The Top 13 Best Shocks For Harley Street Glide Reviews in 2024: Top Quality & Heavy-Duty Performance

Why do you need the best shocks for Harley street glide? Harley motorcycles come in a variety of sizes and models. In some cases, you can even get a customized version if that is what you want.

Now, the thing is – Not all Harley models work with all types of shocks. One shock may be perfect with one model type, whereas that same shock would be a misfit for another model.

If you love motorcycles and are unsure which shocks will be perfect for your Street Glide, carefully read this review.


What is The Best Shock For Harley Street Glide?

If you want to focus on the best of the best when it comes to Harley motorcycles, Progressive 944-4002UT will be at the top of the standings. Not many shocks measure up to this shock.

Taking advantage of the best shocks is one way to give you the best motorcycling experience.

As a passionate motorbike rider, you must have an idea of what I am talking about.

An excellent shock help guarantees the durability and efficiency of your Harley motorcycle.

This is a priceless accessory for anyone who desires their Harley motorbike to last as long as possible.

Let us dig into the review properly, so it will be easy for you to figure out the best shocks for your motorcycle, considering your budget and other factors.

Why Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT is The Best Brand Shock For Harley Street Glide?

The Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT will always be an excellent choice, designed for touring purposes. With all of its amazing features, you cannot ask for anything more.

That explains why we have decided to rank it as the overall best in this particular review.

Another advantage of this shocks is that it fits with different bikes like Road Kings, Electra Glides, Street Glides, Road Glides, and Ultra Limiteds.

Surveys indicate that these shocks will enable you to ride your motorbike with the confidence you desire.

So if you are looking for the best shocks to ensure the right amount of efficiency for your motorbike, 944-4002UT should fit the bill.

Comparison Table of Best Shocks For Harley Street Glide

13 Best Shocks For Harley Street Glide Reviews

01. Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT – Best Quality Shocks For Street Glide


Highlighted features

  • Standard height
  • Standard duty
  • Fits specific 1984 to 2018 touring motorbikes
  • Suitable for different bikes
  • Frequency sensing tech
  • Deflective disk valving

When you purchase the Progressive 944-4002UT, you can be doubly sure you are purchasing the right stuff. That is because, for starters, it does fit with many motorbikes.

You would especially love these shocks when you love to tour landscapes that have several bumpy roads.

It is designed with Frequency Sensing Tech, also called FST. With FST, the shocks can detect bumps frequency before adjusting automatically to ensure the motorbike performs flawlessly on such roads.

In addition, it also comes with a unique Ultra Touring spring combination that promises reduced height anytime you are riding.

The reduced riding height feature makes it easier for you to navigate the motorbike around parking lots and intersections.


  • Extremely easy to install. No special knowledge is needed for the installation.
  • Guaranteed comfort
  • Enough stiffness for bike stability


  • Mounting has to be done upside down.
  • It doesn’t deliver the right performance when imbalanced

02. Progressive Suspension 412-4080B – Best Popular Harley Street Glide Shocks


Highlighted features

  • Pre-load adjuster with cam style
  • Standard duty progressive rate spring
  • Gas-charged for efficient damping
  • Steel wall damper with velocity-sensitive damping

As one of the most renowned brands in the industry, Progressive Suspension has yet another mind-blowing shocks you can count on.

It is none other than the Progressive 412-4080B. This motorcycle suspender is highly affordable and durable.

Unlike other products, 412-4080B seems like a better choice due to its velocity-sensitive damping.

It has gas-charged lowering shocks with standard heavy-duty progressive rate springs regarding shock absorption and damping.

In addition, the black springs and covers help the shocks to last as long as possible by keeping them rust-free all the time.

More importantly, its pre-load adjuster can be set to any position you wish.

That way, lightweight and heavy riders can comfortably ride without any hitches.

Also, you can forget about any breakage due to too much load because the shocks are fond of optimal suspension, thanks to their functional springs.


  • Easy adjustments for various riding heights.
  • Optimal level of damping and shock absorption.
  • Super-easy installation can be done in less than 20mins.



  • The low and medium settings tend to be unfit for some riders.

03. HTTMT LS003 – Best Heavy-Duty Shocks For Harley Davidson Street Glide


Highlighted features

  • Harley Davison Touring is compatible

The HTTMT LS003 shocks may not sound like a brand you hear every other day, but it does hold its own regarding its uniqueness.

The reason for its low-profile nature could be because it is most suited for professionals.

Unlike some other products mentioned in this review, the HTTMT LS003 does not look like the best choice for rookie riders.

If you are inexperienced with shocks, you may want to go for something more straightforward and less sophisticated.

It’s compatible with many touring bikes. These shocks allow you to tour almost any kind of road regardless of its bumpy nature.

They have been designed to be rust-free due to their black color. Be rest assured these shocks are highly reliable.

Also, think of it as a modest suspension that can be adjusted into varying positions effortlessly.


  • It is compatible with many touring bikes, except trikes or models that have fork cartridges.


  • Requires a professional to install it

04. Progressive Suspension 412-4075B


Highlighted features

  • Durable design
  • Steel wall damper
  • 5-position Pre-load adjuster
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Gas-charged

This one is yet another thrilling motorcycle suspension from the staples of Progressive.

If you desire a Harley shocks that guarantee you satisfaction and high quality, the 412-4075B will be a reliable choice.

These uncommon shocks boast a durable design that would enhance the performance of your motorcycle suspension.

Its cam-style, five positions pre-load adjuster is what you are looking for because it allows for seamless adjustments and positions.

As a lightweight rider or heavily weighted rider, the Progressive 412-4075B gives you that unbeatable seating position that guarantees a comfortable ride.

It has been designed with high-pressured gas to ensure a consistent and reliable damping performance.

The heavy load progressive rate spring sets it apart from other brands and prevents it from experiencing any breakage with massive weights.

From all indications, this might be the right one for your bike.


  • Consistent damping, thanks to its multiple-stage velocity-sensitive valves.
  • Easy adjustment with the pre-load adjuster.
  • Straightforward installation.


  • Seem a little stiff in specific settings,

05. Legends Revo-A


Highlighted features

  • Suitable for most bikes
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Heavy duty

Legends Revo-A has always remained one of those few shocks that can make you feel like you own the highways.

It is designed with some matchless features that will enhance your motorcycle performance in a way that surpasses your expectations.

The Legends Revo-A is sold with exterior knob adjustments that support good damping.

These standard duty shocks equally have a flexible coil suspension, offering optimal damping.

While this particular suspension has been tested on several motorbikes and worked well, it seems to have performed much better with the Street Glides.

That is why it has been featured as part of this review.

As efficient as most motorbikes were in the past, they could only accommodate the rider. Various design flaws and inadequacies made it so.

But, thanks to this fantastic Legends Revo-A suspension. Now, you don’t need to leave your spouse behind whenever going on tours.

This motorcycle suspension is perfect for today’s generation of bike riders.


  • A seamless installation process that will take minutes to complete.
  • With the excellent coil adjustments and sound damping abilities, your riding style is not limited.
  • Strain resistant and durable


  • Height adjustments may be a bit difficult for beginners.

06. BURLY B28-1202


Highlighted features

  • Pre-load adjustments
  • Stubby shocks
  • Chrome color
  • Stubby 10.5 inch

These progressive shocks have been designed for a particular bike, Harley Sportster, model 2004 to 2011.

It is an uncommon combo of dropped shock rings and stubby shocks. The preceding feature allows for an easy adjustment that can suit various loads.

If you desire any shocks that are capable of ensuring a smooth ride regardless of the ups and downs you are going to be facing on your trips, the BURLY B28-1202 is the answer to your prayers.

With this suspension type, you can be sure of maintaining stability as you ride on any road.

When you are done with loading, you might notice the shocks reduce by nominal size.

Always remember that before you carry anything extra. It will affect the bike’s height and some other attributes as well.

So for anyone who has a Sportster, you can go for these stylishly designed shocks for best performance and longevity.

And with their reasonable pricing, there is not much you can ask for in this regard.


  • Anyone can undertake the installation with great ease.
  • They are designed from durable materials that are stain-resistant.
  • Optimal shock absorption and stability with fork springs.


  • Reduced comfort on rough roads

07. Legends Revo-A Adjustable FL Coil Suspension


Highlighted features

  • Flexible coil suspension
  • Sturdy springs
  • Shock absorption abilities

Some motorbike riders seem to look down on the Legends Revo-A Adjustable FL Coil Suspension for reasons best known to them.

If you are in that category, you are making a big mistake. That is because this is one of the highest-ranked shocks you can find for a couple of motorcycles.

Most people who have complained about these shocks bought them ignorantly. Simply put, they ought to have purchased something else but ended up buying it.

It is designed with a flexible coil suspension that can ensure stability in rough roads. Navigate your intersections with much agility when you have this suspension.

Not only that, as it guarantees a shock absorption level you have never seen before. The art of motorcycle riding has never been more effortless.


  • Great for bikers who love long rides.
  • Offers superb shock absorption and stability
  • Heavy duty.
  • Easy installation.


  • It doesn’t match as many bikes

08. SMT- 267mm 10.5″ Rear Shock


Highlighted features

  • Stubby 10.5 inch
  • Chrome colored

The SMT- 267mm 10.5″ Rear Shock is just as good as any of the best rear shocks in the market.

The good thing is that it is not as expensive as other shocks. That is a good one for whoever aims to get these best value shocks without burning a hole in their pockets.

As easy as it is to install these shocks, it still ensures you of an incredible performance. A durable and efficient motorcycle is not far away when you have these.

The chrome color is another attraction you may want to ponder. This may not be ideal for inexperienced riders.

It has been designed for professional installation. Hence, it would help if you were doubly sure before making any purchase.


  • It comes with a pre-load adjustment feature
  • Designed to last long
  • They are deliberately made to provide enough shock absorption.


  • It can only be installed by professionals.

09. Monroe Shocks & Struts Max-Air MA785


Highlighted features

  • Easy adjustment
  • Durable designs
  • Exceptional handling
  • Constant ride height with load

Welcome to one of the best shocks of all time, Monroe Shocks & Struts Max-Air MA785. The easy adjustment feature sure is a great selling point for this shock.

It is not going to take you anything to adjust it to the height you prefer. Also, it has been air-fitted to resist any unnecessary leakage that might dampen performance.

Even under heavy load, Monroe Shocks & Struts Max-Air MA785 makes it possible for ride height to be consistently maintained.

In addition, it simplifies the effort needed to negotiate sharp bends.

Enjoy a hitch-free ride, thanks to its exceptional handling features. The ground piston is built with great precision and hardened for consistent performance.

Whether it is hot or cold, the Monroe Shocks & Struts Max-Air MA785 ensures you can undertake a consistent ride due to its fluid that suitable for all weathers.


  • Pretty easy to maintain level height with a significant load.
  • It can be used for any weather.
  • Ensures a comfortable ride on a consistent basis.
  • Superior quality for shock absorption.


  • Fittings and airlines seem to be of low quality.

10. Progressive Suspension 412-4077B


Highlighted features

  • Heavy duty
  • Velocity-sensitive valve
  • Durable design
  • Pre-load adjustment

Bike riders tend to exude a certain level of confidence for all Progressive models, and with 412-4077B, the story has remained the same.

This shock comes with a durable design that promises an enhanced motorcycle performance. It is also designed to do that consistently for the length of time you will be using it.

As for the area of damping, you shouldn’t also have any challenges since it has a multiple-stage velocity-sensitive valve.

The pre-load adjuster is just as good; it lets you set the height for both light and heavy personalities.

This shock has been fitted with a heavy-duty progressive spring rate. This is one of the best shocks money can buy at the moment.

You can look forward to an unforgettable riding experience with this shock.


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Superior shock absorption capacity
  • Ensures an efficient damping


  • It seems to underperform for people above 200 pounds.

11. Progressive Suspension 413-4039B


Highlighted features

  • Double-walled
  • Superb shock absorber
  • Excellent damping
  • Heavy duty

If you like shocks that can serve their purpose without compromise for a long time, then you are going to fall in love with this Progressive Suspension 413-4039B.

This shock comes with a couple of unique features. It has freedom cells that ensure excellent damping. It’s double-walled for long-lasting performance.

This shock can never disappoint you due to its hard-chrome and heat-treated rods.

The oil is fade-resistant too. It is packed with charged gas cells for the highest performance you can ever dream of.

The 413-4039B is for those who mean serious business with their bikes. Eliminate the fear of riding a motorcycle on a bumpy road when you have this shock on.

It does look like a simple shock but has a lot to offer you.


  • Performs consistently for a long time
  • Constructed double for a longer lifespan
  • Charged gas cells for a higher performance


  • It might be suitable for some motorcycle models

12. Ohlins HD 022 Shocks


Highlighted features

  • Maximum handling
  • Pre-load adjuster
  • Compression & damping adjustments
  • Durably designed

Perhaps, you have struggled with air leakage in the previous shocks you bought, and you are looking for something better.

If that is you, then the Ohlins HD 022 Shocks are the same shocks you need for a change. With a gas-pressurized shock, you wouldn’t have to bother about any air leakages again.

You can start gearing up for the best performance on your subsequent tours because this is the solution to such problems.

Navigation has never been easier than with Ohlins HD 022 Shocks. It is specifically designed for easy maneuvering.

Welcome to the world of great speed and reasonable control. There is undoubtedly more to the Ohlins HD 022 Shocks than just being a shock absorber.

It doesn’t ruin your comfort at the expense of performance. You will feel as right as rain anytime you get on your bike because of Ohlins HD 022 Shocks.


  • Zero air leakages
  • Comfort and high performance guaranteed
  • It leaves you with maximum handling


  • I couldn’t find any for now

13. XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension


Highlighted features

  • Shocks replacement kits
  • High-pressure fittings
  • Release air lowers bike height

XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension may be the last on this review list, but not the least by any means.

The kit is accompanied by all the necessary installation items. Let it also be known that they are also easy to install.

Interestingly, this suspension allows you to ride with virtually zero air pressure, just how you like it. XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension ensures a seamless ride with stock ride height.

This kit works perfectly well with any Harley Davison model, starting from 2017 downwards.

There are a hundred and one reasons you might want to pick this one over others, even though it may not be as good as some on the list.

Here are some of its upvotes and possible shortcomings. Now, it is up to you.


  • A straightforward installation makes it worthy.
  • Compatible with several Harley Davison models.
  • Installation manual also included


  • Installation instructions are a bit disorderly

Buying Guide Best Shocks For Harley Street Glide

Like we had rightly established, you cannot just decide to buy any shocks for your Harley Motorcycle.

There are crucial factors that will determine whether you are purchasing the best street glide shocks or not.

So, if you have particular concerns about buying the correct shocks for your motorcycle, you are not alone.

This section has been specifically put together for you. Here are some things you should be looking out for when going to buy shocks for your Harley Davison motorcycle;

Height adjustments

One crucial factor that will always determine how effective you are on your motorbike is safety.

With the best shock absorbers, it is easy to have your height adjusted to your choice.

Bringing it down or up to your taste should not be a problem. So whatever you decide to buy should match your weight and height comfortably.

If you are brief in size, you may want the height to be shorter so your legs can make complete contact with the ground.

But if you are tall, you may want it the other way round. Most brands are designed to adjust their height to a maximum of 2 inches up or down.

Stiffness or Softness

I have seen many customers curse their shock manufacturers for extreme stiffness or softness.

But after close questioning and interrogation, you find out they all have one thing in common – they didn’t ask questions!

You can only make the best of your riding if you buy shocks that fit with your driving preference or style.

Thus, these should be looked into critically when shopping for shock suspenders.

For instance, you need stiff shocks when you are fond of carrying passengers or heavy loads.

But, you cannot count on them when you have to make a long trip because of how frustrating it can be.

You usually install that at the motorcycle’s rear due to its heaviness. Soft shocks appear to contrast stiff shocks regarding functions.

They are placed in front. So you see that they have their different roles that cannot be mixed up.

Installation ease

This may not strike you as something important, but it is. Getting a professional to help you do the installation is always great.

But, anyone who wants to cut back on their expenses may wish to pay special attention to this section.

Although manufacturers supply the shocks with installation manuals, you should familiarize yourself with all the parts of your bike before you get started with the process.

You can begin with the shock absorbers since they require no special tools. With just your hands, you can manage that. But should you be uncomfortable with this, contact a pro ASAP.

Which shock is better – Air shock or Progressive shock?

Bikers are constantly torn between both options – whether to go for air shocks or implement progressive shocks.

If you are equally in this state of confusion, the best way to stay safe is to look at what the majority is using.

The more significant majority of bikers are in favor of progressive shorts. It is highly preferred because it is not as expensive as its air shocks counterpart.

And it is also reliable. A lot of people are also giving their thumbs up for progressive shocks regarding adjustability and ride improvement.

Which is better – Coilovers vs. Lowering springs?

Both of them are useful for reducing the motorcycle effectively. Both of them have their pros and cons.

So, always go for the one that has more advantages than the other. If you look at it from that perspective, you may want to go for Coilovers because they offer more regarding damping, rebounding, as well as spring pre-load.

FAQ’s About Best Shocks For Harley Street Glide

Are air shocks more effective than progressive shocks?

Although the final answer to this question may depend on individual needs, progressive shocks seem to bring more to the table.

In the area of adjustability and reliability, progressive shocks are getting all the upvotes. So if you are going by popular votes, progressive shocks make more sense.

But, if you have any specific needs that you think can be solved by only air shocks, you are also free to go for that.

I intend to upgrade my suspension, please how can I do that?

Before you start with any upgrades, know all the bike parts. After that, ascertain the weight and height of the shock components.

When you are done writing down those dimensions, try to replace the fork springs carefully. Don’t damage the chromed caps in the process.

Make a comparison between the progressive spring you just put in and the standard linear spring to see if they are compatible.

Change the oil to reduce the damping and reduce sagging also by facing the closer wound spring upward. Do the process again for the rear with compatible measurement.

Are Ohlins HD 022 Shocks adjustable? If yes, how easy can it be adjusted?

Yes. But you can only make adjustments for sag and rider weight. You might also want to ensure your spring weight is the appropriate type for your motorcycle model, weight, and height. With everything sorted out, the process should just be smooth.

Can I use an XMT-MOTO Rear Air Ride Suspension with a Street Glide 2011 model?

I am confident it will fit perfectly. You can always go ahead and attempt the easy installation to see if it works or not. Don’t forget to get suitable mounting plates too.

I like to know if 412 will work for a 2011-v rod

It is not going to fit. As of now, Progressives do not have any 412 shocks that work on the V-rod model.

The best way to know what will work for your bike model is by visiting the Progressive website.

Go there and input your model, and it will tell you the options available for your model. That way, you won’t end up just guessing, but you would be given the correct information.

I weigh close to 250 pounds with all my gears, will the 412 series shocks work for me?

Yes, it is possible it will work. But, I would recommend you do not be too excited.

If you don’t want to end up buying something as bad as some other shocks, then go for a progressive that will give you good value for your money. On that note, it looks like the 440 series is a better option.


Harley Davison Motorbike shocks come in various sizes and models.

That is why you must have an in-depth knowledge of your motorcycle model before you make your mind on which one to buy.

You can ruin everything by making the wrong choice. With this review, I am sure you now know better about Harley shocks.