Top 5 Best Auto Tuner For Harley Davidson 2020 : Super Fast & Perfect For Harley 103

Searching for the best auto tuner for Harley Davidson? You have come to the right place, we have enlisted top 5 Harley Davidson tuner for Harley 103 lover.

As you know, in 2012 Harley introduced us to high performance 103 cubic inches v-twin 1688CC for Softail and touring models.

As a proud owner of Harley, you will definitely want a tuner to promote the performance of your motorcycle.

Sometimes tuning may be a hard job but with a perfect tuner, it can be a fun job to control fuel management and throttle position.

As a real fact, a tuner requires a lot of bucks, so before making a decision, we should discuss some basic questions about when you should use a tuner and when not.


Is Your Bike Under Warranty?

Because if there is any warranty left, then you have to use only Harley Davidson tuner likewise screaming eagle tuner or their manufactured products. Otherwise, Using a different tuner will crush your warranty.

Different tuner from other brands messes with ECM, and when you go in service, they will search their computer to find out the problem and no longer to support any damage because of it. So be careful before purchasing a new tuner.

Why Do You Need a Tuner?

What does the tuner do to Harley? A perfect tuner adjusts motorcycles functional objects likewise air and fuel ratio, fuel injection, and throttle response.

Of course, you will need a tuner, to get better performance of Harley on the fuel management system.

Do You Change Your Muffler/Exhaust Recently?

If yes, then you can add a tuner. Or your answer is no, then no need to add a tuner, if you change recently air cleaner, muffler, or cam, then you need a new tuner for improving ignition, fuel, throttle position, RPM, etc.

Unless there is nothing to worry about tuning after updating the exhaust system.

What Is The Best Auto Tuner For Harley Davidson on The Market?

In our research, FuelPak from Vance & Hines is one of the best auto tuners for Harley Davidson 103.

It comes with an auto live sensor to pick up data quickly, a smartphone app, and super user-friendly features to use.

Whether a beginner or pro-level motorcyclist, both will be comfortable with this tuner.

What is ECM and What Actually it Does?

ECM( Electronic Control Module) It’s a short name for the Computer brain which controls different aspects of vehicle performances such as fuel to air ratio, timing, ignition, etc. In one sentence, we can say ECM manages all the fuel management systems.

5 Best Auto Tuner For Harley Davidson Reviews

01. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 – 66005 – Best Overall Harley Tuner



Vance & Hines Fuelpak is one of the best and most popular preferable tuners for tuning the Harley Davidson 103 engine.

It comes with high-quality features and unique flash technology to manage the fuel system easily.

It has many top-quality features to select as the number one tuner on the market, such as a vast tuning library, fast app, mapping, etc. Detects coding error, exhaust, or throttle position or need any changes in the camshaft.

Who needs anything else, if you get your all solution in one box, Fuelpak comes with all the facilities one Harley rider needs to tune-up for his motorcycle.

Autotune Features

Vance & Hines Fuelpak is one of the fast and quick tuners for Harley Davidson. The tuner does all the fuel management, air cleaning ratio, exhaust updates, and camshaft combination.

Just plug-in the auto-tuning mode and the tuner does all the rest of things by itself.

Live Sensor Data

The tuner picks up live sensor data from your Harley to run better. It diagnoses any coding trouble or system error within a second and alerts you to fix the problem. And, you can see the live data on the ride whenever you want.

Smartphone App

Fuelpak working system needs an android phone or phone. It actually connects with the app into a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, recalibrates the engine, and maps to the exhaust system.

It’s easy and super user friendly to understand. Also, upgrades other advanced performance to run Harley smoothly.

FP3 Module

The Fuelpak FP3 Module has the best technology to recalibrates by ECM.

Vast Tuner Library

The tuner has a vast tuner library to tune up Harley Davidson 103.

Performance Models

  1. Dyna 2012-2017
  2. Touring 2014-2019
  3. Sportster 2014-2019
  4. Street 2014-2019
  5. Softail 2011-2019

Included With Box

The tuner has manual instructions included, Cord or connector six-pin or four-pin, to connect with smartphone and bike.

Reasonable Comparing Dynajot Power Vision

Comparing with Dynajot power vision Fuelpak is much cheaper and budget-friendly. You can get Vance and Hines FP3 module within all equipment except the display screen.

No worries in 2020 smartphone do the screen very well for you.


  • Not as quick as power vision
  • No screen, need a smartphone to show data

02. Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B – Best Quality Tuner For Harley



Our the 2’nd best tuner Dynajot – the tuner comes with awesome spark advance stuff; If you are taking your bike to a tuner and don’t understand any stuff about auto-tuning so much, then Dynajot power vision is really a good choice.

Because it’s self-done and only matters the thing is the tuner thinks for you whatever needs to be done.

No need to research about so much, rely on Dynojet. One of the best build body & easy to run.

All in one unit Box

Dynojet Black Power vision Auto Tuner is all in one unit box, it has a display screen, connector, and cord to connect with pc.

There is nothing to buy extra tuning parts if you have Dynajot on hand.


Obviously, all the upgraded tuning products come with autotune features. And Dynajot has its best quality tuning system to help you adjust air and fuel ration.

The best thing is with Dyanjot tuner is no need to keep remain on the bike, remove when you are done checking.

Tuners are costly so It’s a privilege in bad weather, especially in rain or snow.

Display Screen

Dynojet power vision comes with a 3.5 inches display screen, which is a pretty smart and efficient upgrade.

No need to hold a smartphone to track down your motorcycles fuel management data.

Tuning Parts

The tuner is Included Six pins and four-pin connector types; Cable to hook up pc, manually change stuff, and a cable for the bike.

Safer to Watch on Road

With Dynajot you can easily watch on road the throttle position and RPM, no problem at all showing the data.

Customer support

With great customer support, Dynajot serves its valuable customer quickly. You can send them to Gmail or contact them on their website.

Extremely Fast Comparing Fuelpak

Comparing Hence and vines Dynajot is extremely fast and super quick. Just plugin and show data on itself, no need to do anything by yourself.

Just need a little bit of information about how to tune the air and fuel accurately, throttle position.

By the grace of the internet, it’s so easy these days to learn anything especially youtube shows doing stuff by Harley owner.

Performance Models


  • Pretty expensive

03. Vance and Hines FP3 Fuelpak 66007


  • Autotune features
  • Display live sensor Data
  • Need Smartphone app
  • Vast Tuning library

Performance Models

  1. Sportster 2007-2013
  2. Softail 2007-2010
  3. Touring 2007-2013
  4. Dyna 2007-2011

04. Dynojet Power Commander V Autotune Kit


  • Compact design
  • Connects to pc via USB

Performance Models

05. Vance & Hines Fuelpak 61001A


  • Shows live sensor data
  • Auto tuning system
  • Smartphone app user
  • Fast and vast tuning library

Performance Models

  1. 2011-2018 SOFTAIL
  2. 2012-2017 DYNA
  3. 2014-2018 STREET
  4. 2014-2018 TOURING
  5. 2014-2019 SPORTSTER

How To Choose The Best Auto Tuner For Harley Davidson

Before adding a tuner, you should know how much you are going to spend, and how to operate the tuner on pc or phone, and how much fuel the injector needs to, where to add fuel and where to not.

Where not to touch the ignition and where need to touch a little bit. How to choose the best auto tuner for Harley Davidson?

Need to know details about compatibility, state emission laws, how much your budget, different features, and tuning parts.

Below we have discussed some important points to look out for before deciding to buy a tuner for Harley.

1. Compatibility

Before everything make sure the auto tuner you have selected, it’s perfectly compatible with the version of yours. Because different Harley needs different models and makers of tuners.

Some may suit Softail, Dyna, Sportster, but guess you are a rider of touring. Then you must see the instructions which are indicated clearly that this auto tuner is designed for that Harley model only.

It’s very important to figure out which tuner model supports what auto tuner. If you face too much confusion you may ask the manufacturer to clear all the doubts.

2. State Emission Laws

State emission laws are the 2’nd thing you need to know before purchasing. Make sure the auto tuner you have selected permitted in the state or country you are going to ride.

Because US state laws have some rules and regulations regarding the uses of the auto tuner on the road.

3. Budget

Spending on tuner is lots of bucks, so spend it wisely. If you go with Dynajot it may cost you a bit, comparison of Fuelpak.

Fuelpak is reasonable and worth every penny only the difference about Dynajot is the display screen.

4. Autotune Features

You are searching for autotune features, obviously, then the features will come with it.

Autotuning does the fuel consumption adjustments task without any trouble and error. So easy and simple tuning when you have autotuner for your Harley Davidson.

5. Flexibility/Wired or Wireless?

Some tuner comes with a wired facility and others may have a wireless connection. If you choose wireless then it needs BlueTooth to connect via smartphone. The options are available in Fuelpak, it works connecting android or iPhone via Bluetooth.

Dynajot is a wire-based tuner, it connects by wire and the display screen shows data while you are riding away, the options are more functional.

But Fuelpak does not provide this facility, you have to control the tuner by switching phone app which is kind of annoying sometimes.

6. Tuning Parts/Accessories

Before purchasing a tuner, search the descriptions of tuners accessories to save on next. Usually, a Tuner manufacturer tries to provide all the cord, cable, or connectors.

Our selected Dynajot and Fuelpak provide all the accessories and parts included in the parcel box.

7. Warranty

As we mentioned before tuner is gifted on heavy bucks, you should confirm the warranty card. It will help the servicing facility if you find any trouble after purchasing or using it on Harley.

Common Harley Tuning Problems

Hot Engine at Idle

Exhaust Pops out on deceleration

Throttle High Idle Speed

FAQ’s About Best Tuner For Harley 103

How to adjust throttle sensitivity with Fuelpak tuner?

How to Fix Decel Pop with a FuelPak?

What is Stage 1 tune in Harley Davidson?

What is Stage 2 Tune on Harley?


A tuner is an important part of the fuel management and adjustments of Harley after changing muffler or figuration.

An auto-tuner precisely ensures your Harley Davidson performs a longer life and drives smoothly.

Dynjot and Fuelpak are the best and perfect tuner for Harley auto-tuning. It saves a lot of money on fuel consumption. Choose it according to your model and cam.

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