Top Quality 10 Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson Reviews & Buyer’s Guideline in 2024 (September Updated)

After doing extensive research on the best hidden antenna Harley Davidson compatible, we land on Kuryakyn 853, which is the perfect fit for the title.

Harley Davidson is a famous motorcycle brand, and when you own this type of motorcycle, you are really something.

This is why we look deep into the deep details of all these products, so you can have the item that is worthy of your money.

Finding the right product can be tricky, but if you are contemplating which hidden antenna you will choose, we have the list of the 13 best hidden antenna for Harley Davidson.

What is The Best Hidden Antenna Harley-Davidson?

Kuryakyn 853 is the best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson. Out of all the thirteen products in our list, the Kuryakn 853 managed to be on top because of its spectacular features that beat the other twelve.

Why Kuryakyn 853 is The Best Hidden Antenna Brand For Harley Davidson?

The Kuryakyn 853 is the real winner of this review because of its unique features and compatibility with the Harley Davidson motorcycles.

If you compare this product with the other twelve, it is superior when it comes to durability, features, and specification for its price; it is totally worth it.

Comparison Table of Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson

10 Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson Reviews

01. Kuryakyn 853 – Best Quality Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson


Highlighted Features

  • Full Half-Wave Helical Dipole Antenna
  • 2 Ounces
  • Flexible Installation
  • White Color
  • 10-20° Bendable

Kuryakyn 853 is one of our best hidden antenna Harley Davidson because this product comes from the brand Kuryakyn that sells top-notch bike accessories that bikers will definitely love.

You can get great reception of AM, FM, HD, and WB with this antenna, and it is compatible with Harley Davidson models of ’96 to ’19 of Electra Glides, Street Glides, Road Glides, and Tri-Glides, however for ’14 to ’19, it needs adapter which is not on the package.

The product made in the USA uses a 95% braided shield, that is why it is our top product as it only uses high-quality materials.

The braided shield cable eliminates the EMI electrical noises because of a lot of reasons.

When it comes to its installation, this product is not that hard to install and operate.

You can achieve the best radio signal that you need whenever you are on the road.


  • Clean look for bikes
  • Ease of use
  • Item well packed
  • Easy job to do


  • It works much better with an adaptor

02. AntennaMastsRus ‎A233 – Best Antenna For Harley


Highlighted Features

  • Peel and Stick Adhesive
  • 39 Ounces
  • 107″ Wire
  • +16db Boos Signal
  • 13 3/8 Inches Wide

AntennaMastsRus ‎is a family brand established in the year 1999. They ship directly from Wisconsin and their AntennaMastsRus A233 is the second-best on our list because of its prominent features and quality.

If you want to hide your antenna to have a clean look for your Harley Davidson while riding with your fellow bikers, you are looking for the right product.

The antenna has a 107 inches Motorola reception wire that you can connect to the bike, and the antenna itself has the peel and stick adhesive, so you can mount it anywhere.

With the mounting strategy, you can place this on any non-metal surface and ensure it is clean.

The antenna is safe to install with fiberglass, so this can be a great signal booster for your bike.

The AntennaMastsRus ‎A233 has many compatibilities not only for Harley Davidson bikes but also for different types of vehicles.


  • Easy to wire
  • Great reception
  • Easy installation


  • Some say that antenna wire is too short

03. Krator TLB1800 – Best Harley Hidden Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Black Antenna
  • Universal Fit
  • Made in China
  • 4 Ounces
  • 12V Power Source
  • 102 Inches Cable Length

Not a fan of antenna sticks? The Krator TLB1800 is an antenna with a different approach.

An amplified hidden antenna for your Harley Davidson bikes can receive AM and FM frequencies while on the road.

Achieve the clean look because the Krator TLB1800 directly replaces the stock lenses, and it is very easy to install without any additional hardware required.

The package comes with 102 inches cable with a hook and loop fastener for easy installation and adjustment of the antenna to get the best reception.

You can install this on any clean and non-metal surface of your bike as long as it gets 12V of power.

This product is perfect for those looking for a low-key radio antenna because if you install it, it is almost not visible in other people’s eyes.

With its black color, nearly camouflaged with most of the bike colors.


  • Excellent quality with Harley Davidson
  • Great for getting signal in the woods
  • It hides perfectly


  • It needs adapter

04. GF-LINK 7545860321


Highlighted Features:

  • Velcro Mounting
  • With Amplifier
  • 8 Foot
  • 25 Miles Range
  • 76 Ounces

Having a piece of good music while driving your favorite Harley Davidson is a fun experience, especially if you listen to some country road songs while riding the road.

The product from GF-LINK has a different approach compared to other hidden antennas that we have.

It has a discreet design that you can easily install and gives a clean look to your bike. It is like you have no antenna at all.

It has a long wire of 9.8 feet, and that makes it very flexible to place anywhere on your bike.

The antenna can get a range of up to 25 miles, which means you can have a more precise and broader scope of the signal.

With its velcro installation design, there is no need for any screws and other mounting options needed. You can easily attach the antenna by just peeling off the velcro.


  • Easy installation
  • Some say that they get a radio station fifty miles away.
  • Get clear stations


  • It is not compatible in some vehicles

0‎5. FPA-HCFM-P ‎94-1204


Highlighted Features

  • 99 Ounces
  • Painted Exterior
  • All Black Design
  • Discreet Installation
  • Made in the USA

The ‎FPA-HCFM-P ‎94-1204 is for street cruiser motorcycles like the Harley Davidson.

Its design is to get better reception of the signal of the radio with the hidden wires.

This one doesn’t require a 12V connection compared to other antennas since this is their newer version.

The compatibility of this antenna is from the Harley Davidson 1989 up to 2013 touring models that have factory radio.

The installation of this antenna will not give you a hard time. There is no need for additional hardware or cutting the antenna wire.

Even the double-sided tapes are in the package, so you are good to go with this product.

The ‎FPA-HCFM-P ‎94-1204 will not interfere with the bad boy look of your bike and in addition.

You can still enjoy the friendly reception of AM and FM radio while strolling on the country roads of the earth.


  • Gets the strongest stations
  • Clean look on your bike
  • Easy installation


  • Some detect interference

06. Pingel 62144


Highlighted Features

  • 8 Ounces
  • 9 inches x 6 inches x 2 inches
  • Stainless Steel Bracket
  • Includes Male threads
  • All Hardware Included

If you intend the discreet antenna for your Harley Davidson, one of the right products is this one from Pingel.

The Pingel 62144 has a sleek and compact design, perfect for the title of hidden antenna for Harley Davidson.

All the things that you necessitate are in the package, so there is no need for additional purchase when it comes to its installation.

In terms of its structure, this is perfect for low-down relocation of antennas.

The hidden antenna made in the USA mounts to the rear fender; however, it will not fit on bikes with saddlebag fillers model.

Pingel only uses high-quality materials, and to secure the durability, they include a stainless steel bracket so that it can withstand even challenging rides.

The antenna only fits Harley Davidson models of FLTR ’85 to ’10, FLHX, ’85 to ’10 FLHT ’85 to ’10, and FLHR ’85 to ’10.


  • Easy to install
  • Movement easy
  • No need for wiring extension


  • Not a universal fit



Highlighted Features

  • Under Fairing Antenna
  • 36 Ounces
  • Amplified Antenna
  • Universal Fit
  • PowerSport Use

Under fairing installation of the antenna is the perfect installation for people who like modest and clean looks for their Harley Davidson.

It does not only keep the antenna in a discreet position, but it also protects the antenna when riding.

With the amplified design, your bike can get better reception, and it can receive AM and FM radio stations.

In addition, with its sleek black design, it can blend with your bike’s interior.

The antenna is universal, and that means most likely, it will fit your Harley Davidson bikes.

Again, you can see how they perfectly made this product to produce top-quality performance.

Easy to install with your bike, with thick wire so that you can expect a longer used for this product.

Everything that you need to install this antenna on your bike is in the package.


  • It works perfectly for Harley Davidson
  • Picks up more stations
  • Good for hiding


  • Much complicated installation

08. XtremeAmazing Hidden Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • 3M Self-Adhesive
  • 39 Ounces
  • ‎4.6 inches x 3 inches x 1.5 inches
  • 12V Power
  • Thick Wires

The XtremeAmazing Hidden Antenna is one of the best hidden antenna for Harley Davidson because of its flexibility when it comes to installation.

Hide those unpleasant wires and antennas from the naked eye and still get a better radio signal with this product.

You can install it anywhere you want or where do you think it can get the best reception in your bike, and keep it hidden for a clean and modest look.

Another good thing about this item is that it is not only compatible with the Harley Davidson but also has broad compatibility with other vehicles such as trucks, cars, and many more.

It comes with self-adhesive pre-applied for easy installation, so you can easily attach it anywhere you want.

With this, you can get the better AM and FM radio reception you need for your ride.


  • Easy installation
  • Flexible installation
  • Amplified to get better reception


  • Some needs adapter

09. CravenSpeed ‎CS-AA439-HD Bullet Style Stubby Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Satellite Radio Antenna
  • Anodized Black Coating
  • ‎3.84 Ounces
  • 5 Inches Tall
  • Aluminum External

Remove those unpleasant long antennas on your Harley Davidson that lessen the neat vibe of your bike and change it to the CravenSpeed ‎CS-AA439-HD Bullet Style Stubby Antenna.

The antenna is compact with only 5 inches tall, so it will not get too much attention because of its height; plus, it looks very fashionable with the bullet design.

It looks so stylish that people cannot see it as an antenna, rather as an excellent accessory.

Regarding its compatibility with Harley Davidson bikes, the antenna is an excellent replacement for 1998 to 2024 bikes.

It caters to even the latest model, and it perfectly matches the factory base of the bikes.

With its sturdy construction of metal, you can guarantee longevity. Aluminum construction inside with anodized external, breaking or chipping this is not easy.

There is a stainless steel screw to connect this with the base, and it has an anti-corrosion feature.


  • Clear radio reception
  • Easy installation
  • Nice touch to the bike


  • Signal depends on the location

10. Rydonai ‎RD-RMSRHB


Highlighted Features

  • 27 Ounces
  • 7″ Tall
  • Rubber Tubing
  • Aluminum Base
  • Rubber Jacket Exterior

The Rydonai ‎RD-RMSRHB can give you a neat look for your bike while having a better radio reception.

The antenna can fit Harley Davidson bikes from 1998 to 2024, so it has a broad range of compatibility.

Rydonai’s hidden antenna has high-quality construction to make sure that it will last long.

With its flexible materials like the rubber external construction to withstand the weather and secure durability.

The antenna is only 7 inches tall, so it has a low-key appearance on your bike, which is an excellent replacement with long antennas.

The carbon fiber column secures the holding of the antenna and gives a stylish look at the same time.

There is no need to change the location of this antenna because you can screw this in the existing antenna mount, and it just likes plug-and-play since it is easy to install.


  • 60-second installation
  • Long-lasting use
  • Sleek look


Lesser frequency range

11. AntennaX 50 Cal ‎5GD-HAR01 Silver Bullet


Highlighted Features

  • Silver Carbon Exterior
  • 2 Ounces
  • T-6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Plug-N-Play Installation
  • Radio Antenna

Hide the antenna most stylishly? Maybe this AntennaX 50 Cal ‎5GD-HAR01 Silver Bullet is the one for you.

It can also be an excellent gift for police officers, people in the military, or gun enthusiasts since it has a bullet design.

Replace your old antenna with something more extraordinary than the long one, and this product is not just way cooler; it is also durable with its sturdy construction.

Made out of T-6061 billet aluminum with an intricate silver exterior that doesn’t chip or scratch easily.

The silver exterior comes with a combination of carbon to give the bullet design antenna a much stylish look.

The antenna is a radio antenna installed in the existing antenna mount, so there is no need to change its location.

You can install this antenna if you own a Harley Davidson from ’85 to ’20, and that gives a broader range of compatibility with the antenna.


  • Loos is awesome and classy
  • Breeze installation
  • Better that two long antenna


  • Some people get poor connection depending on location

12. BA-BOLING 1989-2019


Highlighted Features

  • 7″ Long Antenna
  • Rubber Exterior
  • Pre-Tuned For CB
  • Copper Internal Material
  • 17 Ounces

If you owned a Harley Davidson from 1989 to 2019 and want to replace your old long antenna with something new and discreet, you can consider this product from BA-BOLING.

It is compatible with many different bikes like Trike, Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, and many more.

You can install this in less than a minute without any additional hardware requirement, all it needs is just screw it in the old antenna mount, and it is good to go.

The antenna has a sturdy construction, and you can guarantee that this can last long and give you excellent service in AM, FM, and CB radio.


  • No mounting issue
  • Clean look
  • Great reception


  • Some problem is the gap when mounting

13. Maxracing MAL134



Highlighted Features

  • 99 Ounces
  • Textured Exterior
  • Aluminum Internal Construction
  • Threaded Mounting
  • 4″ Tall

Get a better reception of the AM and FM radio station for your Harley Davidson and still have the clean and neat look with this hidden antenna.

The 4-inch antenna has a textured black exterior that doesn’t get too much attention when attached, so you can low-key install this and still get the clean look for your bike.

The Maxracing MAL134 is safe for all seasons since it has a weatherproof exterior and aluminum exterior for extreme durability, making it a perfect replacement for your old and long antennas.

The antenna is compatible with the 1998 to 2024 Harley Davidson model and is highly smooth to install with its threaded mounting installation design.


  • Plug N Play installation
  • It does not bend
  • Best signal range


  • Connection is sometimes not 100%

Buying Considerations of Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson


Since we are talking about hiding the antenna in a Harley Davidson, the most important thing to consider is its length.

If you eagerly want to hide the antenna, you can purchase the smallest one, and in this review, the smallest antenna stick is 4″ tall.

There are also some antennas that you can attach and hide with a different approach with the antenna sticks, but it has a different installation process than the stick one.

There is an absolute difference between each size of antennas, but if your main goal is to have a modest look on your bike, the shorter, the better.


Not all antennas have the same design; there are long and short ones.

Since the goal here is to make the antenna invisible as much as possible, getting the right design to make it look mo clean and undetected is essential.

The bullet design is the best thing for some bikers because it has a stylish approach that suits them aside from its compact design.

But of course, it will always depend on how much you wanted to make it look invisible or clean, as there are antennas that can hide better than bullet-style ones.

The design is just one factor to consider, but don’t focus on this too much because there are other things to consider when buying the best hidden antenna for Harley Davidson bikes.

Installation Process

With the different designs, it comes with various installation processes. It has a plug-and-play installation, which is the quickest way to attach the antenna to the bike.

On the other hand, like the under fairing installation design antenna, all you need to do is attach the wire to the antenna mount and hide it under the fairing.

There are varieties of the installation process to follow with different designs, and some may require an adapter or 12V power for it to work correctly.

Products mostly come with an installation guide, so if you have no idea how to do that, you can follow the instruction manual. For threaded antennas, it is effortless to follow.


Your money’s worth is essential, and considering the durability of the product is necessary because you will base the longevity of the item.

A rubbered exterior can withstand rough weather, which is suitable for bike installation since it is constantly exposed.

There are also waterproof antennas that are great for any weather type; you can check the external construction for this.

The external is not only the important thing to know when looking for the antenna’s construction; the internal should also be sturdy like made in aluminum or something that can’t easily break with just several rides.

The thread is also essential since this is the one that will connect from the antenna mount, and as much as possible.

This should have the anti-corrosion feature so that it can put in the mount rain or shine.

Some antennas are flexible, and some are not. In this case, this doesn’t usually affect the antenna’s performance, but the flexible one is much sturdier since it can withstand even the strong wind with its flexibility.


Given that you already have an eye for a specific product, all the features you need are in that product; well, don’t purchase it immediately since you have to know if it is compatible with your bike.

There are tons of hidden antennas in the market, and in our list, we have the best in the market, but you have to know first if this is compatible with the model you have.

Some of these antennas are universal fit, and that means you can use them in different vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles; however, you must know if it includes your Harley Davidson model.

This is crucial because if you got this one wrong, it could waste money or waste time returning the product.

You can ask the seller or most of the time. They indicate which model and year do the antenna works, and if it fits, grab it.

FAQ’s About The Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson

What Is the Difference Between Long and Short Antenna?

Some people have second thoughts about changing from a long to a shorter antenna, and if you are one of those few people, let us explain its difference.

The longer the antenna, the broader range of signals it receives, but the downside of the longer antenna is that it is more visible and less elegant than the short one.

For bikers, they prefer to convert from long to short antennas because they are after the look.

Even though the short antennas get fewer signals, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t perform well.

You can still get a great reception suitable for your bike, or you can use some adapter for better reception.

So, the decision will be yours, if you are looking for a clean look but still can get AM and FM radio stations, the short antenna is the right one, but if you are after the wider signal reception, the longer antenna is what you need.

How to install Harley Davidson Antenna?

The good thing about installing an antenna for Harley Davidson motorcycles is that it is easy to install for most of it.

There is a stock antenna mount where you can easily screw the thread by removing the existing antenna.

You can just check your bike for the default antenna mount, but if you think that the default location is not enough to hide the antenna.

There are some customizations that you need to follow since there is a specific antenna that you need for that.

Basically, installing the antenna to your Harley Davidson is not a problem, and some packages include installation guides for you to follow and do it right.

Most of the time, the process will take a maximum of 30 minutes, but in fact, you can do it in just a couple of minutes, and you are good to go.

The process will depend on what product you bought and how complicated your preferred installation is.


Harley Davidson is a gem, and not all people can have the capability to own this and pull this off, which is why owners want to give the best accessories on this bike.

After conducting thorough research, we have decided that the Kuryakyn 853 is the best hidden antenna for Harley Davidson.