Before you pick up this product or pay for it, make sure you check the size to confirm if it is the correct length for your bike.

The cable is very easy to pull, and it doesn’t break easily. Also, the durability and quality of the construction material guarantee total protection from rust/corrosion.


  • The cable is not difficult to pull
  • Durable, long-lasting, and corrosion resistant
  • Guarantees solid and smooth performance
  • Pocket-friendly and easy to install


  • No instruction manual

02. Barnett Performance throttle cable

Vance and Hines 47229

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel inner wire
  • HDPE lined inner casing
  • Bright silver-plated outer cover
  • One cable
  • Excellent Finish
  • 32-inch in length

If you are looking for a reliable and top-performance throttle cable for your Harley Davidson, here is an excellent design you can settle with.

Barnett Performance throttle cable is built with high-quality material that supports smooth engine performance to improve the ride experience.

This design stands out in terms of appearance, thanks to its impressive outer cover and excellent finish.

The Bright-silver plated outer cover adds an appealing color that attracts people’s attention as you ride along the road.

Also, the outer cover is built to withstand extreme weather, and it doesn’t peel easily. Also, it doesn’t cause stains or dents on your bike whenever it comes in contact with it.

To avoid issues that could lead to disappointment or frustration, make sure you confirm compatibility with your vehicle before you make a purchase.


  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Reliable and long-lasting performance
  • The outer cover is designed to resist scratching and peeling


  • No mounting hardware
  • No installation manual

03. XMT-MOTO 1


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fit for Sportster XL883 & XL1200
  • Available in various sizes/lengths
  • 2 throttle cables
  • High-quality steel wire
  • Direct fit/replacement

XMT-MOTO 1 is built/designed as a direct fit/replacement for the original throttle cable.

The top-quality steel material guarantees durability and reliable improvement in acceleration and engine performance.

This design can be pulled with ease, and it can withstand stress and pressure.

With proper maintenance, the cable can last for a longer period before a replacement can be considered.

Since it is designed in various lengths and sizes, ensure you check the length appropriately when placing an order to avoid fitment or compatibility issues.

The package includes the pull and push throttle cables for a complete replacement.

You can replace these cables without any issues or difficulties. All you need is basic mechanical skills or experience.

This design is one of the most affordable and top-performance cables on the market for individuals who can afford a premium design.


  • Installation is smooth and effortless
  • Guarantees smooth and excellent performance
  • Easy to maintain, long-lasting, and affordable


  • The package doesn’t come with a mounting guide

Common problems of throttle cable 3-4 short points

Harley Davidson Dual Throttle Cable

Cable too slack or tight

If the throttle cable is excessively tight or slack, it can affect the throttle performance.

This is when the throttle responds intermittently when you engage it.

When the throttle cable is too slack, you may unknowingly apply more throttle than intended, leading to a dangerous situation on the road.

Solution: Check the locknuts to confirm slackness or tightness. If the throttle cable is excessively tight, loosen the locknut to slacken it.

In case the throttle cable is slack, tighten the locknut to add more tension.

Throttle won’t return completely

When the throttle cable is not in a good/proper working condition, in a situation where it has rusted, inappropriately routed, broken, crack, or contaminated with dirt.

It may affect the throttle performance. This is when the throttle sticks or fails to entirely return to the closed position.

Solution: Inspect the throttle cable carefully and conduct immediate replacement using a high-quality design.

Incorrect cable length

Each motorcycle has its specific cable length. When you fail to get the appropriate cable for your bike, especially when the throttle cable is too short, it will fail to click during installation.

In the end, you will be forced to get a new throttle cable before you can get your bike back on the road.

Solution: Make sure you confirm if your choice of throttle cable is compatible with your bike.

If you are confused about the ideal length, consult your service manual. Alternatively, you can talk to an expert.

Wrong Installation

Throttle cables are generally designed to support easy installation. However, the process requires sufficient time, basic mechanical knowledge, and accuracy when it comes to the connection or routing.

When the cable is not rightly routed, it may affect throttle performance and response.

Solution: For guaranteed safety and adequate functionality, you can consult or hire an experienced mechanic to perform the cable replacement for you. Especially if you haven’t done this before.

FAQ’s About Harley Davidson Throttle Cable Length Chart

Harley Davidson Dual Throttle Cable

How do I detect a faulty or damaged throttle cable?

When your throttle cable becomes bad or damaged, there are some notable signs and symptoms you should look out for.

The throttle won’t return easily and fully to the closed position. The acceleration response becomes slow, and cruise control won’t function properly.

If you notice any of these signs/symptoms, conduct the necessary inspection. If you detect that the throttle cable is worn out, get it replaced immediately.

What happens if the throttle cable comes out of adjustment?

When the cable comes out of adjustment or breaks, it affects the drivability of the affected bike. The bike will be idle, and you won’t be able to ride on it until the issue is fixed.

When should I replace my throttle cable?

The recommended timeline for throttle cable replacement is every 3 years, or after you must have covered about 10,000 miles.

However, the replacement of your motorcycle’s throttle can be conducted at any time based on certain factors.

You can replace your throttle cable when it is no longer in good condition (worn out, cracks, or corroded).

How do I locate the throttle cable?

The throttle cable has two ends. The first end of the cable is wired or connected to the throttle body, located on the carburetor. The other end of the cable is attached to the handlebar.

Why cause a sticky throttle?

The throttle could be sticky when it wears out or when it is connected too tightly. You may also experience this issue as a result of inadequate lubrication.

Another major factor that could cause your bike’s throttle to stick is when there is a problem with the carburetor.

How long does it take to replace a damaged throttle cable on Harley Davidson?

On average, it takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour to successfully replace your damaged throttle cable with a new one. How fast you complete this task is dependent on your experience and skill level.

How often should the throttle cable be inspected?

We advise you to conduct a quick check on your throttle cable regularly. You can carry out this simple assessment after every ride.

This way, you will pick out issues easily and correct them before hitting the road. Committing to regular inspection guarantees safety and excellent throttle performance/response at all times.


We have provided the Harley Davidson throttle cable length chart in this guide. The table indicates the ideal cable length/size for different models of Harley Davidson.

If your bike’s model is not included in the chart, that is not an issue.

You can check your service manual. Relevant information about installations, adjustments, and maintenance for each component or part of your bike is provided in the manual.

Another easy and fast way to find out about this information is to check with your mechanic.

Overall, make sure you choose a trusted and reliable throttle cable brand from the available options on the market.

The top-quality throttle cables are known for their long-lasting and consistent performance.

You can check users’ reviews on Amazon and other sources online to gather adequate insight and information about your product choice before you make a purchase.

We have provided 3 excellent products in this guide. Go through each of them and pick the one that fits your needs and requirements.