Top 13 Best ATV Passenger Seat in 2024 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

While researching or thinking about the best ATV passenger seat to buy, there will be many options or designs to choose from.

We understand how tiring and challenging it may be to go through a list of products before you finally identify or select a design that fits your needs.

To make the purchase process easy for you, we have identified and discussed 13 top products worth your money.

These ATV passenger seats are pocket-friendly, suitable to use, and designed to deliver optimum comfort similar to what you enjoy when you sit on a sofa.

Overall, they give users a satisfying/fulfilling outdoor experience.

The top 13 ATV passenger seats you can invest in include Black Boar, ATV TEK, Coleman, Kolpin, QuadBoss, WES Industries, KIMPEX, Rage Powersports, and Can-Am.

What is The Best ATV Passenger Seat?

The Black Boar (66010) is our top-choice of ATV passenger seat.

Thanks to its spacious design and the support it gives to the upper back for improved comfort throughout your adventures.

Why Black Boar (66010) is The Best Passenger Seat Brand For ATV?

Several qualities and features set this design apart from other options available on our list and generally in the market.

The most notable feature of the Black Boar (66010) is comfort.

The cushion is designed to provide/support adequate seating space that can accommodate riders irrespective of their body sizes.

Still, on the level of comfort this passenger seat offers, the armrests are well built.

They can easily accommodate your arm, giving a similar feel to what you enjoy while sitting on one of the cozy chairs in your living room.

The 13 Best ATV Passenger Seat Reviews

01. Black Boar (66010) – Best Passenger Seats For ATV

Black Boar ATV Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Universal fit
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Durable Stainless Steel & polyethylene material
  • 7 cubic feet of storage capacity
  • 26 x 42 x 16 inches in dimension
  • 5 pounds in weight

No one can deny the comfort a well-cushioned chair provides after a hectic day.

The Black Boar (66010) is designed to provide a similar comfort that a standard cushioned living room chair offers while riding all day long.

The continuous comfort this cushioned seat provides ensures that back pains resulting from long hours of the ride are eliminated, thereby improving your riding experience.

This ATV passenger seat is spacious, thereby accommodating all body types.

Thankfully, everyone can enjoy the luxury experience it provides, irrespective of their size.

Also, the armrests are designed to support the rider’s arms.

Especially individuals with strong, wide arms looking for a passenger seat that provides the support they need to achieve comfort throughout the outdoor adventure.

The impressive features of the 66010 don’t stop at the comfort it provides.

The manufacturer is also committed to and concerned about storage and security.

We love how spacious the storage space is. Users can store quite a large amount/quantity of items they need for their road trips or adventures.

The storage capacity is sufficient to store tools, gears, or food items that can last for at least a day.

With the addition of the lock feature, you can confidently store your valuables, knowing they are safe and completely kept out of the reach of intruders.

The seat is designed with a durable polythene material, guaranteeing a great show of strength and sturdiness in harsh conditions.

Also, you can independently set up or install the seat without any issues or difficulties.

  • Designed to provide support to the arms and the back
  • A perfect fit for all riders irrespective of their body size
  • Offers extra storage on your ATV
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to install
  • You will need to drill the mounting holes before you can install/attach the seat to your ATV


02. ATV TEK ASPBMOB – Best Quality ATV Passenger Seat



Highlighted Features

  • A tubular steel frame
  • Built from tarpaulin
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • 4,000 storage space
  • 36 x 18 x 12 inches
  • 75 Pounds

The ATV TEK ASPBMOB is popularly regarded as an authentic hybrid design.

Thanks to the incredible durability it offers and its robust body build made from a premium steel material.

We are fascinated with the overall build of this ATV seat, especially the quality of materials used in constructing all the components that made up the whole unit.

For instance, the tarpaulin material used for the seat cover ensures the bottom bag is resistant to water, tear, fold, dust, or mold.

The seat offers incredible comfort and support to the back, irrespective of how long the adventure lasts.

Also, the well-cushioned armrests provide the necessary support that your arms need all day long.

Another impressive feature that users will appreciate about the ATV TEK ASPBMOB is the large storage space.

Users can safely store and arrange their valuables without any fear or concerns about losing them.

You can also detach or readjust the backpack with ease to fit your needs.

  • The weather-tight seal prevents possible damage from water and dust
  • Designed with adequate storage space to securely store and safeguard your valuables
  • Guarantees comfortable ride experience by providing sufficient support for the back
  • Appealing appearance, easy to install, and impressive & long-lasting performance
  • No instructions manual


03. Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag – Best ATV Rear Seat

Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag


Highlighted Features

  • 3 big storage compartments
  • Heavy-duty polyester fabric
  • 2 water-bottle holders
  • Well-cushioned interior walls
  • 12 x 8.25 x 8 inches in size
  • 63 pounds in weight

The Coleman ATV Rear Padded-Bottom Bag creates a great connection between users.

This design is for you if you are intentional about comfort and require an ATV passenger seat that guarantees a soft feel experience to your back and arms.

Users can easily sit comfortably during every ride without any impact or pain on vital body regions.

Thanks to the additional padding it provides.

The seat’s area is large enough to occupy anyone, allowing you to sit in well and stretch your body freely throughout the adventure.

You can also rely on the water-bottle compartments or holders to safely secure/store your favorite refreshment fluid for easy reach.

We also love the 3-zipper storage compartments that are designed/positioned within the seat.

You can easily store your tools and other delicate valuables without the fear of losing or breaking them.

Thanks to its well-cushioned interior walls that provide extra support and protection against possible collision that could affect the quality of stored items.

  • The seat’s area is extra-large and well-padded to enhance comfort
  • The storage space is large and sufficient to accommodate your valuables
  • Affordable and easy to attach/install design
  • Water repellant passenger seat
  • The rear padding support is not adequate


04. Kolpin ATV– 4438

Kolpin ATV– 4438


Highlighted Features

  • Polyethylene material
  • Compatible with most tabular racks
  • Accessories (U-bolts and washers) to support mounting
  • 99 liters of storage unit/capacity
  • 75 x 27.88 x 17 inches in dimension
  • ‎23.6 pounds in weight

While you are away from home. Far away from enjoying the comfort that your cozy sofa or well-cushioned chair offers.

The  Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box – 4438 ensures that you are not alone by providing a similar experience/feeling.

The seat provides adequate padding that provides your back with the support and rests it needs during rides.

This way, pains and other related issues that could cause discomfort are totally eradicated.

Also, the storage space is large enough to accommodate a few valuables or gears that you need for your adventures.

The construction material is durable, which supports the most demanding operation/usage over an extended period.

Some users declared they have been using this design for over 6 years without any issues with appearance and performance.

The polyethylene material is of top quality and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

You won’t have to bother or get disturbed about the possible effect of rainfall on the items stored in the storage, especially those that can easily be affected by water.

You can simply and securely mount the Kolpin ATV Rear Helmet Box – 4438 on your ATV racks with the washers and U-bolts that come in the kit.

The installation process takes about 2 hours on average.

  • Installation is effortless
  • Weather-resistant storage with sufficient space
  • Sturdy enough to withstand/support most demanding needs
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use/performance
  • The armrests are not padded
  • The level of comfort can be improved by adding additional padding


05. QuadBoss QBF-R/S4


Highlighted Features

  • Made of Polyethylene material
  • Integrated gas storage
  • Customizable design
  • 42 x 18 x 26 inches in dimension
  • ‎8.33 pounds in weight

QuadBoss QBF-R/S4 is constructed using a top-quality polyethylene material for guaranteed durability and longevity.

If you are always interested or fascinated about going on long adventure trips, either solely or with your loved one.

This is an excellent choice of ATV passenger seat to purchase. It is large enough and well-padded to provide necessary support and ultimate comfort for users.

However, tall passengers may find it a bit uncomfortable using the seat as it may be smaller for them.

They may find it difficult to place or stretch their legs as they would want.

We love the versatility, most especially the storage. Aside from the standard storage space provided to keep or safeguard your items.

Gas storage can also be connected to the rear seat.

This gas tank allows you to move around with extra fuel for your ATV as you continue on your long adventure or in case of an emergency.

Also, QuadBoss QBF-R/S4 allows users to customize the seat to improve their ride experience or meet their desired needs.

  • Completely waterproof. It can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • The dust seal is super impressive. It keeps the trunk’s interior completely neat
  • Soft and sturdy seat pad and the handles are rightly positioned for ease of use
  • Adequate storage, heavy-duty construction material for long-lasting use/performance
  • The storage cannot be locked
  • No instruction manual


06. WES Industries AR-38

WES Industries AR-38 Rear Cargo Box Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Universal fit
  • 21-inch wide seat
  • Polyethylene construction material
  • 17 x 38 x 20 inches in dimension
  • 2 pounds in weight

WES Industries AR-38 offers comfort, ease of use/installation, and overall quality at a very affordable price.

If you are planning to go on a ride with a passenger and need a seat that offers great support to the back and the arms, here is a significant investment you can get at a very reasonable price.

The seat is well-cushioned, and the backrest is adequately padded. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain without any impact on their back.

Also, the spacious seat provides enough room for users to easily stretch their body.

If you are going on a long trip with an individual that is not really tall, or with short legs.

You may consider getting some footrests to enhance support and for a superb ride experience.

Although the storage space is limited, it can sufficiently hold the few things you need for a 1-day trip/adventure.

The installation is not tricky. You only need some basic tools to couple the various components in place.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes on average.

  • Well-cushioned seat & extra-padded backrest
  • The installation is not hard
  • Spacious seat for a comfortable ride experience
  • Limited storage space
  • No handle grips


07. ATV TEK Arch Series



Highlighted Features

  • Premium-quality tarpaulin
  • Durable steel frame
  • Removable padded seat, backrest, and side bags
  • ‎5 x 1 x 1 inches in dimension
  • ‎18.55 pounds in weight

ATV TEK Arch Series is made from quality materials that guarantee durability and long-lasting support, safety, and comfort.

For instance, the steel used for the interior ensures that the seat bag remains intact even on a bumpy road.

Also, the tarpaulin material and other related fabrics used during construction are durable and not intimidated or affected by rainfall.

Hence, your valuables are safe, especially if you have any electronic devices housed in the storage space.

We also love the fact that this passenger seat is easy to install and maintain.

Since there are holes or open parts around the seat, there is nowhere for dirt, debris, and other unappealing particles to hide.

The design is specially and adequately put together to provide the support needed to achieve a smooth and soothing ride experience.

The seat and backrest are nicely cushioned/padded to meet the demand of long rides across rough roads.

With its super spacious storage unit, you can keep as many items/valuables as needed for your riding adventure.

Especially if you are going on a road adventure that lasts more than a day.

The installation is not complicated. Although there is no installation manual packed alongside the unit.

You can easily put the seat together based on previous installation experience or by watching YouTube videos if you have never performed a project of this type before.

  • Resistant to water, dust, and other adverse weather elements
  • The storage space is super spacious
  • Fits perfectly and is not difficult to install
  • Made of top quality materials that guarantee safety and comfort
  • No instructions for installation


08. KIMPEX 458000

KIMPEX 458000


Highlighted Features

  • Universal fit
  • 115 liters storage capacity for tools and other items
  • Gas tank storage
  • Installation brackets
  • ‎43 x 29.1 x 11.9 inches in dimension
  • 7 pounds in weight

The rear storage boxes are widely popular and have been available to ATV owners for a very long time.

Interestingly, the constant push towards its massive adoption and popularity can be hugely attributed to the KIMPEX brand.

The KIMPEX 458000 provides an adequate storage space of 115 liters that allows users to safely store their items.

Typically, the storage space can comfortably accommodate 2 off-road helmets and other essential tools that you need to make your adventure or road trip memorable and fun.

Also, the side compartments are detachable to allow riders/passengers to store larger items or aid direct access to their goods/valuables.

Users do not have to worry about being caught up in the rain while riding.

The rubber gasket is designed to offer protection against water and dust, keeping your valuables dry and neat during your trip.

The gas tank storage allows riders to move around with extra fuel (up to 1-gallon capacity) for their ATV.

Ensuring they do not experience any delay in a situation where they run low on fuel.

The tank is placed appropriately at the rear of the seat to avoid any interruption or disruption with comfort.

Overall, the KIMPEX 458000 offers superior and reliable comfort to users, thereby reducing fatigue and possible injury to the back and arms due to impacts from bumpy or rough roads.

  • Designed with several attachment points to support easy installation
  • Guarantees protection against water and dust penetration
  • Offers greater comfort and ergonomics
  • No key locks
  • No padded armrest
  • No installation guide or manual


09. Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – 91150

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag


Highlighted Features

  • Detachable gear bags
  • 02 cubic feet of storage space
  • Two (2) water bottle holders
  • 600D nylon with hydro Shield & UV coating
  • 10 pounds in weight
  • 32 x 22x 11 inches in overall dimension

The Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – 91150 is designed to cater to all kinds of needs or uses.

Thanks to its numerous storage spaces that allow users to spread and separate their items across various areas for easy reach and arrangement.

Are you an experienced repairer and would love to ride on your ATV to where your skills and expertise are needed, or an adventurer who loves going on trips that last for more than a day?

If you have been frustrated due to your inability to securely and adequately store your tools or need sufficient space to hold your items, here is a design that meets your needs.

The manufacturer understood the needs of several people, most especially the handypersons, and came up with a design that can comfortably satisfy their needs.

The gear bags can be easily removed or detached from the seat, allowing users to move around with them.

The detachable bags are adequate enough to store some set of necessary tools and your lunch box.

Also, the center bag behind the seat’s backrest is used to store cold fluids, thereby keeping them cool/chilled for as long as possible.

We also love the comfort that the well-padded backrest and armrests provide.

You can sit on the Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – 91150 for an extended period without any impact on your back or arms.

If you need an ATV passenger seat that excellently combines comfort and efficient storage capabilities, here is a design that ticks these boxes.

  • Sufficient storage space to comfortably house your equipment or items
  • Well-padded backrest for consistent & long-lasting comfort
  • Durable and well-engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Affordable and easy to attach to your ATV
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Not lockable


10. Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag- 91155

Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag- 91155


Highlighted Features

  • Detachable gear bags
  • Compact design
  • 600 denier nylon & high-class Hydro-Shield coating
  • 32 x 22 x 11 inches in dimension
  • ‎2 pounds in weight

The Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag- 91155 has a similar build and design as Kolpin Matrix Seat Bag – 91150 (the 9th reviewed/highlighted ATV passenger seat on our list).

These two products support similar use and function, and the storage capacity is the same.

The notable differences or the features that distinguish this product or make it stand out from the 91150 is its more affordable price and compact design.

However, many users believe that the 91155 fabric quality is not the best since sturdier fabric materials can be used to toughen it to withstand the intense demands of frequent use.

If you ask us, the build material is great for the price you pay to add this product to your ATV.

To get a design with better build material, you will have to pay more.

The seat provides tremendous support that guarantees outstanding comfort during rides.

Thanks to its well-padded backrest and arms rest.

  • Several storage spaces to safe keep valuable items
  • Cooling system/section to keep your beverages of refreshment fluids cold
  • The fiber is not susceptible to dirt and mud
  • Provide maximum support to the back and arms for improved comfort
  • The fabric is not the sturdiest
  • The zipper can be improved
  • The fabric is not the sturdiest
  • The zipper can be improved


11. Rage Powersports ATV-CB-L7500

Rage Powersports ATV-CB-L7500


Highlighted Features

  • High-density polyethylene material
  • Includes 4 U-bolts
  • Three (3) storage compartments
  • Rear reflectors for nighttime visibility
  • 25 x 42 x 17 inches
  • 5 pounds in weight

Rage Powersports ATV-CB-L7500 is designed using high-density and very durable polythene materials.

This guarantees longevity and superior & robust performance.

The seat and the armrests are well-cushioned to provide exceptional comfort for passengers/users over an extended period or during long road adventures.

Impressively, the seat is wide enough or has enough space to accommodate everyone irrespective of their body type.

We are well-pleased with the storage capacity. Besides being large enough and having several compartments to securely house your gears or valuables.

You can lock the storage to prevent unauthorized access or theft.

Another exciting feature that the ATV-CB-L7500 possesses is the 2 reflectors.

The reflectors are located at the rear, and they make up an essential part of your ATV during night rides.

Interestingly, their visibility or operation is independent. They do not rely on your ATV as a power source or for electric connection before they can perform or function as expected.

  • The seat and armrests are well-cushioned for maximum comfort
  • The U-bolts supports easy mounting
  • The storage area is lockable to restrict or deny unauthorized access
  • Durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Drilling is required for installation


12. Can Am Outlander L Max

Can Am Outlander L Max


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Outlander Max 2015 & 17-20 Outlander xmr 1000
  • Installation accessories
  • Factory original equipment kit
  • 107 pounds in weight
  • ‎41 x 22 x 23 inches in dimension

Can Am Outlander L Max is one of the premium/most expensive ATV passenger seats on our list and even on the market.

However, it delivers greatly on the price tag by providing impressive and justifiable performance that enhances the ride experience.

We are fascinated about the build quality, finish, and how it fits fantastically on installed ATV.

It is built as an original factory design, differentiating itself from aftermarket ATV passenger seats.

Do you own the Outlander Max 2015 or any of the 17-20 models of Outlander xmr 1000?

Are you willing to pay a premium for remarkable comfort, durability, sturdiness, appealing appearance, and overall performance?

Adding this seat to your ATV will make a lot of difference.

The installation is straightforward, and all the accessories you need to hold the seat firmly and securely are provided in the kit.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to connect the various components that eventually set it up as a unit.

Before you make a payment or go ahead with the purchase/order, ensure you verify/confirm compatibility with your ATV.

  • Top-notch design that offers exceptional quality, fit, and finish
  • Guarantees maximum comfort at every ride
  • Installation is smooth and effortless
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting use and performance
  • Heavy design
  • Pricey
  • No storage space

13. Kimpex 358482



Highlighted Features

  • Universal Fit
  • ‎33.8 pounds in weight
  • Large storage space
  • Comes with U-bolts
  • ‎42 x 28 x 17 inches in dimension
  • Holds about 2.5-gallon fuel tank

Kimpex 358482 is an ideal ATV passenger seat for off-road adventurers.

This is a suitable design for individuals who love trailing and need a seat that withstands the effect of bumpy roads and guarantee lasting support, safety, and comfort at a pocket-friendly price.

You can rely on the sturdiness it provides, especially regarding how securely it holds or connects to your bike.

During rough rides, you won’t have to be bothered about a possible detachment from the installation or connection points.

The seat is well-cushioned and spacious to accommodate several body sizes (children and adults).

Also, the well-padded armrests provide comfortable areas where users can rest their arms.

With its large storage space, you can securely keep your food items and other essential tools or valuables that are needed for your adventure.

Also, the Kimpex 358482 has an extra area at the rear where you can mount a fuel tank that can hold/store up to 2.5 gallons of fuel.

  • Sturdy design.
  • The seat enhances support and comfort
  • Easy to attach to your ATV
  • Adequate storage & extra area to accommodate a gas tank
  • A bit expensive


Buying Considerations of Best ATV Passenger Seat

2 Up Rear Passenger Seat Install On CFMoto c1000 Overland Edition ATV


This plays a critical role in the quality of the passenger seat you eventually get or install on your ATV.

Usually, the amount a particular product is sold says a lot about its overall quality.

An ATV passenger seat offered lower than the average market price may look like a great price for individuals who do not have much money to invest.

However, in the long run, it only leads to displeasure and dissatisfaction.

If you desire an ATV passenger seat that offers ultimate comfort, durability, longevity, and overall performance.

You must be willing to pay for these features. Not necessarily premium, but a price that matches these qualities.

For a reliable design, have a budget above the average market price to have several top-quality options to choose from.

We have reviewed 13 excellent designs in this guide, ranging from affordable options to pricey designs.

Impressively, these products offer exciting features that support tons of benefits that contribute significantly to enhancing your ride experiences.

Build Material

The quality of the materials used in constructing your choice of ATV passenger seat says a lot about its durability, sturdiness, and how long it will last.

While looking for a product to buy, ensure you check the description and reviews for the materials used in building the various components.

Materials such as tarpaulin, polyethylene, and stainless steel are names you should watch out for.

These materials are durable and robust enough to withstand adverse weather conditions that may impact quality or reliability.

Also, they can withstand frequent use and do not break easily under stress.

Storage Space

When it comes to storage, each product has its specific design and capacity.

How often do you go on an outdoor ride, and how long does this experience lasts?

You need to factor in the amount or quantity of items/tools you will need for your adventure and choose a product with a storage space that can easily accommodate your needs or safely and adequately store your valuables.

The storage space is built in different ways. There are designs with a storage unit, providing a large space to keep your items.

Also, there are some built with up to 3 storage compartments that are sometimes detachable.

The detachable storage allows you to store valuable items that you need on the go so that you can easily move around with them while you are away from your ATV or not riding on it.

A great feature you can consider when looking at the storage capacity is security. Choose a passenger seat with a lockable storage unit.

This keeps your valuables safe from theft and unauthorized access.


This is another fascinating feature that you need to put into consideration when looking for an ATV passenger seat to buy.

Before you go ahead to pay for any design of your choice, ensure you read the product description carefully to confirm if this feature is applicable.

A waterproof seat reinforces confidence while riding. You are sure that the seat won’t get damaged and the quality won’t be affected during the winter or rainy season.

Also, your valuables that are kept in the storage unit are protected and completely safe from water or moisture.

Most importantly, ensure you are not sacrificing one benefit for another.

While you are looking for a product that offers resistance or proof to water/moisture, confirm the texture of the build material.

Some seats are made from hard material to deliver on the waterproof attribute or quality which eventually interferes with passenger’s comfort.

No benefits, irrespective of how significant they are, should replace or affect comfort.


Choose a product that can be connected, installed, or attached to the ATV without any difficulties.

While some products require drilling before they can be mounted or installed, others can be attached with ease and without the need for special tools and drilling.

If you do not have a hand drill, you may have to purchase one, which eventually adds up to the installation cost or possibly increases your budget by a few dollars.

Go for a product that can be coupled together and connected to your ATV effortlessly with the accessories that come with the kit if you are installing the ATV passenger seat for the first time and do not plan to invest in some extra components,

The inclusion of a manual or installation guide is also a great addition.

However, if your product choice doesn’t come with a manual, there are videos on YouTube that you can watch to provide you with the support you need for a successful project.

FAQ’s About Best ATV Passenger Seat

Rear Passenger Seat Install On CFMoto c1000 Overland Edition ATV

What is the best ATV passenger seat?

We have reviewed 13 excellent products you can choose or go for in this guide.

While these designs offer impressive features and benefits, the best choice solely depends on each individual’s preference.

After you must have gone through the products on our list and must have possibly chosen the one that fascinates you the most (meets your needs and demands), such a product is the best pick for you.

How much does an ATV passenger seat cost?

To get the best design for your needs (for guaranteed comfort, safety, and security), you must be willing to pay a few dollars.

On average, a reliable and top-quality ATV passenger seat costs between $70 and $300.

The expensive designs cost as much as $500.

What essential tips should I consider before investing in an ATV passenger seat?

Before you pick up a product, ensure it ticks almost all the boxes of the things you expect from it. Go for a quality design only.

You can read through reviews from other users to know about how reliable such a product is.

Choose an ATV passenger seat that is spacious enough to accommodate people of various sizes (provides necessary support and balance for kids and adults).

Also, ensure that it is well-padded to eliminate the discomfort that may result from poor road conditions (bumpy roads, especially during off-road adventures).

How long can the ATV passenger seat last?

The lifespan depends majorly on the build materials and maintenance.

Designs built from top-quality/durable materials are known to withstand adverse weather & road conditions and last for a very long time.

These designs can handle the stress that comes with frequent use, extending to about 4 years on average.

However, with proper care and maintenance, the lifespan is enhanced to deliver more than 6 years of excellent performance.

What are the necessary safety precautions to adhere to while using the ATV passenger seat?

While riding on the ATV (sitting in the passenger’s seat), ensure you pay attention/relevance to safety.

Do not forget to make use of your helmet all through the ride.

When going on an adventure with your kid, ensure they put on their helmet and use the seatbelt for improved safety.

However, the best practice when it comes to having kids on board is to ensure they are within the driving age (when they understand the safety precautions, especially the dos and don’ts).


Choosing/selecting the best ATV passenger seat depends mainly on your ability to figure out what exactly you expect or desire from a seat.

Majorly, the level of safety and comfort such a seat provides, knowing if it has sufficient space to house/store the items you need for every adventure.

And the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially during the harsh periods of the year.

Other important features or benefits that could make up a critical part of a rider’s decision to buy a particular passenger’s seat include security and stability.

All of the products reviewed in this guide tick all the expectation boxes that individual rider may have or the needs that want their choice of product to provide.

Ensure you read through the features, pros, and cons, of these products. We hope you will find a design that fulfills your expectations or requirements.