The Top 15 Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson Reviews & Buyer’s Guideline in 2024

Sticking to the best LED headlight for Harley Davidson makes sense as they’re tested and configured for best performance.

Others prefer to go for alternate brands, arguing these are of equal – if not better – than manufacturer brands. Either way, there’s a massive plethora of choices available.

And when opting for new headlights, some will always want the latest technologies available, never mind the cost.

Die-hards will switch only if their usual makes are out-of-stock or no longer available. Whichever you prefer, here are some pointers to consider.


What is The Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson?

SUNPIE 4333013868 5.75-inch headlight is our top choice. It’s a significant step-up from halogen-bulb headlamps as LEDs are far brighter, consume less power, and simply last a whole while longer.

Why is SUNPIE ‎The Best LED Headlight Brand For Harley Davidson?

SUNPIE ensures matching factory dimensions make for easy plug-and-play switching within minutes.

It is a French company which specializes since 2008 in the research, manufacture, sale, and service of LED products in all kinds of vehicles.

While it’s not the oldest, it ensures next-level results for any product. You can trust it with your eyes closed.

A Comparison Table of Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson

15 Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson Reviews 2024

01. SUNPIE 4333013868 – Best Popular Headlight For Harley


Highlighted features

  • Cree LED
  • 4,500 lumens high beam
  • IP65 rating

Switching to LED headlights from halogen factory stocks can be a real eye-opener in many ways.

This 5.75-inch headlight is at least 3 times brighter and lights up about double the road ahead at night for a much safer ride.

Using Cree LEDs, rated to last over 50,000 hours, works out to a lifespan of about 25 years, depending on daily usage.

This is one of the brightest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) headlights available.

The 3,200 lumens low beam is bright enough to be clearly visible even if used as a daylight riding light.

Extra LEDs fire up to power a whopping 4,500 lumens high beam to push back the darkness with 6000k natural white light.

The transparent front is made of tough polycarbonate, which is also used for safety helmets, fending off cracks and scratches without discoloration.

The back housing of die-cast aluminum is ribbed to take advantage of ride air-cooling to avoid the headlight overheating.

“Though easy to install using factory fittings, lack of spare parts or extra mountings can be a problem if damage occurs.”

What We Liked

  • It is suitable for daytime rides
  • Bright 4,500 lumens high beam
  • IP65 dust & water resistance

What We Didn’t Like

  • No spares, adapters, or mounting parts

02. WISAMIC 8542081241 – Best Staple Headlight


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED
  • 4,000 lumens high beam
  • IP65 rating

Offering a direct upgrade from halogen bulb stock headlights, the transition to brighter visibility of roads ahead with newer LED lighting is made simple with just a swap-out of the factory unit in the front bucket.

This single 5.75-inch headlight is powered by Osram LEDs to cast a powerful 2,800 lumens multi-focused low beam to light up a relatively broad front arc.

Even brighter is the 4,000 lumens high beam, as all 9 LEDs get turned on, illuminating a further distance ahead.

The front transparent polycarbonate is tough enough to withstand ride vibrations and most high-speed impact of road objects with nary a scratch.

The die-cast aluminum housing is fitted with cooling fins to better disperse heat with rushing wind during rides.

Plus, it is rated IP65 to be resistant to dust and water.

Installation is designed to be a straightforward swap reusing factory fittings – so it’s advisable to be gentle and careful when removing the old headlight.

Wipe factory parts clean before installation to ensure a firm fit.

“Lack of spares, wiring adapters or mounting parts means a visit to the workshop would be needed.”

What We Liked

  • Bright 4,000 lumens high beam
  • IP65 dust & water resistance
  • Works with old fitting

What We Didn’t Like

  • Comes with no spares, adapters, or mounting parts

03. SUPAREE CL099-B – Best Vintage Halo Signaling Unit


Highlighted features

  • Halo DRL mode
  • 4,000 lumens low beam
  • IP67 rating

Being extra visible to other road users is very useful for the safety of bikers.

This is especially so for left-right turn flashes – which this 5.75-inch headlight projects amber far ahead.

This function is performed using the headlight’s split halo ring strips – which also act as daylight riding lights.

The main LED assembly turns on for night riding to illuminate roads by over 30 meters (100 feet) with a 1,800 lumens low beam.

The 5 Cree LEDs shine 6000k white light through shatter-proofed transparent polycarbonate.

They’re surrounded by a ribbed heat-dispersing aluminum housing bonded to the front to ensure the insides are IP67-rated dust-free and waterproofed.

Designed to be a plug-and-play swap, this headlight reuses factory fittings and comes with an H4 to H13 connection adapter.

Depending on the bike model, extra mounting brackets are needed for a firm fit.

“Left-right turn & DRL wiring aren’t clearly labeled, may need workshop installation to ensure color-coded connections are made right.”

What We Liked

  • Comes with a unique DRL mode
  • The flashing amber halo signaling is useful
  • Works with many different Harley bikes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has unclear signal wiring leads

04. TRUCKMALL 8542081289 – Best Vintage Headlight with Foglights Combo


Highlighted features

  • 4,000 lumens high beam
  • 6000k white foglights
  • IP67 rating

Offering a plug-and-play fit for single headlights and foglights on most vintage bikes, this package also comes with extra mounting rings and wiring adapters where needed.

As replacements for original halogen bulb factory lamps, this package is much brighter with the headlight casting 6000k white light at 2,600 lumens low beam and  4,000 lumens high beam.

The foglights also cast white beams, marking a distinct change from the yellowish halogen lights.

The transparent polycarbonate fronts with embedded focusing lenses are a tougher alternative to the original glass covers.

They’re scratch-resistant and can withstand most road object impacts but avoid chemical agents when cleaning.

The ribbed passive heatsink aluminum alloy housings for the 7-inch headlight and 4.5-inch foglight pair are IP67-rated for insulation against dust and water exposure.

They’re designed to be installed reusing factory fittings – coming with an extra headlight ring cum wire harness plus another 6 connectors, including an H4 to H9 wire adapter.

“Adaptive mountings/brackets are needed for the foglights if these aren’t already provided as a factory fit.”

What We Liked

  • Bright 4,000 lumens high beam
  • Extra wiring adapters included
  • Comes with extra foglights

What We Didn’t Like

  • May need separate foglight mountings

05. LX-LIGHT ‎5823971852– Best Bright Headlight


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED
  • 5,000 lumens high beam
  • IP67 rating

This is a really bright LED headlight Harley Davidson owners should opt for as it’s an all-around beast suitable for both urban and offroad usage.

The 12-piece  Osram LED assembly for low and high beams is flanked at the top and bottom with halo strips – the latter can operate separately as daylight riding lights (DRL).

What’s especially notable is how bright this headlight is – a whopping 3,000 lumens low beam while the 5,000 lumens high beam burns away the darkness.

The 6000-6500k bluish-white light shines through a transparent blended ABS plastic, which can withstand impacts and provide extra heat resistance.

This light can get really hot as it’s set within a 5.75-inch ribbed aluminum housing.

There’s a breathing hole available at the back for extra heat dispersion, which also acts to help vent trapped moisture.

Nevertheless, this unit is rated IP67 for dust and waterproofing.

While installation reuses factory fittings, including factory wiring connections, fitting this headlight on some bike models will need a separate vibration damper or housing kit.

Some workshop help may be required for the DRL plug.

“High beam casting should be limited as prolonged usage may produce excessive heat at low-speed riding.”

What We Liked

  • Bright 5,000 lumens high beam
  • Separate DRL mode
  • Has a Moisture release vent

What We Didn’t Like

·       Overheating with prolonged high beam usage

06. BELTANDROAD ‎8542081321– Best Principal Headlight


Highlighted features

  • Cree LED
  • 4,000 lumens high beam
  • IP67 rating

Meant as a direct swap for factory-supplied halogen stock, this single LED headlight Harley Davidson replacement kit for older bikes includes the necessary wiring harness – with Y-adapter for H4 & 4-pin connectors.

The 7-inch headlight incorporates Cree LEDs to cast a relatively bright 2,800 lumens low beam at 6000k white, visible even during daylight riding.

The high beam brightness is 4,000 lumens.

Rated IP67 for insulation against dust and water ingress, the highly-resistant polycarbonate transparent front is bonded to the aluminum housing – with back ribs to dissipate heat.

By reusing factory fittings, the self-installation should give extra focus to wiring connections to avoid blowing fuses.

“But the markings aren’t clear, so it’s easy to wrongly plug low and high beam sockets – potentially blowing bike fuses.”

What We Liked

  • Daylight riding visibility
  • Bluish white light
  • Requires little to no effort to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has confusing wiring sockets

07. ‎SUNPIE 8542081285 – Best Primary+Foglights Combo


Highlighted features

  • Bluish 6500k color
  • 2,000 lumens high beam
  • IP65 rating

As an upgrade for earlier model bikes, this combination of a 7-inch headlight and a pair of passing foglights is designed to reuse factory fittings – including original screws.

The 4 LED arrangement is welded into place, negating any need for fiddly replacement of burnt-out bulbs – a common issue with previous units.

This headlight is also brighter, projecting 1,500 lumens for low beam and 2,000 lumens high beam – complying with traffic rules for daylight riding lights with slightly bluish 6000-6500k color temperature.

The transparent front cover is bonded onto the aluminum housing for IP65 dust protection and water resistance, relieving any concerns overriding in rain or off-road terrains.

It features a passive heatsink with multiple fins at the back for wind-cooling.

Installation is easy by aligning to factory fittings and holes with an H4 to H13 adapter for the power connection.

The trim ring for the headlight can be a tight fit to the factory bucket, may need some adjusting/sanding.

Foglights also designed to fit into factory brackets will have to get mounting plus extra wire harnesses separately if these aren’t already on the bike.

“Plugs for the headlight must be slotted correctly to avoid the high beam staying on permanently, often caused by reversed connection.”

What We Liked

  • 2,000 lumens high beam for brightness
  • Bluish white light looks great
  • Works with a wide array of Harley bikes

What We Didn’t Like

  • No mounting brackets for foglights

08. XPCTD ‎EF-613-B – Best Primary Headlight


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED
  • 4,000 lumens high beam
  • IP67 rating

This single headlight replacement for stock units is an easy upgrade for older bike models as it comes with the most necessary adapters, wire harnesses, and mountings.

It is a straightforward replacement for previous headlights with toughened glass or plexiglass, featuring a transparent polycarbonate front that can withstand impacts from flying gravel.

The Osram LEDs mounted display casts a bright 2,600 lumens low beam and 4,000 lumens high beam to light up over 100 meters (330) of the road ahead at night or when the sky is overcast.

The 6000k color temperature also makes it suitable as a daylight riding light.

Housed within an aluminum casing with ribbed backing for heat dispersal, this headlight comes in both black and chrome to better match the bike exterior.

It also has the IP67 rating for dust resistance and waterproofing. DIY installations are made possible with the H4 to H9/H11 wire harness included together with a 7-inch headlight mounting bracket.

“Not included in the package is the Y-shaped wire harness needed for this headlight to be fitted on new bike models.”

What We Liked

  • Boats a super-bright 4,000 lumens high beam
  • Mounting & wire harness included
  • A high-quality build lasts a lifetime

What We Didn’t Like

  • Need Y-shaped wire harness for new bikes

09. ‎BICYACO ‎XJX-969 7-inch Headlight – Best Base Headlight


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED
  • 4,000 lumens high beam
  • IP67 rating

Keeping it simple, this is a single headlight replacement for 7-inch factory units – with a solid-state build to complement older rugged bikes.

It’s designed to fit the standard headlight bucket with minimal adjustments.

Powered by Osram LEDs, this headlight quickly brightens the road ahead with a 2,800 lumens low beam.

Even brighter is the high beam at 4,000 lumens, with a color temperature of 6000k.

The clear polycarbonate front is more rigid than glass covers. It won’t get spidery cracks when hit by flying stones and other road objects.

It’s bonded onto the housing to be vibration-proofed, and for IP67 protection against dust – the headlight can be hosed down for exterior cleaning.

The aluminum headlight housing has multiple fins and is factory spray-painted black for efficient heat dispersal.

LEDs still generate much heat for high lumens output, though lesser than halogen bulbs. Reusing the 3-prong plug for power connections, this kit comes with a H4 to H13 adapter.

“Installation on new bikes will require alternate power connection adapters, wire harnesses and also a mounting ring.”

What We Liked

  • Transparent polycarbonate cover
  • Super-durable Osram LED quality
  • IP67 construction keeps it safe

What We Didn’t Like

  • May need adapters/mounts

10. ‎Z-OFFROAD SJ-2180818KB – Best Halo-Foglights Combo


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED
  • Full-circle halos
  • IP67 rating

Full-circle halos on both the 7-inch headlight and 4.5-inch foglight pair, all recessed in black housing, create a truly distinctive look for the Harley.

The halos are clearly visible, even in daylight riding, with Osram LEDs.

The headlight projects 2,800 lumens low beam and 4,200 lumens high beam for all-weather riding.

All three lamps cast 6000k white color temperature through tough transparent polycarbonate front covers.

The heatsink ribbed die-cast aluminum housing is painted black, the units are rated IP67 to be dust and waterproof.

As a plug-and-play design for the factory bucket, the installation kit comes with a 7-inch headlight ring, an H4 to H9/H11 adapter, and a wire harness adapter.

The instruction manual may promise a quick fix, but some workshop help may be needed for correct power connections.

“Harness plugs lack a notched connection to ensure right-way plug-ins. Switch around the plugging connection if lamps don’t light up at first.”

What We Liked

  • Comes with halos, even on foglights
  • 4,200 lumens high beam for extra brightness
  • Wire harness adapters make it east to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Connecters can plug in wrongly

11. ‎ONLINE LED STORE COMA533-BK– Best Adaptive Headlight


Highlighted features

  • 9-Cree LED
  • Moisture Removal Vent
  • Plastic Housing

Pitched at hobbyists who like to tinker on their Harleys, this 7-inch headlight for Harley Davidson motorcycles comes with several options to upgrade the factory unit.

Each kit includes two adapter harnesses in either all black or chrome so that the factory bucket can be replaced with either mounting vibration-dampening bracket.

The kit also comes with an H4 to H11 converter plus an H4 to 4-pin converter. It also includes 6-inch extension wires.

While the headlight is IP67-rated for dust and waterproofing, a moisture removal vent is also provided to suck out dewdrops.

The ribbed thermoplastic housing offers an integrated heatsink, but it’s much less an accidental burn hazard.

Boasting a 9 Cree LED assembly, the headlight casts a 3,600 lumens low beam and 4,500 lumens high beam at 6000k color temperature – ensuring brightness exceeds traffic rules even when turned on as a daylight riding light.

“Wiring and connectors can be a bit flimsy, it might be better to replace with sturdier parts.”

What We Liked

  • Comes with a moisture removal vent
  • Multiple harnesses & spares for installation
  • An IP67 build makes it last

What We Didn’t Like

  • Has flimsy wiring & connectors

12. FTRT ‎TRM-HLED0701 – Best Universal Headlight


Highlighted features

  • 5-Cree LED
  • 6500k bluish tint
  • IP65 rating

A modern upgrade with a minimalist approach, this Harley headlight LED unit is a straightforward replacement for the factory headlamp.

The front is made of lightweight polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) for shatter-resistance to road object impacts.

The 5-piece Cree LED assembly casts 2,000 lumens low beam and 3,500 lumens high beam for a comfortable night and low-light rides.

The 6500k color temperature is more bluish-white for better clarity on roads ahead.

The black aluminum housing is ribbed to act as a heatsink bonded to the acrylic front.

Ticking off all basic requirements, this 7-inch headlight is rated IP65 to be dust and water-resistant, shrugging off rain and mud splashes.

Reusing factory fittings, the kit comes just with an H4 to H13 connector. Drilling may be needed for some motorbike headlight buckets.

“Brackets, extra wiring or spare parts for easy adjustments not included, likely needing workshop installation in case extra parts or adjustments are needed.”

What We Liked

  • Boasts a good-looking modern design
  • Features a bright 2,000 lumens beam
  • Works with different Harley bikes

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks extra installation parts

13. BICYACO ‎BRD-134829 – Best Halo + Signaling Kit


Highlighted features

  • 5-Cree LED
  • DRL mode
  • IP67 rating

Projecting left-right turn signals using the headlight Harley really makes other road users take notice.

The amber flashes beam ahead around 100 meters (330 feet), making turn signals far more visible than side blinking lamps. These turn signals also work in daylight riding light mode (DRL).

This effect is created by twin split halo strips – that’s part of the 5 Cree LED setup within this 7-inch single headlight.

The split halo curved strips turn back to 6000k white once the turn signals are off – cumulatively casting a 1,800 lumens low beam and 3,600 lumens on high beam.

Fitted within black heatsink ribbed die-cast aluminum housing, the front polycarbonate cover is bonded to ensure IP67-rated proofing against dust and water.

Designed to reuse original factory fittings, this kit comes with an H4 to H13 adapter to make it easier for swapping out the original 7-inch headlight.

Depending on the bucket fit, some drilling may be needed or may need to seek professional installation.

“On some bikes which automatically disable DRL when turn signals are in use, these halo strips just stay amber without flashing.”

What We Liked

  • Blinkers work with DRL
  • Projected turn signals
  • Enhances bike visibility

What We Didn’t Like

  • Turn signals won’t flash with DRL

14. LUSGWUFAD Tu-MT7954 – Best Swap Kit


Highlighted features

  • 6500-7000K light
  • 3,600 lumens low beam
  • IP67 rating

Planning to keep factory wiring? Just looking for bare essentials? This swap kit package delivers with a single 7-inch LED headlight and paired 4.5-inch LED foglights.

Also included are the 7-inch mounting bracket with vibration-dampening springs and an adaptive wire harness for relay power supply to the foglights – simply fit and plug into the H4 socket.

The Osram LED chips’ low beam output on this headlight is really bright at 3,600 lumens.

That’s just a little shy of the high beam’s 4,000 lumens brightness. Color temperature leans toward bluish at 6500K-7000K.

The pair of 4.5-inch LED foglights, casting 1,440 lumens, also veer to the bluish tint at 6500K.

The die-cast aluminum alloy chromed housing for all three lamps double up as heatsinks.

Polycarbonate is used for the front cover with a lens to withstand road speed. The sealed lamps are rated IP67 for dust resistance and waterproofing.

“This basic package means extra parts and workshop help would be needed if factory wiring is found unsuitable or if replacing the smaller 5.75-inch headlight.”

What We Liked

  • Bright low and high beams
  • Bluish hue lighting
  • Comes with an IP67 construction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Minimal spare/adaptive parts & wiring

15. BICYACO B088GVLQY1 – Best Headlight-Foglights Combo


Highlighted features

  • Osram LED chip
  • 2,800 lumens low beam
  • IP67 rating

Bike lacking foglights? Need to install them fast? This combo package offers such a pair with a single headlight for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

They’d be a quick fit for an unplanned off-road detour or if caught in sudden dark weather.

Despite its plug-and-play format, an extra 7-inch black adapter ring had been thoughtfully included if aiming to swap out a smaller 5.75-inch factory headlight.

Also contained are wire adapters for bikes without H4 sockets, making for an overall convenient DIY install.

Featuring Osram LED chips, the headlight’s low beam brightness is 2,800 lumens, high beam is 4,000 lumens – both set at 6000k white.

The front cover with a focus lens is made of tough polycarbonate.

Heat is dispelled by optimized airflows streaking past the ribbed die-cast aluminum alloy housing.

The headlight is rated IP67 for dust resistance and waterproofing.

The 1,440 lumens pair of 4.5-inch LED foglights fit either side of the headlamp on a mounting ring bracket, with adaptive parts also included. The front cover is amber-tinted.

“Be careful not to drop these lamps or shake them too much as the LED weldings can come loose.”

What We Liked

  • Bright low and high beams
  • Requires a quick installation
  • Comes with everything for easy setup

What We Didn’t Like

  • LED weldings can come loose

What to Consider Before Buying Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson

When choosing a new LED headlight for Harley Davidson motorcycles, remember you’re not using it just for night riding.

Daytime riding lights are mandatory in many places, so make sure to get a headlight that’s bright enough to be visible under sunlight.

Brightness and Lumens

So how bright is good enough? Unlike old bulb ratings using Watts, LED lights are measured using lumens.

A rough comparison would be 60 Watts = 800 lumens, a typical bike headlight output on low-beam and easily 1,200 lumens on high-beam.

At 800 lumens, the light casts over 100 meters (330 feet) at night and roughly half the distance in the daytime. This should be enough to let other road users see you.

Fit and size

While installing new Harley headlight LED units, some may be an easy one-to-one swap out of factory lamps.

But if opting to fit double headlights over the previous single unit, some adjustments could be needed and maybe even professional help.

So be prepared for extra costs and time for such fittings, included add-on parts.

As to what size headlights to use, choices are either 5.75-inch or 7-inch. Either works fine. It’s the lumens rating to pay attention to.

If you’re changing to either larger or smaller headlights, make sure to have the right fittings.

This includes the wiring plug – it can be either H4 or H13 – so it’s better to check in advance.

Color Matters

The color is critical – traffic rules typically state they must be white. This will be specified as 6,000k color temperature or thereabouts.

Anything higher than 5,000k is classified as white – ranging from a slight yellowish tint to cooler blues as the numbers go higher.

To stay on the right side of the law, it would be a good idea to avoid the yellow-orange shades of halogen and HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights.

Having too much of a bluish tint or blue halo highlights can also get you in trouble – possibly charged with mimicking emergency services.

Dust and Water Resistance

Since rain can hit unexpectedly, the headlight should be waterproofed. How well the unit is sealed is shown by numbered ratings on the Ingress Protection scale.

Look for ratings of IP64 or higher, especially on the second digit.

Build and Durability

Apart from prolonged weather exposure, the headlight’s transparent front also needs to withstand hits from stones or other road objects.

To reduce cracking from such impacts and for easy wipe-cleaning, look for rigid polycarbonate plastic as the best cover.

The alternative would be acrylic – or plexiglass – which is slightly cheaper, more scratch-resistant, and brittle.

Nifty Extras

Headlights are factory-aligned to comply with specific rules, but some Harley headlight LED beam adjustments can also be made remotely via a smartphone app.

This remote control adjustment shouldn’t be made while riding. Do it while the bike is parked about 10 meters (33) feet away from a blank white wall.

Adjust till you get a focused beam and you’re good to go. It’s also a good idea to conduct a similar check with any new headlight fitted.

Another option offered would be headlights incorporating fog lights or turn signals. The downside is if this unit fails, all these functions are lost as well.

It ultimately boils down to preferences dictated by how compact the bike front should be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of Best LED Headlight For Harley Davidson

Can I fit the new headlights myself?

Sure, if you’re comfortable doing DIY installations and have necessary tools like screwdrivers and pliers ready.

Remember to keep the bike turned off and all surfaces dry. If there’s current leakage, it’s better to go to a workshop instead.

What to do about the rattling/creaking sound from the headlight?

Tighten the fittings – screws and nuts. If the fit is already firm, there may be a part loose either below or inside the headlight.

Consult a workshop, and if the unit is found to be faulty, you should make a warranty claim.

Is duct-taping good enough to keep a headlight from shaking?

It’s better to get workshop repair to stop the headlight shaking. A temporary fix with duct tape can affect heat diffusion and cause further damage.

How do I clean the headlamp?

Just wipe with water or mild soap, like the rest of the bike. Avoid chemical cleaners as they may corrode the surfaces.

Can I use transparent sticky tape over front cracks?

It isn’t advisable to do so. Headlamp bulbs can get very hot, even if they’re LEDs. Sticky tape will melt and burn, leaving unsightly residue that can also block the light beam. Worse, this residue may sink in and worsen the cracks.

Is it alright to replace the transparent headlamp cover?

The cover is usually bonded to the housing. Teasing it off will spoil its insulation against dust and water, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Do this at your own risk.

How do I clean the inside of a cloudy/foggy headlight cover?

You can’t unless the cover is detachable, which it usually isn’t. If you can detach it, wipe with a lint-free cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly before reattaching it.

What do I do if the headlight front cover is melted, distorted, or bubbled?

This is most often due to a manufacturing defect. You should get its warranty replaced. If this is due to you swapping in a higher-power bulb for the factory-fitted part, it’s time to get a new headlight.


The best LED headlight for Harley Davidson makes a better choice than the factory one for many reasons.

It shines far brighter than older yellow halogen headlights while emitting far less heat, which means there’s less drain on the battery.

Also, it makes your bike more efficient, wastes less energy, and keeps you much more illuminated at night.

What are you getting then?