Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting: How to Reset Harley Security System

Harley Davidson security system troubleshooting allows Harley’s owners/riders to find out the flaws that may affect their motorcycle’s functions.

Every Harley design or model comes with a simple configuration that is supported by a Smart Security Module.

Many of the latest Harvey designs come with a proximity fob connected to the security system.

Suppose the security system can’t feel the presence of the fob anywhere around your motorcycle. In that case, you won’t be able to start the engine or drive the bike.

The security system also protects the motorcycle against intruders or from possible theft.

Immediately you stop your bike’s engine and move away from it, the alarm becomes activated. It comes on whenever a strange movement or disturbance is perceived.

When the alarm stops working or low or irregular performance is experienced, you must troubleshoot the possible problems.  

This article discusses how you can troubleshoot possible security system issues that may affect your motorcycle’s operations.

This task can be carried out and accomplished using basic household materials and some necessary materials/tools from the repair store.

How do I know if the Harley security system is working fine?

The red light indicates that your security system is working fine. Once you start your bike, the red light goes off, which shows that the security system has been disarmed after it receives your command or signal.

Common Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting

01. Alarm  malfunction

The alarm is an important part of the security system. Some flaws may prevent it from performing optimally.

The alarm may malfunction in a situation where the batteries have gone bad or when the wires are loose. In case you experience this problem, follow the steps below to get it fixed.

Fixing alarm malfunction

Check the battery for possible replacement:

Locate the battery compartment, open up the lid and take out the battery.

Once the battery is out, clean the compartment’s hollow to ensure it is free from dirt and other particles.

The cleaning process doesn’t take time, and it is not difficult to execute. All you need to do is apply an electrical to clean off the dirt.

In a situation where the battery is bad, get it replaced with a new one. After the replacement, ensure you keep the battery compartment’s lid closed.

Check the alarm sensor unit:

If the batteries are still okay, the next step is to check if the alarm sensor unit still maintains its position—the back-end of the seat houses the alarm sensor unit. Lift the seat to access it. 

In a situation where the sensor unit is displaced, the first thing you need to do is place a sprint level directly on it.

The next line of action is to get the sensor unit readjusted to ensure the bubble on the level comes in between the dual imprinted lines.

Apply a little pressure on the sensor unit to allow easy reattachment to the fastening pad on the seat that keeps it in place. 

Once the readjustment process is complete, return the seat to its actual position to adequately cover the sensor unit.

Check The Wiring

If the batteries are okay and the alarm sensor unit is rightly placed in its compartment, check if the wiring.

To start with, you will need to trace the wiring right from the sensor through the motorcycle’s frame until you get to the alarm system. The alarm system is positioned very close to the handlebar.

In case you discover that any wire is detached from the locking clamps, ensure you get the wire readjusted, fixed, or realigned to the right position.

You do not need any special tools to get the job done. Get a flat-edged screwdriver, and use the tip to realign any loose wires until they retain their positions.

Misplacing the Key Fob

If you drive a Harley Davidson equipped with a security system, you won’t be able to ride on your bike in the absence of the key fob.

The key fob and PIN are two important features of the security system.

So what happens in a situation where you misplace the key fob?  When this occurs, there must be a way to bypass this security measurement. The steps involved will be discussed in this section.

How to bypass the key fob

  • Make sure you know the 5-digit PIN that is connected to your key fob. This pin is not always provided to bike owners until you request it.  If your bike was purchased brand new, you can reach out to your dealer and ask for the pin.
  • Once the pin has been provided to you, you have the privilege to change it whenever you want to. The process involved will be discussed as you read further.
  • Once you have the PIN, you can start your motorcycle without the key fob. To get this done, first, you need to put on the ignition.
  • Once the security light flashes, press and hold the left-turn signal until the command to input your PIN pops up on the speedometer.
  • Use the right-turn signal to select the digits of your PIN and the left-turn signal to enter or approve them. Once you have entered the required PIN correctly, your bike will start.

If you do not have access to your PIN yet, make sure you visit your dealer as soon as possible to get these digits.

This is the only way you can avoid being stranded in a situation where you misplace your key or forget to take it along with you while leaving home.

Harley Security System Can’t be Disarmed

This section takes you through the process or steps you need to follow if you want to disarm your Harley security system. If you have your PIN, you can get the job done easily.

How to disarm the security system

  • Put on your ignition
  • Hold down or press the turn-left and turn-right signal buttons simultaneously
  • Your Bike’s LCD computer screen will display the empty windows where you will input your PIN code
  • To enter the required code, make use of the left-turn signal button to choose the appropriate values. Press the button as many times as the value of the first digit.
  • For instance, if the first value is one (1), press the left-turn signal button once.
  • After entering the first digit, click on the right-turn signal button to register the value and move to the second empty cell where the next digit will be inserted.
  • Follow this simple format until all the digits are fully inserted.
  • Now that you have the complete code on the computer screen, press the right-turn signal key to complete the process. Afterward, turn off the ignition.

When you follow the steps carefully, you will disarm the smart security system on your motorcycle without any difficulties.

Can’t read Harley Davidson codes

In case you have been finding it difficult to access/read your Harley’s bike security code, this section will show you how you can do this by following a few steps.

How to read Harley codes

  • Turn off the ignition
  • Press/hold the odometer reset button. Alternatively, you can go to the left control unit and push the toggle button.
  • Turn on the ignition, and then release your hand off the odometer reset button
  • After you release the reset button, the background and indicator lights will turn on. The word DIAG will appear on the computer screen.
  • Again, press the RESET button. Afterward, a selection menu will pop up with the words PSSPt.
  • This is where you will have access to a list displaying different codes representing various areas of the diagnostic system.
  • You can then diagnose/troubleshoot the issues according to the code displayed on the screen using the diagnostic codes module lists.

Alarm blaring when trying to remove the battery

Having the alarm blaring while attempting to remove the battery from your bike can be frustrating and irritating.

If you want to remove the battery from your bike without the alarm coming on, the following steps will guide you through the process.

How to remove the battery from your Harley without the alarm coming on

  • You need to disengage the security first. Do not attempt to remove the battery when the ignition is off.
  • Instead, turn on the ignition to allow the alarm to deactivate itself automatically. Once the ignition is on, you can then remove the battery without experiencing any noise.

How to Reset Harley Security System

Just as we have discussed earlier. The latest Harley security system uses the proximity fob that allows the bike to start only when the key fob is positioned very close to the bike.

Ensure you have the key fob very close to you whenever you decide to change the factory pin to a new one.

How to Reset Your Harley PIN

  1. Choose the digits of your choice. Make sure these digits are values you can easily remember. Also, you can write them down in your diary or somewhere you can easily access them.
  2. Ensure the key fob is very close to the motorcycle. Then turn on/off the ignition following this pattern—ignition ON-Ignition OFF-Ignition ON-Ignition OFF-Ignition ON.
  3. Press the left-turn signal button thrice
  4. Press the right-turn signal button once, then get your hand off the button. After you must have released the button, the turn indicator is expected to flash or blink up to three times or more before the existing PIN appears on the LCD screen or odometer.
  5. The first pin will flash promptly, followed by request asking you to insert your desired or new pin.
  6. Input your new PIN code by pressing the left-turn signal button.
  7. For instance, if the first digit of your new code is 3, you will have to press the left-turn signal button three times to register the new digit.
  8. To effect the change, press the right-turn signal button once. Once you release your hand from the button, the new digit will replace the old digit in the odometer.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all the new 5 digits are inserted to replace the old PIN on the security system.
  10. Turn off the ignition key to complete the RESET.

FAQ’s of Harley Davidson Security System Disable

Where is the security module located?

The control module is placed or installed inside the bike. This prevents criminals from detaching the module easily.

How many key fobs does Harley Davidson have?

Normally, a Harley Davidson equipped with a security system comes with both a key fob.

In case it has a siren and pager included, you might have 2 key fobs altogether.

How does the Harley Davidson security system operate?

The security system works or functions whenever you turn off the engine of your motorcycle. 

Immediately you park your bike and stop the engine, the security system turns on automatically after five (5) seconds if any motion is not detected around the bike.

At this point, without the key fob, the bike won’t start.

How do I switch on/off the emergency light on my Harley Davidson?

Check for the hazard/emergency lights switch on the bike’s dashboard. Once you find the switch, press it to turn the lights on.

Once you turn the emergency lights on, the 4 turn signal lights will flash. To switch off the hazard lights, press the switch again, just as you did earlier.

Remember, the hazard light continues flashing even after you turn off the engine.

If you forget to switch it off, it continues that way until your bike’s battery drains out completely.

Also, whenever the hazard light is on, the turn signal lights become disabled.

So, you have to be very careful whenever you use the hazard light while driving to guide or prevent accidents.

What should I do in case I misplace my key fob or if it gets damaged?

If you misplace your key fob, or if it gets damaged, you can reach out to your dealer for a replacement.


The Harley Davidson Security system troubleshooting techniques explained in this guide are very simple and easy to follow.

You do not have to seek professional assistance before you can diagnose and fix these issues.

In case you find any of the techniques complex or difficult to execute, do not hesitate to visit a nearby expert or dealer to resolve the issue.