Top 10 Best Windshield For Street Glide Reviews 2024: Superior Quality & Ultimate Protection

Motorcycle riders do not have many ways to protect themselves against dirt, debris, and rainwater. It is why they depend entirely on the best windshield for street glide.

While buying a windshield for your motorcycle, you should ensure that the right kind of size, material, and product is procured.

In this blog, we will try to unleash a few tips on buying the best windshield for street glide.

The right product will indeed promise a smooth and flawless ride for a long time. Hence, choose the windshield for street glide wisely.

What is The Best Windshield For Street Glide?

Klock Werks is one of the best windshield for street glide, among the others shortlisted in this blog.

If you are looking for a durable and robust windshield with heavy-duty construction, then look no further; Klock Werks windshield is the one that will meet all your requirements.

Why Klock Werks is The Best Brand For Street Glide Windshield?

Klock Werks windshield for the motorcycle is the best brand among others due to its unmatchable durability.

Crafted with polycarbonate and roust built-up, this patented design is made for longevity and better performance.

Furthermore, the hips are present on the external edge of the shield that re-routes the air. 

Comparison Table of Best Windshield For Street Glide

Best Windshield For Street Glide Reviews

01. 6.5” Flare Black Windshield by Klock Werks: Best Quality Windshield For Street Glide



  • Crafted with polycarbonate
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Patented design for better stability
  • Hips to re-route the airflow
  • It makes the air clean and less turbulent
  • Elegant black-colored surface

Klock Werks flare windshield is suitable for long-term use. Besides, it delivers resilient as well as unswerving performance.

On top of that, it has a black-colored surface with a smooth and sleek finish for a stylish look.

Furthermore, the hips are present on the external edge of the shield that re-routes the air.

Eventually, it adds to the downforce to the frontal part of the bike.

For kicking the air upwards and backward, there is a flip at the topmost of the flare.

Other than this, the flip also helps make the air clearer and less-turbulent for both the rider and passenger.

Such integrations make this one the best windshield for street glide.

Most importantly, the patented-design of this shield improves the stability for a great driving experience.



  • Rough and raw finish over the edges
  • Prone to hand bent

02. 4.5” Motorcycle Wave Windshield Windscreen by Earlyred: Best Street Glide Windshield



  • Made using impactful Lexan
  • Polycarbonate material for robustness
  • Classy dark smoke-colored surface
  • Smooth and refined edges
  • Anti-aging function for maintaining quality
  • An efficient wind deflection system

Flaunting an ultra-solid construction of high-impact Lexan, this windshield delivers hard-wearing performance.

Other than this, the infusion of polycarbonate material in the build-up assures unmatchable durability in long-term use.

Furthermore, this product’s dark smoke surface color would enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

On top of this, the edges of the windshield are smooth and well-polished.

For providing optimal protection from outdoor aging, this windshield has an anti-aging system.

Besides, it offers exceptional wind deflection that makes the ride more comfortable.

Equally important is that it safeguards the motorcycle rider against wind, dust, and thrown-up pebbles.

Overall, the excellent strength and dimension stability is the other vital aspects of the product.


  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Equipped with the elasticity coefficient
  • Ideal for prolonged use
  • Highly resistant to deterioration


  • No inclusion of installation guide
  • The surface is prone to scratches

03. 6.5” Flare Windshield by Klock Werks



  • Comprises of heavy-duty polycarbonate
  • Delivers clean and bluster-free air
  • Enhances the vehicle’s appearance
  • Excellent stability while driving
  • Hips for re-routing the air
  • Consistent performance in long-term

6.5” Flare windshield is amongst the most graceful models in the segment. In addition to this, it has hips that are present on the top surface of the windshield.

Ultimately, it has been explicitly crafted for kicking the air upwards and back. With the help of this functionality, it provides more unmistakable air free from turbulence.

Overall, it enhances the driving experience for both the rider and the passenger.

Another considerable part of this product is that it has been made using the hard-concealed polycarbonate material.

To put it another way, it enhances the sturdiness and reliability of the windshield’s functioning.

In the final analysis, it efficiently adds downforce to the front of the motorcycle.

Eventually, this offers unmatchable and superior stability to the rider in comparison to the stock shield.


  • Attractive and modish design
  • High-precision fitting
  • Prompt installation process
  • Improves the quality of ride


  • Edges of the windshield lack finishing
  • One might have to apply buckle pressure at the edges for a tight fix

04. 1389 Motorcycle Smooth Windshield Trim by Kuryakyn



  • Ultra-classy black-colored surface
  • Glossy finish with a smooth flowing build-up
  • Comprises of injection-molded ABS
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Easy-to-install accents
  • Boosts the vehicle’s performance

Trim by Kuryakyn windshield is mainly famous for its smooth flowing design. Apart from this, it can enhance the changeover from the windshield to the bike with a trim.

Further, it adds excellent altitude for an impressive performance. Along with that, it also gives a clean finish for a classy look.

However, a significant part of this product is the swooping accents that are chrome-plated and easily installable.

Made using lightweight as well as injection-molded ABS, this windshield delivers reliable and long-term performance.

Most importantly, this product consists of a high-quality rubber gasket and cap screws for the button socket.

Overall, the alluring construction of this windshield is sure to heighten the vehicle’s overall appearance.

To sum up, one can easily fix it quickly using the necessary tools and without any professional assistance.


  • Chrome-plated accents for durability
  • Includes a rubber insulator
  • Exceptional finishing
  • Delivers accurate fit


  • It does not come with Torx and hex wrenches
  • Lacks functional hips over the edges

05. MEP8621 6.5” Smoke Windshield by Memphis Shades



  • Effective diffusion of the air stream
  • Reduces the flow minus buffeting
  • Made with Lucite of aircraft-grade
  • Tough and heavy-duty construction
  • Custom styles for better adaptability
  • OEM hardware for precision fitting

Memphis Shades windshield is highly efficient in diffusing the air stream. Ultimately, it slows down the airflow, thereby reducing the buffeting for improving the ride quality.

Another impressive aspect of this product is that it is made using the Lucite of aircraft-grade for exceptional optics.

In the long run, the hard-wearing construction of this windshield offers excellent durability.

Apart from this, there are three custom variants; smoke, ghost, and solar for adaptability towards versatile riding conditions.

One can experience 30% of visible transmission of light with the smoke one.

Other than this, the ghost and solar variants offer 85% and 72% perceptible light transmission; it incorporates OEM hardware to ensure a perfect and high-precision fit.

In addition to this, the windshield flaunts a medium bronze tint alongside a smooth finish surface that looks exceptionally well-designed.


  • Notable light transmission
  • Functions as per the riding conditions
  • Made with high-density material
  • Functions well in prolonged use


  • Not much resistant to scratches
  • The surface color shade is a bit lighter

06. 6.5” Dark Smoke Flare Windshield by Klock Werks: Finest Lightweight Windshield



  • Hips at the exterior edges
  • Excellent re-routing of air
  • Improves the riding experience
  • Provides unpolluted and turbulent-free air
  • Dark smoke-tinted surface
  • Made from hard-concealed polycarbonate

Being amongst the finest lightweight windshields in the segment, this one stands out in terms of performance.

Besides, it features hips at the exterior edges that play an essential role in re-routing the air.

With the help of this functionality, it boosts the downforce to the front of the vehicle.

As a result of this, the rider gets to experience better stability than the stock shield.

Coming onto the build-up, it comprises of polycarbonate material that flaunts a hard coating for superior protection.

In the same way, it adds to the durability of the product. Additionally, a flip is present on the topmost part of the windshield to kick the airflow up and back.

To conclude powerfully delivers cleaner air, which is entirely free from the bluster. 


  • Adds elegance to the vehicle’s body
  • Hard-wearing performance
  • Compact yet resilient construction
  • Pioneering flip design on the top


  • The installation process is a bit tricky
  • Not suitable for the handlebars that are close to the fairing

07. 7” Motorcycle Wave Windshield Windscreen by Earlyred



  • Crafted with high impact Lexan
  • Infusion of polycarbonate material
  • Brilliant wind deflection
  • Optimum protection from outdoor aging
  • Full dimensional stability
  • Convenient installation process

Earlyred windshield is made up of Lexan, which is a polycarbonate material. On top of that, the high-impact construction adds to the robustness of this product.

Further, it topmost edge of this windshield is well-polished along with a smooth surface.

An excellent part of this product is that it has an anti-aging function that protects it against deterioration.

Apart from this, the elasticity coefficient with greater strength assists in boosting dimensional stability.

Sooner or later, it improves the ride experience for the rider as well as the passenger.

On the whole, it delivers an excellent wind deflection that makes the driving more comfortable and safe.

Above and beyond, it safeguards the rider against the wind and thrown-up junk.


  • Anti-aging function for easy maintenance
  • Easily fixable using the essential hardware only
  • Attractive and refined design
  • Resilient performance


  • It does not include an installation guide
  • Fitting is not up to the mark

08. 9” Black Wave Windshield Windscreen by Jade Onlines



  • Superior quality PVC material
  • Dark smoke-tinted surface
  • Enhances the vehicle’s looks
  • An excellent wind deflection system
  • Long-lasting and consistent functioning
  • Stylish yet durable construction

For delivering the best-in-class and unmatchable quality in the segment, this windshield is made using PVC plastic.

Being a premium quality material, it adds resilience and sturdiness to the construction of the product.

In addition to this, one can even use this windshield to beautify the motorcycle.

With a surface of dark black color, it features a smooth finish that looks exceptionally stylish.

Jade Onlines windshield has the most premium wind deflection system in the segment.

A great thing about this product is that it is lightweight, making it convenient for the user to handle and operate it.

In the final analysis, this windshield is suitable for long-term use and requires less maintenance as well.


  • Quality is up to the mark
  • Boosts the ride experience
  • Withstands deteriorations
  • A thicker build-up for a snug fit


  • Professional assistance is recommended for the installation
  • One might find it difficult to tighten the screws

09. 13” Wave Windshield Windscreen by Earlyred



  • Crystal clear surface
  • Versatile suitability
  • Made with premium ABS plastic
  • A strong yet lightweight build-up
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Suitable for prolonged use

With beautifully defined and fully-polished edges, this windshield has a crystal clear surface.

Due to this, it gives an ultra-elegant look to the motorcycle that would turn the heads for you.

Another notable feature of this product is its premium build-up, which includes top-quality ABS plastic.

Likewise, it boosts the durability and consistency of the product for prolonged use.

Also, the construction is quite resilient and withstands daily wear and tear efficiently.

In addition to this, the installation process is also very smooth and prompt. Thus it enables the user to handle this windshield with ease properly.


  • Provides a clearer rear view
  • Sturdy performance
  • Adds to the vehicle’s style
  • A smooth and sleek finish


  • No inclusion of essential mounting hardware
  • Not much resistant to scratches

10. 6” Black Wave Windshield Windscreen by H-Ruo: Best Airflow Management



  • Excellent airflow management system
  • A black-colored and classy build-up
  • Made with PVC plastic
  • Sleek and glossy finish surface
  • Unmatchable protection for the rider
  • Equipped with solid hardware

In particular, the construction of this windshield has been well-designed for best-in-class airflow management.

Apart from this, it also flaunts a stylish black-colored build-up with a sleek finish for an attractive look.

Another noteworthy aspect of this product is that it offers optimum safety while driving.

Further, it safeguards the motorcycle fanatics against bugs, wind, throw-up pebbles, and debris. Additionally, it makes sure that the air is clear and free from turbulence.

To put it another way, it improves the ride’s quality, thereby making it more comfortable.

Above and beyond, this product is crafted with PVC plastic that makes it ideal for long-term usage.


  • Offers more stability
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Elegant styling accessory for the vehicle
  • Robust construction


  • Lacks an installation manual for guidance
  • Professional assistance is recommended

Buying Guide of Best Windshield For Street Glide

Getting the most suitable windshield for your motorcycle is indeed not rocket science.

Yet, the vast availability of the same has made it a bit tricky for the buyers to select the segment’s finest ones.

Equally important is to consider the features, utility, and requirements of the windshield before investing in it.

However, the below-mentioned buying considerations would guide in choosing the best windshield for street glide.


Ideally, the size of the windshield must reach just beneath your nose.

Eventually, it provides an unhindered view to the rider for ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Additionally, the width of the windshield varies as per the user’s choice along with the vehicle’s design.

To summarize, the wider width is considered to be more secure, but it hinders aerodynamics.

On the contrary, a windshield with a narrow width would focus more on improving aerodynamics.

In the end, it would compromise the optimal safety while driving.


To enhance the motorcycle’s overall appearance, one must select the color that goes well with the vehicle.

Ideally, opt for elegant colors such as charcoal, grey, and black or a combination of these for a stylish look.

Such colors not only compliment your motorcycle but also give it a touch of sophistication.

On the contrary, refrain from selecting neon or bright colors as they do not add to the vehicle’s elegance.


Windshields arrive in a variety of profiles, sizes, and designs. One must select the windshields that have polished edges with a smooth flowing surface for an attractive look.

Ultimately, it helps in enhancing and defining the aesthetic features of your motorcycle.

Thus give preference to the one that suits your style as well as the vehicle’s body.

However, make sure to assess the compatibility of the windshield with your vehicle for a perfect fit.


Some windshields are easily adjustable, whereas some are not, such as the fixed ones.

If you want to experience a customizable redirection of airflow, then go for the adjustable windshields.

In brief, it would assist you in determining the accurate position to attain the optimal airflow on warm days.

On the contrary, it would also provide lesser airflow during rainy and cold climate.

To sum up, some windshields have adjustable angles and heights for excellent and flexible performance.


Usually, the windshields are made using materials such as polycarbonate and acrylic.

In addition to these two, the other materials are injection-molded ABS and polycarbonate alongside a hard coating.

On top of these, the Lucite of air-craft grade is also used to construct hard-wearing windshields.

Out of all the materials above, acrylic is not the most affordable one.

Yet the only drawback is that it is not resistant to scratches and becomes scuff too.

On the other hand, polycarbonate is a bit expensive than acrylic and resilient to damages.

Above all, one should go for the polycarbonate that comes with a quantum hard concealing.

Further, it is also very durable, flexible, and scratch-resistant.

Though the windshields made using this material are most expensive, they are fully shatterproof.

Headlight Cut

Before getting a windshield for your motorcycle, check whether it has sufficient space for a headlight cut or not.

Generally, it helps in the effortless and hassle-free placement of the headlight.

For this, one must measure the diameter of your vehicle’s headlight.

Not select the headlight as per the size of the headlight on the motorcycle.

However, many windshields are explicitly designed for particular vehicle models.

Mounting Type

When it comes to mounting, the rider has an array of windshield variants. Some are fixed, whereas some have quick-release functionality.

Further, there is also a choice between a fork and handle-mounted windshield.

More to say, the windshields with a quick-release system are easily detachable.

One can install or remove them in no time. Besides, they are stylish and flexible as well.

Talking about the durability, then there is no match of the fixed windshields.

Other than this, the fork-mounted ones are not removable after installation.

In contrast, hand mounting offers wide-ranging customization options to the user.

FAQ’s of Street Glide Windshield

What is the installation process of a motorcycle windshield?

One of the best things to do is go through the instruction/installation manual provided with the windshield.

It is essential to align the windshield accurately with the holes where the fasteners will get attached to the brackets correctly.

Is there a way through which you can measure the street glide windshield?

Taking measurements of the street glide windshield is pretty straightforward.

You would need only one tool to accomplish this task without any hassle, and that tool is your measuring tape or scale.

There might be a slight variation in the measurement’s accuracy, but it will not affect much.

Most of the new users usually assume the length of the shield should be treated as its height.

But remember that the windshields are always measured from the top of the headlight of your motorcycle.

An important thing to note here is that if your bike has fairing on it, then measure from the top of it.

How to clean a motorcycle windshield?

To clean your motorcycle windshield, soak a clean rag and place it on a windshield to soften the surface and loosen up any kind of deposited dirt or debris.

Remember not to use any type of abrasion or apply too much force, leading to scratches on your windshield.

Cotton or microfiber towels are preferable to wash and dry your best windshield for street glide.

How can you determine the suitable windshield height for your motorcycle?

Street glide OEM windshield is almost three and a half inches long, which is not enough for a smoother experience.

Why? This kind of windshield blocks the flow of air on your chest and lessens the aerodynamic efficiency.

For these reasons, it is always good to get an adjustable windshield for your street glide.

Above all, the windshield covers up the area until your nose is considered to be of ideal height.

Lowering or making it higher will make it challenging to deliver the required efficiency.

How? Let us see how. If the height is set lower, then the dirt, debris, rain, and passing air will hit you.

And if the same is set at a high level, it will obstruct your view, leading to accidents.

What is the ideal material for a motorcycle windshield?

Well, this entirely depends on your preference and budget. Two common material variants available for motorcycle windshields are acrylic and polycarbonate.

If you are one of them who is looking for a pocket-friendly option, go with an acrylic one.

Acrylic windshields would not turn yellow even after prolonged exposure to UV rays.

The only concern is about scratches, which can be caused due to the softness of acrylic. But do not worry, as you can restore it by buffing.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is durable and abrasion-resistant but more prone to yellowing and costly.

Is it possible to tint the motorcycle windshield?

Yes, it is possible at the convenience of your home. Tinting not only helps reduce sun glare while driving but also makes it easy to look through.

Nowadays, OEM windshields are also available in tinted options.

There are many videos available online through which you can easily tint your motorcycle windshield on your own.

Will motorcycle windshield help helmet from buffeting?

The best quality windshields will help the air tunnel around you and protect it from hitting your chest and head.

They create protection in such a manner that it minimizes the buffeting along with wind noise.


By now, you must have got a fair idea about the best windshield for street glide.

FAQs and buying guides and shortlisted products will help you choose the best for you.

Having a windshield of your choice will make your ride filled with more pleasure.

Equally important is to consider the features, utility, and requirements of the windshield before investing in it.

We wish you a comfortable ride with the right kind of windshield for your motorcycle.