Latest Technology Trends in Bikes to Keep an Eye on

New technologies, the involvement of sustainable mechanisms, and changing consumer preferences have made bikes go through a big transformation in recent years. The landscape for the use of bikes is evolving and so the manufacturers have kept up with the change.

The danger that was once associated with bikes is gradually being eliminated and such bikes are being introduced that are safer than ever. If you’re planning to buy one, you’re reading the right piece because by reading ahead, you’ll learn about the latest technologies in bikes.

Go online and do a lot of research before you invest an amount in buying one; it’s not going to be a small one. Therefore, here are some amazing technologies that are being introduced in the bikes; read about them and then buy one of your dreams.

Electric Bikes


Electric vehicles are being hailed as the future of the automotive industry; electric bikes are no less. There have been such improvements in this industry that the sales of such eco-friendly bikes have increased manifold. Big companies such as Zero Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson have led the motorbikes industry in this regard; the battery life and range are the two factors that have been brought into focus.

There are bikes available that have a range of above 200 miles after a full charge that is available for around $28,000. The charge time is also decreasing, some bikes can be charged up to 80% in just 40 to 45 minutes. Companies like Tesla have also claimed to create ones that have a battery range of one million miles the time of their release has not been finalized yet.

Increased Connectivity

Connectivity is the demand of consumers all around the world. Knowing the situation of traffic, roads, etc. is important for people to know in order to save time and energy. Especially with electric bikes, staying stuck in traffic is wasting the charging, and charging points aren’t very common on the roads as of yet.

However, it is becoming increasingly popular to integrate smartphone technology with motorcycle systems. A variety of apps are available for riders, including performance data, diagnostic information, music streaming, and navigation. You only need a strong internet connection to keep your phone connected to the motorcycle because most of the apps work in real time. And for that, Mediacom is the best option. It provides you with amazing internet speed at friendly prices.

Moreover, connectivity is also crucial: when there is a crisis situation like an accident, a smart bike would send a signal to emergency services without any human getting involved in it. Other than bikes, this feature is also being included in helmets that can connect to nearby riders automatically. This way, the rider can communicate with nearby riders without having to take hands from the handles.

Safety Gears


Again, there have been decades when people did not want to buy a bike because it was less safe as compared to a car. Manufacturers have worked hard to dismiss this claim and come up with extra accessories that make a bike ride safe and sound. Gloves, boots, helmets, and jackets are just some of the accessories that have now been laced with modern technology to make them safer to use.

For example, modern jackets have airbags that can reduce the impact of a forward momentum crash by 60%. Modern helmets can also protect the rider from a severe head injury by 80%. Knowing the safety features and the assisting accessories is important when buying a bike.

Re-introduction of Classic Designs

People are demanding and the manufacturers are listening; the vintage design is expected to make a big comeback. The current bikes are a great mixture of retro designs equipped with modern technology that is amazing for aesthetics and safety. The nostalgic nature of humans is becoming a great source of inspiration for manufacturers and this trend is here to stay.

So, whether you want a new bike that is reminiscent of your first one or you want a bike that your grandfather had, you’re likely to get one in the market for sure.

Rider Ergonomics


Improved rider ergonomics are expected to be in focus as more advanced technology is implemented in bike manufacturing. A comfortable ride to work is going to play a good role in your everyday productivity; an uncomfortable ride will do the opposite. Seat height, rider position, and time taken to reach work are all factors that are somehow a part of rider ergonomics.

Modern bikes by companies like Damon allow the rider to adjust the seat height and other features just by pressing a button. Although such features are not the main priority of bike manufacturers, it is highly expected that the future is bright for this because people are now demanding a customized experience more and more.


There you have it; the top technologies that you need to look for while buying a bike. Modern bikes are safer, good for the environment, better looking, and more comfortable. You’ll be saving lots of bucks on fuel by making one investment in buying a good bike.