10 Best Shocks for Harley Dyna 2024 – Buying Guide

Shocks are indeed an integral part of any motorcycle. And for a glamorous brand like Harley, you’ll need only the best ones. But why do you need shocks, do you need front and rear?

Today, we are here to enlighten you all about shocks and maybe, you can decide on the suitable one for your Harley Dyna.

The shocks on your bike withstand the pressure of the thing itself. The spring weighs down the hits, knocks, and tremors. it also controls the suspension by calming the motorcycle that inhibits it from slipping out each time you rebound or brake hard.

The back shocks are more like a spring or pump in the structure and the back of the structure is pivoted so that the rear wheel can swivel. Similarly shocks in the front, the suspension draws power from potholes and bounces and profits from regaining monitoring.

10 Shocks for Harley Dyna

Given that there is a great deal to consider and a limited amount of time, this is the ideal platform for making a sensible selection as quickly as possible.

You won’t have to spend time looking around the stores because we’ve gathered the highlights right here for you to see. We have selected only the best, and we have selected only the top 10 of them.

Fingers crossed you will find the right shocks for the great Harley Dyna here!


Progressive Suspension PS 490 SERIES


Highlighted features

  • Exterior: painted, lightweight, aluminum
  • Damping: deflective, adjustable, and rebound
  • Preload: adjustable by hand
  • Coil spring: linear
  • Bottom control: jounce bumper along with a cup
  • Type: standard and moderate heavy-duty

There are several features on these rear shocks, including a manually looped pre-load, a raised monotube, deflective damping, and a rebound modulation.

This innovation, along with a linear rate circulation, allows the damper to function consistently and to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy loads without breaking down.

The assembly appears to be uncomplicated, and the travel has increased significantly as a result of the adjustments made to the handheld preload and rebound.

  • Huge improvement for stock shocks.
  • Seamless riding experience and no large bumps.
  • Handheld preloading makes it easier to adjust.
  • Might cause the slightest vibrations when going through steeper places, usually rocky ones.


2. BURLY B28-1202

BURLY B28-1202 Chrome Finish 10.5" Slammer Shock


Highlighted features

  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna models 91-11
  • Exterior: chrome
  • Preload adjustability: up to rider’s weight
  • Also includes: parts used for suspension and bars
  • Eye-to-eye measurements: 10.5 inches

There is exceptional suspension travel available at the rear-ends because of this. In addition, it has fork springs, which makes it the best choice for riders overall.

Because the preload can be adjusted in accordance with the rider’s height and weight, these shocks will deliver the most comfortable ride possible no matter what your body type is.

There is no need to fiddle with the forks because they have already been harnessed, so this is a simple install and ride service.

  • They clear out more room for rear pegs.
  • Gives you access to a flat surface-like feeling no matter what is under the wheel.
  • Gives the bike a proper, complete look.
  • If you lower the adjustment, the standing angle will be less, so you might have to watch out while you park.
  • The included wrench is not convenient for some users, they complained that the exterior is not conceivable.


3. HD 762 Ohlins USA

HD 762 Ohlins Blackline Shocks for Harley Davidson Dyna Models 1991


Highlighted features

  • Type: gas and oil, 12”
  • Exterior: mainly black with gold details
  • Position: rear

They stand out for the fact that they are available in a variety of damping(s) and with changeable length adjustable conceptions, which makes them quite versatile. They perform best in reverse streamlined weather and have a limited capacity for carrying a large number of carriages.

There is no need to bother about measurement changes because these are specifically made for the Harley Davidson ranges. Simply provide the manufacturer the bike model number and they will take care of the rest.

So, grab these and explore the world!

  • This is the perfect combination of rebound and compression with fixtures.
  • Comfortable ride, you don’t need to go through all the troughs.
  • Since the interior is just compressed oil and gas, you don’t have to worry about air losses.
  • Does not fulfill the coverage of 40,000 miles. Buyers have reported the shocks to have worn off only after 35.000 milages.


4. BURLY B28-1203B


Highlighted features

  • Exterior: machine, black
  • Position: front
  • Eye-to-eye measurement: 10.5 inches
  • Pattern: sporty and street
  • Includes: washers, sleeves, springs, wrench

This kit avails an easy installation process and not be a splurge for the users. You don’t have to rewire everything with the forks. The thing will steal only an hour from you and then it will only greet you to the streets!

You can install these shocks on almost all the models, especially with the Harley Dynas. You just need rudimentary tools to set these up. And if you have a soft-tail model, you’ll be offered a mounting instead of just the shocks.

Ideal for anyone who needs to be lower on the ground, and by that, we mean you feel comfortable if you have had troubles with your prior shocks to put your feet closer to the ground.

  • The adjustment advantages will allow anyone to place their feet flat.
  • Perfect for solo rides.
  • This is the one-stop solution to accurate bike geometry.
  • Might not handle big bumps, they go rough and jump.
  • Might not be ideal for two people.



SMT-Slammer Lowering Kit 10.5" Shocks Compatible With 91-05 Harley Dyna FXD


Highlighted features

  • Shock size: 10.5”
  • Compatibility: 91-05 Harley Dyna
  • Exterior: durable PVC, chrome
  • Position: rear
  • Includes: springs, washers, and spacers

The springs are rather straightforward to assemble. It is not required to relocate them to a more distant location. They have the capability of lowering the rear-ends to as low as 2 ½ inches if necessary. Moreover, it is exactly what the vast majority of people would desire to see happen.

These creatures are durable, and their pace is maintained even when jumping drawbacks present themselves.

  • Number one choice for Harley Dyna users, as they fit perfectly and don’t need any modifications.
  • The long-lasting finishing of the exterior makes the vehicle much more durable.
  • The kit includes everything, even the tools needed for installation, so you don’t have to rush out to the store for a wrench!
  • Since this is not an OEM part and an aftermarket item, this will be easy on professional hands but might not be in favor of a newbie.


6. WSays

WSays 10.5 Inch Chrome Rear Shocks Lowering Kit Preload Adjustable Compatible


Highlighted features

  • Size: 10.5 inch (eye-to-eye measurement)
  • Exterior: chrome plated
  • Position: rear
  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna models 91-17

The program is a simple bolt-on that can be used by both beginners and experienced users. In addition, preload is reasonable for riders. You can get your optimal position with this product since it allows you to lower the rears further than any other product now available on the market.

The dimensions available here are identical to factory specifications, and in some cases, they are even superior; this feature will allow you to experience both comfort and functionality in one location.

  • Screw on some bolts in 30 minutes and you will be rewarded with good quality riding!
  • This is the product available that clarifies the measurements to the T.
  • This might not be as lightweight as some would expect (with the add-ons), so the rider might feel a bit compressed.


7. WeiSen

WeiSen Rear Shocks Lowering Kit 10.5 Inch Preload Adjustable Compatible


Highlighted features

  • Eye-to-eye measurement: 10.5 inches
  • Exterior: powder-coated with color black
  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna models 91-17
  • Position: rear

Because it provides a rougher ride, it allows the rider to lower his or her position and feel more grounded.

It is designed to minimize bumps and shocks and to absorb them to the greatest extent possible, resulting in a comfortable bike riding experience whether you are out strolling in the park, sitting in heavy traffic, or hiking into the woods to discover the off-beaten path.

  • The powder-coated black color will last for a long time because the technology enables it to be corrosion and rust-free.
  • The lowering rear position will provide an elevated look to the bike.
  • Small vibrations and sounds may occur while interacting with massive troughs, it’s better not to let the wheels touch that sort of ground.


8. HD 816 Ohlins USA

HD 816 Ohlins Shocks for Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide models 1993-2008


Highlighted features

  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna for models 93-08
  • Interior: oil and gas; pressurized
  • Size: 12 ¾”; same as the factory

This item right here solves all the problems of factory shocks and gives better opportunities as a bonus. The features help to resolve the toxic relationship between the motorist and the bumpy road!

Stock shocks have some common problems, they don’t fit each shape and size; they are built with pressurized air which drastically gets out the gadget each time you use it, and they are so stiff that taking turns and curves on the road almost seem impossible!

The Ohlins shocks don’t hold possession of these annoying problems, rather they hold the opposition against each negative and transform them into something of superior quality.

  • All the settings required in shocks here are customizable, and that includes damping, preloads, and compression.
  • They offer whopping impressive years of warranty.
  • You will be in total control of your bike’s movement as you ride on.
  • The only issue that has been reported about this beautiful product is that their fitment. So better consult with the manufacturer if they avail the product for your bike.




Highlighted features

  • Exterior: chrome finishing
  • Position: rear
  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna 93-08
  • Size: 11.5 inches
  • Specialty: heavy-duty, bobber
  • Springs: progressive rating

The chrome-accented surface of every Harley Dyna allows it to be ridden low and to the preferences of the consumer. If you desire the convenience of a bobber, this is the boat for you.

The spring force can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements (5-way setting). All of the metals required for simple spring fixtures are given in this kit. There are also spacers.

  • With the metal surfaces being pre-assembled, the installation will be a 25-minute job.
  • Wires are available in the package to keep all the minutiae parts safe and under management.
  • Some customers found that the chrome finishing was not as promised; as the surface almost became rusty after 1 ½ year of usage.


10. DNM XS power

SLMOTO 10.5' Pair Black Rear Shocks Fit for Harley Sportster


Highlighted features

  • Compatibility: Harley Dyna models 91-15
  • Exterior: black
  • Pattern: slammer
  • Size: 10.5”

All Dyna models are compatible with this product, which will allow you to travel with complete satisfaction and with nearly no complaints. Even while the hardness of these shock slammers is astounding, what makes them even more impressive is that they still allow the car to drive quickly and smoothly.

Although the characteristic black color lends elegance to Harley’s design, it also serves as a sly trick, allowing dirt and debris to pass unseen.

  • Smooth ride with transitions that are smooth as butter!
  • Durable and rust-free.
  • Goes well even in bad weather.
  • Might need modifications with forks, so f=do your research before you get your hands on these.


And that’s our list is done for today. We hope by this time you have come to a point to make your primary decisions.
In case you are still unsure, check out the next sections for making a proper judgment, for your Harley and yourself.

What are the best shocks for Harley Dyna?

Choosing Progressive Suspension will be your best option if you desire a smooth ride with a seamless transition between the speed-breaker and the road, as well as the ability to make it last indefinitely.

It will assure your safety as well as the safety of the bike. Has all of the characteristics of a high-quality shock absorber.

The manufacturer offers a large number of shock-absorbing goods that are categorized according to their use. However, they all ensure that the weight is taken with precision, that the strokes are dampened, and that they may be utilized for heavy-duty applications.

Best Shocks for Harley Dyna
Source: stcheckpoint.com

Why Progressive Suspension is the best brand for Harley Dyna shocks?

A lot of inducements make out the belief, here are listed only a few, but brilliant ones of them.

  • Massive pressurized gas provides continuous damping efficacy.
  • Adjustable spring, zero additional equipment required.
  • Mainsprings built primarily towards riding.
  • The frequency Sensing (FST) model enables shocks to detect jolt occurrence but also modulates damping dynamically with optimum drivability.
  • The system is also available in a dual coil system.

If you intend to purchase high-quality shocks for your Harley Dyna motorcycles, be certain that the product meets the requirements listed below. We can tell you that this is the kind of service you require.

Furthermore, the firm was established in the 1980s and has since established a reputation for creating high-quality aftermarket vehicle facilities. We want you to search through a brand that you can put your trust in, and this could be the one!

Buying considerations

You might be interested in knowing some of the things you should think about before you go to the store. Because the items on this list will all have characteristics that distinguish them from the competition, but not all of them will be the products that distinguish your Dyna from the competition.

As the only one who understands what is required, we recommend that you take these points seriously, read the FAQ section for clarity, and then contact the buyers to ensure that we advised you in the best possible way.

With that said, let’s get to the point of this discussion:

The height of your shock

Air-spring or coil
Source: enduro-mtb.com

Even though some shocks feature height adjustments that can be customized, others may not. As a result, consider the aesthetic you want your bike to have.

Figure out where you want to seat on the ship. If the aspect is the shock controller, it is necessary to calculate the height without the motorist present in the vehicle.

Take one satchel and use it to measure the length of the ocular lens if necessary. This is the total Sag, which is the whole distance between the bolts and the passenger with the bike in its entirety.

When trying to add a rider and weight to a premium quality shock, there is little cause for anxiety because this variable can be changed. Pre-loaded springs help to reduce the severity of this problem.

Air-spring or coil?

Air shocks markedly enhanced air-sprung suspension efficiency by decreasing resistance. Coil shocks definitely have less and also don’t get heated up but the line gets wider more and more.
whereas, new model shocks are far more spontaneous.

A coil has a sequential spring constant, which means it gets firm at a set speed when depressed. An air spring is dynamic: its rigidity grows and grows when it contracts.

An air spring can improve and calibrate since it can be updated with a solitary pump and plastic volume separators – easy to vary Harley’s behavior for rushing or wandering around.
Should we purely analyze the performance of each, the coil shock is preferable. Even though an air-spring shock necessitates concentrated coverages to trap the airflow.

Nonetheless, a coil acts without seals, because it must not store air at highly compressed pressure. Reduced seals equal reduced resistance, making the shock increasingly intense. It can move in response and makes the riding experience more flexible and sleeker.

Types of damping

Damping influences shock movement speed. dampers have oil but some have air. The oil or air is transported through microscopic troughs from one compartment to another. The lower-priced bikes may contain a squishy or mushy elastometer to modulate damping.

Most high-end air trail bike shocks incorporate auxiliary damping adapters while some do not.
Damping is found in two ways. Rebound and Compression.

Rebound damping checks how swiftly the shock recovers once force is put. More rebound damping improves the return of shock sooner.

Compression damping governs the abrupt contraction of the shock once it encounters an impediment. Increased damping encourages the shock propagation to be rapid.

If indeed the bounce-damping is just too significant, the shock cannot bounce right back even when it strikes the very next hurdle.

Only when compression damping has become excessive, the shocks will render your ride unpleasant.
If that is rebound is adjusted too minimal, the tire rebounds back too soon, prompting the wheel to seize the authority of momentum.

If the damping of the compression becomes insufficient, the shocks go too fast and you get a lot of shock mobility as you ride.

harley dyna Traveling
Source: cycleworld.com


When a force is applied, the shock is allowed to migrate through the chamber. When this is done, the amount of fork that is used can be reduced. And that is exactly what travel is.

In the case of a rear bike shock, its travel is controlled first by the distance that the shock shifts, which is represented by its stroke, and then by the frequency with which the frame moves as a result of the action of the interconnecting system.

Consequently, it studies the rotation of the wheel immediately following the delivery of the shock.

Sagging, motion adjustments, and pre-loading

To avoid falling off your bike every time you ride, you must first adjust your weight concerning the bike, which is referred to as preloading, before starting the ride. And it is at this point that sagging occurs, and the measurements must be taken when your shocks contract while you are riding.

However, the movements made by the shocks as a result of your foot pressing the pedals are referred to as motion adjustments.

There is no need to memorize these definitions! If you follow the instructions and take the measurements as carefully as possible, you will be able to get your hands on the best shocks for your Harley Dyna.


As previously stated, you should be meticulous in your measurements. The greater the level of precision you possess, the stiffer your riding experiences will be (in a positive way).

And if you find it difficult to put yourself through all of the sufferings, at the very least measure the shocks, the travel, and the frame specifications.

We hope you find this section useful, and more convenient. Remember, if you know your purposes (and measurements, can’t say that enough!) you are bound to enjoy the full-on privileges of a Harley Dyna. You’ve got the chance of getting a premium quality bike, now you only need things that will enhance the excursions.

Shocks for Harley Dyna
Source: getlowered.com

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we have attempted to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked by other shock consumers. This portion will provide transparency and clarity, as well as assist you in developing an understanding.

Why do I need shocks?

When you’re riding downhill on a path that has a lot of bumps and troughs and you’re feeling uneasy about the possibility that gravity is dragging you in an unusual direction, the shocks come as a lifesaver to save the day.

This allows them to hold the bump and absorb it to a degree that is similar to the sensation you get when riding on smooth pavement. You want shocks that are located at the very end of your bike because that is where the most weight will be applied to the bike.

Several factors determine whether you will have a smooth or bumpy trip. Bob, journey, and sag are all phrases that are used. Make certain that you speak with the manufacturer to determine the most appropriate shocks.

Do I need front and rear?

You must be referring to soft-tails in your statement.

When you’re out tracking with your bike, the front shocks take up a significant amount of the troughs, so they play an essential role in the overall experience.

The addition of rear shocks provides for more energy absorption as well as additional security measures.
You are the one who determines which types of vehicles are most appropriate for you based on your daily route and activity.

Are our struts and shocks the same?

No, yet they both have an impact on the vehicle’s suspension system.

When we talk about shocks, we are referring to pistons that are loaded with oil or air and are designed to absorb the rapid strokes that your car may experience while on the road. They are also referred to as “shock absorbers” because, as the name implies, they absorb the shocks.

Struts are the fine components of the suspension system, and while they are only indirectly related to the shocks, they are nonetheless important. They are made up of two or three components that work together to form the overall structure.

What are the maintenance protocols of shocks?

The good news is that regular maintenance of the Harley Dyna will ensure that the shocks last for an extended period of time.

Our experts, on the other hand, recommend that you begin paying closer attention to your shocks once you have traveled at least 45,000 miles. There is no way to avoid wearing them out after this time period, no matter how high-end the brand is or how sensitive you were to the shocks.

There are obvious indicators that the medication is wearing off. They aren’t visible, to be sure. They will, however, produce odd noises and move in unusual ways.

It is critical to replace damaged wheels as soon as possible because this might cause damage to the vehicle’s wheels and, eventually, the vehicle’s overall performance.

What are some replacement tips?

That’s a good question.

It is not recommended to swap a front shock for a rear shock and vice versa because this would result in an imbalance. The rear shocks are a required component; the front shocks are optional.

There are differences in the way they interact with the suspension system, and you don’t want your vehicle to behave differently when you swap spots.

Another key factor to remember is that you should not replace only one shock absorber at a time; it is preferable to repair all of them at the same time. However, if you do not, you will undoubtedly experience unbalance and an accident.

The reason for this is that, without a doubt, the one that has been changed will perform better, but the other will be more discrete. One side of the car may run smoothly, whilst the other side may run significantly harsher.

Consequently, rather than absorbing shocks, the Dyna will provide shocks!

What is the price of a shock kit?

The package will set you back approximately $500. This, however, is a more generalized viewpoint.
The more optional features that are included, the higher the price may be. In addition, the converse is also applicable.
However, be certain that the kit contains all of the necessary components, as well as precise dimensions and so on.

What if I have to compensate for the adjustments for another rider?

If you are giving your friend a lift, the weight on your bike will increase, and you may need to make some alterations as a result. The more weight you put on the vehicle, the stiffer the shocks must become.
It is simply the preloading settings that need to be changed, so don’t be concerned. Simply raise the ante a notch or two.

Moreover, it is possible that this will not function (no offense!). Simply keep adding more units to the pre-loads until you are no longer at risk of falling out.

If you are a newcomer to the world of Harley, we are confident that this was a significant improvement in your understanding, and if you are an expert, we are confident that this was an improvisation. These responses will provide you with the solutions to your difficulties as well as the direction for your

There is an option to turn off the shocks completely, however, we strongly advise against doing so. That will serve as your traveling buddy as well as a rescuer in the event of an unexpected accident. The shock absorbers will be a fantastic addition to your Harley Davidson Dyna motorcycle.

They will not only provide you with incredible riding opportunities, but they will also ensure that the vehicle is long-lasting.

Read also: Best Shocks For Harley Touring and Best Shocks For Harley Sportster

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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