15 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music 2024 (Top Rated Reviews)

Bluetooth headset is the best tool to have as it ensures an excellent ride and provides a communication guide between riders.

It is a huge advancement that has made communication easier between riders.

Aside from being a communication network, it also serves as your media tool to listen to varieties of music.

The Bluetooth headset provides an avenue to communicate with other riders over the intercom, listen to music, receive and make calls without impairing your passenger’s journey.

This Bluetooth can also be used when traveling to listen to music.

Sometimes, it is problematic to find the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset that conforms to your choices due to the wide variety.

So, we’ve compiled the best motorcycle headset for music reviews In case the vast expanses subdue you.

Table of Comparison [2024 Updated] of Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

What motorcycle Bluetooth headset is the best for music?

The Sena 30K-01 is unarguably the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset because it has a wifi system that connects about 30K virtual users, as its name implies.

This headset enables multi-tasking. You can use the Bluetooth feature and stream life, take calls and perform every other function all at a time.

The headset has an advanced noise control and built-in FM radio, which provides its users with varieties of options to navigate.

A dual antenna also makes it a whole plus two separate processors. These are some of the added advantages that make it outstanding

Why SENA 30K-01 is the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycles?

This brand is the best because they flex their specialty in this field.

Every piece of product they produce is one of a kind as they deliver nothing but quality over every other thing.

It’s visible in the Bluetooth headset they created among every other unique product it makes.

A perfect example of the brand’s quality comes in the form of their SENA 30K-01 Bluetooth headset.

This product has everything that makes it convenient and enjoyable to its users.

It is a Bluetooth headset that connects a significant number of people at the same time.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2024

The following are the top 15 motorcycles Bluetooth headset that provides the most satisfying result and grants easy connectivity with other riders on the highway. These headsets are tested as they offer a smooth and enjoyable ride.

01. SENA 30K-01 – Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset



Highlighted Features

  • Dual modes of mesh
  • Bluetooth intercom
  • Advanced noise control
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS AF
  • Mesh 2.0 intercom

The Sena 30K-01 system enables you to connect to about 30K riders within a mile range. The system has a way of reuniting lost connections and reconnects very fast.

Through the group mesh intercom, you can connect and communicate with 24 riders in a group.

The battery life is also a perfect match for its ability. A 20 minutes charge lasts for about 5 hours of intercom use and 3 hours mesh intercom use.

The hands-free voice command enables you to choose any option you want when on the highway.

The dual antenna also performs wonders because riders can use the mesh intercom and Bluetooth intercom simultaneously.

Users can multitask using the mesh intercom for calls while streaming music, taking calls, and listening to GPS navigation all at the same time.

No interruption is suffered as regards ending one function to perform another, which is evident in other products of its kind.

The benefits of FM radio grants users a variety of options to choose from. If users aren’t streaming music, they could be listening to FM radio.


  • Easily paired with the phone
  • The music streaming function is perfect
  • The speakers are loud enough to hear
  • It has an audio mixer control


  • The voice control doesn’t work fine.

02. CARDO ‎PTB00040 – Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset 2024


Highlighted Features

  • Premium sound quality
  • Voice activation
  • Dual-core technology
  • Helmet communication
  • Universal Bluetooth connectivity

This Bluetooth communication system is known for its perfect and excellent sound.

The sound system isn’t the noisy type like some other products of its kind.

A glimpse into this device will make the user see that it has an overdose of premium features all in the machine.

It also has a DMC and natural voice operation which enables users to give out commands as present in Siri or Google.

This sound system ensures ease and safety because you don’t need input instructions on any interface.

With the dual-core technology, you can connect with another person through the intercom and listen to different music.

The white noise cancellation has canceled every form of wind noise, so you don’t have to bother about being affected by wind noise.

Users can always connect with every Bluetooth brand through the DMC and Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth communication system possesses every feature you can think of, ranging from FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, mobile conferencing, natural voice operation, and other benefits that appeal to users’ advantage.


  • Crystal and clear sound
  • No wind noise; the white noise cancellation is perfect
  • Voice activation is topnotch
  • Durable battery 


  • Pairing is impaired; music do skip regularly

03. SENA SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset



Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
  • Advanced noise control technology
  • Durable battery life
  • Long-range music sharing
  • Music playback control

No matter how far the distance is or how long the ranges are, the Sena motorcycle Bluetooth headset is designed primarily to keep you connected with your riding partner.

It is very much to receive calls and stream music when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, so it can be the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music.

Users’ interests are covered because this headset delivers clear and natural sound through the speaker; no noise impairment.

When in a noisy environment, the headset automatically suppresses the noise through the in-built advanced noise control technology.

The playback control helps you to navigate on the device. The battery life is durable.

Within a single charge, it lasts for about ten days of standby and 12 hours of Talktime.

The universal intercom control allows this Bluetooth to be connected to other devices of the same kind.


  • The speakers work perfectly
  • Top-notch microphone technology
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Wide section accessories


  • Bluetooth only works when the phone is closed.

04. FODSPORTS ‎8542071722 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset



Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth 4.1 version
  • Eight riders group intercom
  • CSR chip
  • 900mAh battery life
  • CVC noise reduction technology

This product consists of the best feature ever as it ticks every box that states the unique qualities offered.

The ‎FODSPORTS ‎8542071722 motorcycle headset has a Bluetooth version which enables easy connectivity with devices and other intercoms.

The Bluetooth version ensures a more accessible, faster, and convenient transfer of signals. Another great advantage the product has over others is that it could connect to 2 Bluetooth devices.

It also contains a hands-free function, which enables a smooth and enjoyable drive. Unlike some motorcycle headsets without this function, you wouldn’t need to operate the intercom unit without the headset.

The noise reduction technology can easily compress noises and cancel them automatically. The volume function has an impact on external voices or wind noises.

No matter the speed you’re driving, you can communicate with teammates and not get stuck on the highway.

Most times, it’s hard to find a device that does all the above things and has perfect battery life. The battery life span of this device surpasses most intercoms in the market.

With just about 3hour charging, it can be used for 12 hours.


  • It works with five sets simultaneously
  • Pairing with a phone is easy
  • More accessible to mount to half helmets


  • Microphone doesn’t work when on a call

05. SENA ‎SMH10D-10


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced noise control technology
  • 12 hours of standby time
  • Universal intercom protocol
  • 10°c to 55°c operating temperature.
  • Long-range music sharing
  • Four people conferencing intercom

The Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth headset has multiple connections, which enable about four people to get connected on the same range.

The sound technology is fantastic as it’s the best of its kind.  With this system, you have the advantage when connecting to other devices.

Often the unusual sounds from motorcycle headsets piss users off. With this headset, you have nothing to worry about concerning noises from wind because it has an advanced noise control technology that suppresses wind sounds and motorcycle buzz.

The battery life span is another good thing to notice about the system. On a single charge, you can have about 12 hours of talk time and ten days of standby.

You don’t have to worry about the headset fitting various helmets. It would help if you were assured because it’s made to work in any helmet you lay your hands on.

For installations, you may require to use other external devices, so this product offers and sells external devices to ease buildings based on your preference.


  • Great sound
  • Accessible communication via hand signal
  • Good battery life


  • Poor sound quality



Highlighted Features

  • LCD screen intercom system
  • Handsfree headset
  • Higher battery life
  • Built-in FM radio
  • A waterproof element
  • Changeable Mic

The FREEDCONN ‎TCOM-SC motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a large button that can be integrated with a single tab.

Its large button contains various options you can choose from, like choose the FM radio, play/ pause music, answer calls, e.t.c. It makes it more convenient and easier to use on the motorcycle.

The LCD screen allows you to view incoming calls and all input options you perform in your Bluetooth headset. The 400mAh battery works the extra mile.

You enjoy 300 hours standby time, 10 hours for phone, and 7 hours on the intercom. Nothing feels better than enjoying a long-time battery use to your advantage.

Its Bluetooth compatibility is guaranteed, which makes you connect to devices within the same range.

It would help if you took note that this motorcycle Bluetooth headset doesn’t work for other brands.


  • Perfect communication network
  • Descent sound Quality
  • Waterproof protection element
  • Loudspeakers


  • No voice automation
  • It doesn’t work for other brands

07. SENA 50S-01


Highlighted Features

  • Mesh 2.0 feature
  • Voice automated assistant
  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • Upgraded HD
  • Fast charging battery
  • Multi-language voice command

Are you interested in connecting with other riders within the range of 8km? Then this headset is a reliable choice to choose because it has the feature you desire.

The mesh feature allows you to communicate with groups across nine channels. Apart from group communication, you can also create a private group of 24 participants.

The Bluetooth 5 gives you an assessment to connect with your smartphone, listen to music and go through the GPS navigation. You can connect with any of your devices as long as they are in the same range.

With the in-built digital assistant, it can assess any information you dispense to it using voice Automation. It has a multi-language voice command function that understands eight different languages.

The upgraded high-definition speakers deliver quality audio, add bass and provide clarity to the sound system. You enjoy podcasts while riding with these HD speakers.

It also has a wifi cable which grants you an advantage to charge devices and automatically download.

You don’t have to charge for long hours. Setting for 20 minutes can go a long way.


  • Extra bass that makes podcast enjoyable
  • Has mesh mode
  • Has a beautiful outlook


  • The mesh feature doesn’t work well



Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof element
  • FM and Handsfree in-built
  • Advanced voice control
  • Audio multitasking element
  • 400mAH battery life.
  • DSP echo cancellation

In search of a Bluetooth headset that supports pairing between 3 riders, then this is a perfect option to opt for.

The Bluetooth technology supports an advanced audio distribution profile and a hands-free profile. Its hands-free function automatically receives calls, redial the previous contact, and rejects any call you didn’t wish to receive.

The sound system is perfect because even at high speed, you can hear the music clearly without interruption from motorcycle sound and wind.

To make this sound system work well, you’ll need to increase the volume in your phone and do the same on your device.

If you don’t comply with this process, you won’t hear anything even if you increase the headset volume to the maximum.

Some other products might require you to remove your gloves before you could operate. Be in the know that with your gloves on, you can perform any input function without restrictions.

Aside from this, the waterproof element is easy to use without fear of climatic changes.


  • The sound is perfect for music and intercom
  • Not expensive
  • Battery lift gate


  • The audio quality for the intercom is poor

09. Sena SMH10R


Highlighted Features

  • Advanced audio distribution profile
  • Seven days battery standby
  • In-built hands-free profile
  • 10 hours talk time

It’s pretty hard to find a Bluetooth headset that lasts as long as 10 hours of talk time. It is sure the best headset to accompany you on that long journey you want to embark on.

It comes in handy for anyone that’s not interested in the long process of connection. The bottom line, this Bluetooth headset is easier to install.


  • Connection is straightforward
  • Good reception


  • Poor audio quality




Highlighted Features

  • Conference intercom
  • Hi-fi stereo sound
  • Waterproof design
  • Helmet communication

The LEXIN LX-B4SP Bluetooth we are designed to connect with devices that support the headset profile.

This device can connect to your smartphone, computers, and Mp3 players.  A unique feature that makes it different from other products of its kind is the 200m range which connects with about 19 riders in an instant.

The waterproof element that doesn’t allow you to give a damn about climatic changes is also pre-installed in this device. This device uses an IP67 waterproof.

Aside from the qualities mentioned above, riders can share music with passengers using this device. The music sharing feature can work for two B5FM units through Bluetooth.

Lastly, the battery life is sufficient as it supports music playing and intercom communication for 15 hours simultaneously. The built-in FM radio also gives you an advantage to varieties of options.


  • Sounds good
  • Lasting battery life
  • Conference intercom between 10 people


  • No bass or mid-range


Highlighted Features

  • CSR Bluetooth Chip
  • DSP noise cancellation technology
  • Hands-Free communication
  • In-built waterproof
  • Full duplex communication technology

The noise cancellation technology ensures a smooth, clear, and perfect sound.

It helps you enjoy fantastic music and intercom connection; Riders have the advantage of communicating with the full-duplex technology.

With the built-in FM radio, it automatically selects the best program for your journey, making it a unique feature to other products of its kind.

Bluetooth enables you to listen to music all through your journey.  The battery level isn’t too bad. It has 500mAh capacity, 300 hours standby time, and 8hiurs intensive use for just 3 hours charge h time.


  • Connects to other devices easily
  • Great, loud, and smooth sound
  • Perfect noise and echo cancellation


  • No bass sound

12. JZAQ‎ BT30


Highlighted Features

  • 900 mAh battery
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • DSP noise cancellation technology
  • Detachable Velcro
  • Auto answer

The JZAQ  brand offers the perfect value for money. You get everything a Bluetooth headset should have for easy use. The battery is very strong, it can serve you for a week.

You’re guaranteed a loud volume with the DSP noise and echo cancellation. The rustling sound of the wind does not affect your headset whatsoever.

The waterproof technology enables convenient outdoor use. It is easier to install; it has little or no complexities.


  • Best functionality
  • Has a loop mode
  • Waterproof element


  • No bass

13. IMC Motorcom HS-H110P


Highlighted Features

  • Inbuilt noise and echo disruption
  • Flat-panel speaker
  • Seven pin connector
  • Waterproof

A motorcycle Bluetooth headset is easy to install and can fit into any helmet without having a new modification to its form. You enjoy the high performance of this headset.

The noise cancellation technology can ease communication through the intercom. The microphone reduces unrelated noises while riding.

You enjoy the double speakers that ensure loud music and loud audio for intercom communication.

They fit best with a helmet that has an extra space in it. It is easy to carry;  you won’t feel any discomfort.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Clear microphone
  • It’s waterproof and solid.


  • Flexible and prone to spoilage

14. EJEAS ‎V6 Pro


Highlighted Features

  • Water-resistance IP65
  • Six riders pairing
  • Intercom wireless system
  • DSP echo cancellation technology
  • Automatic switching
  • 850mAh battery capacity

The Wheats V6 pro motorcycle supports pairing between 6 riders and two riders talking at the same time.

You do not have to switch on any function through the input: the mobile call, intercom, and stereo music switch in automatically.

The noise cancellation feature cuts down both incoming and outgoing noise from audio. A noiseless and hitch-free drive is made possible through the hands-free function.

It is suitable for every weather or climatic condition. The waterproof, sunproof, and dustproof prevent it from being affected by rain, harsh weather, or dust.


  • Clear sound quality
  • Built-in chip
  • Most appropriate for two riders
  • Long battery life


  • Can’t connect with more than two riders

15. YING ‎6233897


Highlighted Features

  • 0 Bluetooth intercom
  • Waterproof feature
  • 100m communication range
  • DSP noise suppression technology
  • Hi-fi stereo
  • GPS

The YING 6233897 is a product designed especially for long-range motorcycles. It enables riders to communicate with one another at the same time.

Even at a high speed of 120km per hour, riders will still enjoy the compilation process.

You are guaranteed various options to switch to, like GPS, voice instructions, and news.

It is very much easy to use; no complexities involved. Not only can you communicate with riders, but you can also stream music and do other functions.

Weather does not affect your ride. The waterproof element works perfectly for your outdoor riding.


  • The sound quality is great
  • Connection Range is okay
  • Battery lasts for more than 7 hours


  • Not cheap

The Purchasing Factors of The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

Are you still confused about the following product to purchase? Then pay closer attention to this section.

In this part, you will get the important features you should know before settling for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

Try to ignore any fancy sound deceit and pay attention to the following features.

Intercom Range

The number of people to be communicated to is one thing you have to consider when you want to buy the Bluetooth system.

If the intercom is meant to share with only a passenger, the range isn’t necessary. For cities riding a larger group audience, the content at this point should be higher.

When riding with a smaller group, the range needed should be 500 yards, and for riding with the larger group, the content should be about 1000 yards.

The intercom Range is very crucial so that there won’t be an impairment during travel. You wouldn’t want to have a break in connection while traveling with a larger group.

Sound Quality

Before choosing a Bluetooth motorcycle headset, make a thorough check of the Bluetooth headset. Some situations warrant you shouldn’t buy a particular product.

For instance, when traveling and you reach about 40 MPH, the wind shouldn’t be the reason why your Bluetooth headset should go off.

The headset should have an advanced noise cancellation that cuts off any noise during your journey.

For a smooth communication process, make sure you lookout for the noise-reducing abilities that reduce wind noises to the barest minimum.

You should also check out the engine sound reduction and digital signal processing if it befits your standard or ride.

Other Wireless Technology

Of course, Bluetooth isn’t the only necessary thing a motorcycle headset should have.

You should check out other technologies used in a product before you buy.

Bluetooth is essential because it enables you to communicate with other riders, your bike, and your mobile phone.

Though the Bluetooth range might be short, it can connect with other devices to augment the content.

Consider the FM, too, because it produces a clear sound with no obstructions or hiccups in the connection.

Another advantage of the FM is that it is a public frequency that allows others to hear you.

Another system to consider is the GMRS or FRS, which provides a great range.

Global Positioning System

Not all Motorcycle Bluetooth headset connects to your smartphone which enables you to assess GPS.

This feature is more like a rare feature in a Bluetooth headset, and it is advised you check thoroughly before spending much.

Make sure you’re getting the correct value for the money you want to pay.

Voice Automation

This voice automation is another feature to pay attention to.

A good motorcycle headset has inbuilt voice Automation, which helps you make instructions without using the dial pad.

You can give out any command in any way that suits you without impairing or stopping your journey.

So, look for a Bluetooth headset that has a voice control system because it adds every ease to your journey.

You need not worry about stopping by to change a feature. With your voice, all will be sorted out.

Battery Durability

Before you purchase a product, check the battery life span, it is important to know how long you want to use your Bluetooth system.

Do not purchase a Bluetooth headset if it doesn’t possess a good battery life.

As a rider that travels frequently, you should consider checking the battery capability.

It isn’t advisable to subscribe to a device that would go off within some time.

Make sure you take cognizance of the battery strength.

Helmet Speakers for Radio and Music

Apart from the headset being a communication model between riders, it should also perform as a radio and music speaker.

Many riders love to listen to music or radio while riding, so the Bluetooth headset should be versatile.

Waterproof Element

You should choose a Bluetooth headset that has a water resistance feature to avoid wear and tear.

Most times, the things that contribute to product wear and tear could be humidity and its weather.

Before you purchase a product at all, consider if it has a waterproof element that prevents your headset from getting spoilt without prolonged usage.

A high resistance will prevent it from fading out even during rain.

You should prioritize a headset with a waterproof element if you loved to have a long-lasting headset.

Audio Clarity or Volume

Another feature you should consider is the ease of increasing or reducing the volume.

It would be sucking if you purchased a product and the volume increase or decrease failed to work perfectly.

Check this feature appropriately because you wouldn’t want to have a Bluetooth headset that has perfect voice automation but no volume control.

Do not choose a Bluetooth headset that only ticks one of these considerations.

Make sure you have all these compelling reasons present before paying for a product.

You wouldn’t want to have a headset that has all the following but poor battery life.

FAQs of Choosing The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

How does a motorcycle Bluetooth headset work?

A Bluetooth system allows riders communication, GPS connection, and automatic music streaming without wires or cables.

The Bluetooth will enable you to pair devices for accessible communication between those devices.

The motorcycle Bluetooth headset works with the element of Piconets, which has replaced wires and cables.

Bluetooth uses a short-range network which makes it visible to devices within a close range.

The motorcycle Bluetooth headset makes riding more accessible and safer because many irregularities can be communicated to other riders within the same range.

Also, you can listen to some music with your riding partner using this unique Bluetooth feature.

The Bluetooth operation panel is situated at the outer part of the helmet. The headset is placed underneath the helmet, and the microphone is in front of your mouth.

How do riders communicate?

The microphone that comes with the headset serves as a communication piece. Riders say anything they intend to use the microphone.

The in-built headset microphone ensures an easy communication process between riders.

The headset enables riders to hear what the other partner says. No matter the distance, they could always hear and communicate with one another.

Communication is easily accessible this way, especially in emergencies that warrant urgent reach to a rider.

Can you use the headset on your motorcycle?

Sure! You can use it, and you won’t feel any discomfort or distractions.

You might need to listen to your favorite songs, especially if you’re a music freak. It makes the ride smooth and enjoyable.

Wind noises that serve as distractions will be corrected and reduced to the barest minimum.

The whirling sound of the wind might make your ride stressful and dreadful. With the automatic noise correction element, you wouldn’t hear any noise whatsoever.

Another benefit you derive from using the headset on your motorcycle is that it allows you to communicate with other riders within the same range.

You can reach out to your fellow riders, answer urgent calls through the microphone system.

Relax! You don’t have to worry about being distracted using it. The headset is a sure-fire way to enjoy a smooth ride.

How do you put headset on bicycle helmet?

The most important thing you should do is to discover the best way to place the speaker, so the helmet looks as it was without the speaker.

Ensure the microphone is in line with the rider’s mouth to enable accessible communication with other riders.

You can install the microphone by placing the amplifier to the side, then press the wires to the liner.

Tighten the outside Bluetooth unit. To ensure a correct Bluetooth connection, pair the Bluetooth with another device.

If it works well, then your relationship is perfect.

Is it harmful to stream music while riding?

It can be a dangerous adventure if you ride all day listening to music. The music could make you distracted and confused while you’re riding.

It could not be perfect if you use the helmet with headphones or earpods.

Your attention is needed while riding, so you shouldn’t make the music so loud that you can’t hear anything else.

It could be dangerous while riding, and it’s also a disadvantage to your hearing as it may cause ear problems.

Distraction can set in while riding, but with focus and attention, you can set a balance between the two.

As much as you are reasonable with listening to music while riding, you are good to go.

Is riding with a headset on a motorcycle legal?

 In some states in the U.S, it is legal, while in some other states, it isn’t acceptable.

The conditions that disregard the use might deprive riders of their sense of reasoning while riding a motorcycle.

For this reason, the use of the headset while riding becomes questionable.

The voice-activated technology seems more beneficial in this regard as it ensures you are fully paying attention while riding


That’s all you need to know about Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music.

You might feel it isn’t essential to have it, but then, having it guarantees you a smooth and enjoyable ride and makes the ride stress-free.

The Bluetooth motorcycle headset is easy to use and install.

You shouldn’t deny yourself having a headset. It would be worth the price.