Harley Davidson Key Fob Replacement – How To Replace The Security System

A Harley Davidson key fob replacement comes into play due to the H-D bike security system technology.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycles come in seven models: Touring, Dyna, Sportster, Vrod, Street, Softail, and LiveWire.

Each of these models comes with locks and keys that help the rider keep his belongings safe.

These locks include a luggage rack, a fork lock, and heavy-duty chain locks to secure the motorcycle to non-mobile objects.

However, of paramount interest to every Harley motorcycle rider and owner is the H-D key fob.

This key fob comes with built-in authentication to control and secure access to your bike.

What Happens Then For One To Need A Harley Davidson Key Fob Replacement?

The major, if not the only, circumstance that may require you to need a Harley Davidson key fob replacement is losing the original one.

A dead fob battery might lead to discomfort. However, you only need to discard the old battery, install a new battery, and then your old fob will be good as new.

By replacing the fob battery every year, you can ensure it does not die suddenly.

However, if your Harley key fob is lost,  you will have to consult your Harley-Davidson dealer to get a new key fob.

When bought newly, a Harley motorcycle comes with two keys and two key fobs.

With your key fob, you can operate the power locks for your bike and arm as well as disarm its security system.

And for security purposes, the motorcycle will not start without your key fob present.

The HD smart alarm has an innovative siren feature in the security system that warns you when your bike is shifted.

Harley Davidson Key Fob Replacement DIY

After purchasing a Harley Davidson key fob replacement, you need to program it to your Harley bike so that it operates the alarm system on the motorcycle.

You can do this on your own. However, you can also take the bike to your local dealer or technician to help you reprogram the new key fob.

Reprogramming a new key fob to your Harley will take you between 5-10 minutes.

If you intend to do it on your own, ensure you complete all the steps assigned with less than ten seconds of pauses in between each.

Tools Needed

Ignition key

Time: About 5-10 minutes

Harley Davidson key fob replacement

The Harley Davidson waterproof replacement key fob operates with state-of-the-art rolling code technology.

This technology allows it to arm and disarms the alarm as well as the security system of your Harley bike.

Apart from this remote-controlled key fob, you can obtain the proximity one applicable to Harley models from 2007 and later.

The budget for a key fob replacement can differ depending on the bike model.


  • The affordable price point ranges between $40 – $50.
  • Only for use with Harley Davidson models from 2006 and earlier models.
  • The innovative siren feature sets off a piercing scream to warn you of a disturbance near the bike, even if someone cuts the battery cable.
  • It has a one-year limited warranty.

Step by Step Process to Reprogram a Key Fob Replacement (for 2006 and Earlier models)

1. OFF and ON Switch

  • Set the kill button to the OFF position to ensure the security light does not blink.
  • Turn the ignition key to ON and OFF and ON and OFF and finally ON.

2. Push the signal buttons

  • Push the signal button on the left turn twice. Release it and wait for two blinks from the indicator lights and the turn signals.
  • Press the signal button on the right turn of the bike one time. Stop and wait for one flash turn signal.
  • Push the signal switch on the left one time too. Let go and wait for two flash turn signals.

3. Program the key fob

  • Push and hold the button on the key fob replacement till the turn signals and indicator lights flash twice again. The confirmation may about10-25 seconds.
  • You can set another key fob by repeating the third (3) step. This is because the new replacement will disable all previously assigned fobs.

4. Finish

  • The Ignition key should be turned back to the OFF position and removed. The key fob is now functional.

Key Fob Replacement Process for 2007 and later models

The Harley Davidson 2007 and later models have a smart security system with a button-less proximity key fob.

This means that you can start it and drive off so far the fob is anywhere close to the motorcycle.

To program a new key fob for the button-less key fob, you need to visit a local dealership or purchase a diagnostic scan tool such as the Snap-on or Digital Technician.

If you have the proper equipment, follow the menu prompts in the tool display and punch in the 24-digit serial number that came with the replacement fob.

You can also perform the steps according to this Snap-on YouTube instruction

How to Start Harley without Key Fob

If your fob is lost or misplaced and your bike security is enabled, then you will require the security fob bypass to start the Harley.

This bypass is a five-digit number backup PIN made up of numbers 1-9.

You can set or change this PIN at any time to your preference by following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

It is best to use numbers that mean something to you as your PIN because you may not know when you would need it.

To start your Harley without the key fob, first, turn the ignition switch to ON. At this point, the security light starts flashing to show the security is armed.

Click and hold the signal switch on the left until you see an ‘Enter PIN’ flash together with five dashes appear on the odometer gauge.

Enter your previously-entered five-digit personal code using the left turn switch to cycle through the digits.

The signal button on the right of the bike helps you to select and move onto the next dash slot.

By entering your PIN, the security gets disabled, and your bike will start.

Beware that if you do not know the PIN before you lose your key fob, you will find it difficult to access your PIN

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you lose your Harley key fob?

If you have a security-enabled Harley bike, you need your key fob to start it. Without this key fob, your bike will not start on its own.

In this case, you will need to get a key fob replacement and reprogram it for your Harley. Or you could use your PIN to access your bike.

Some persons might suggest leaving a spare fob in the luggage compartment of your bike, so you never forget it or lose it.

But if the fob is within range of the motorbike, someone else might start it, and the alarm will not activate.

What does the Harley key fob do?

The Harley key fob allows bike riders to jump on their H-D motorcycle, start the engine, and ride off without inserting a key in the ignition.

It uses a smart system technology that activates the bike and deactivates the security features when the fob is near the motorcycle for the button-less type or when you press the fob button for the button type.

If a stranger wants to move the bike without the key fob, the signal lights will blink, and the siren will be activated.

This alarm system can only be disarmed by the fob, by inserting a backup PIN, or until the battery dies.

How do you put the Harley in transport mode?

If you want to transport your Harley, it is best to neutralize the security features of the bike by putting it in Transport Mode.

The transport mode prevents the security system from being set off and allows the bike to be moved without the fob or PIN.

When the security is set off, the alarm bike lights will keep blinking until the battery dies.

To put your Harley in transport or travel mode, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION.

Before the security system lamp shuts down, turn the switch back to OFF.

In quick succession, simultaneously push the left and right turn signal switches.

The bike indicator light will blink once, after which the bike sets to ‘Transport Mode.’

How do I get a replacement key for my Harley?

Unlike getting a replacement key fob, it is very easy to get a replacement key for your Harley.

Also, the key is not important if you have a key fob. However, once you lose or misplace your H-D key, you can check with your local locksmith or key maker.

Go with a spare or the ignition lock so that they will copy it to make you a new barrel key.

If you do not have an additional key, go to your dealer and order a new set. But, you may need to have a photo ID, the bike’s VIN, and proof of ownership.

How do you reset the PIN on a Harley bike?

To reset the PIN on your Harley motorcycle, you need to have your key fob or know the previous PIN.

When you purchase a new bike, the dealer will give you a 5-digit PIN which you can change to a code you can easily recall.

If you forget your PIN, but you have your key fob, you can access your PIN and even reset it on the speedometer.

However, if you lose your key fob and forget your PIN, you will have to visit your local dealer or a Harley Davidson dealership to reset the bike.

To reset an HFSM-equipped bike, keep your key fob near the motorbike and set your kill switch off. Then turn the ignition switch ON and OFF twice, and then ON.

Press the signal switch on the left twice and the one on the right once. The current PIN will be showed on the odometer.

Using the left turn switch to go through the digits (1-9) and the right turn switch to move onto the next slot, enter your new five-digit PIN.

Turn the ignition off after entering the PIN code. Ensure to go through the steps in quick succession, or you will start all over.

How do I turn off my Harley 2024 model alarm?

If you want to disable your Harley motorcycle with an HFSM (hands-free security module) proximity key fob, you need dealer assistance.

The dealer will reprogram the alarm system to a ‘Dealer Service’ mode, which automatically disables the alarm system.

After the dealer has disabled the security alarm, if you keep your key fob anywhere near the bike and it gets detected by the system, it will enable the alarm again.

To prevent this, you will have to remove the batteries from your key fob during the reprogramming or keep it far from the motorcycle.

The range for arming or disarming the security system with the key fob is about 5ft from the centre of the Harley bike.

How do I turn off my Harley alarm?

If you do not need the security lock that comes with the Harley bike, you may want to disable your alarm.

Note that this action makes your motorcycle more susceptible to theft.

The TSSM (turn signal security module is a button-type system in Harley earlier models that allows you to disable your H-D alarm by yourself. To do this,

  • Set the kill switch to OFF
  • Turn the ignition key to go ON and OFF and ON and OFF and finally ON.
  • Push the left side signal switch two times. Release it and wait for the turn signals and indicator lights to blink twice.
  • Push and hold the key fob button till the turn signals and indicator lights flash once.
  • Again, push and hold the key fob button till the turn signals and indicator lights flash twice.
  • Push the signal switch on the left turn once
  • Finally, turn the ignition key off. Your alarm system will have disabled.

Final Verdict

With a spare fob and your Harley PIN code, you have access to your bike.

You can order a replacement key fob. Individuals may recommend disabling your Harley security so that you do not need a key fob.

With no security system, you can start your bike at any time with just the key. But this leaves your motorcycle at risk of theft.

So this option is not recommended except you have insurance and do not mind losing your bike.