10 Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson 2024 – Efficient & Durable

The function of an exhaust system in determining the power of a bike cannot be overemphasized.

If the exhaust is not freely allowed to move out of the engine, it can drag down the engine.

The technology employed in making the exhaust system has improved over the years, it has gone from using tubes of metals that channels or direct exhaust out of the engine of the bike, it has now been engineered into perfection with top quality materials being used which in turn create a special channel effect for the sound of the bike.

Let’s get to know more about the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson.


What is The Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson?

 Vance and Hines 16832 is the best performing exhaust for Harley Davidson.

It has taken the first spot because it excels in all aspects that an exhaust system should and has so many advantages over the other category of exhaust systems.

Vance & Hines is designed to reduce the heat that is generated on the left side of Harley Davidson, therefore, protecting the passenger and at the same time preventing vital engine components from heat damage when the exhaust is hot.

Why is Vance & Hines The Best Brand Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson?

Vance and Hines is the best brand performance exhaust for Harley Davidson because they specialized mainly in the production of exhaust systems and have mastered what it takes to produce an efficient and durable exhaust system.

To further prove why the brand is the best is the Vance and Hines Power Duals Exhaust 16832 that is the best performing exhaust for Harley Davidson.

This brand has risen above all its competitors in that its products have so many features that are wanted in an exhaust system by everyone.

Comparison Table of Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson

15 Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson Reviews 

A list of 15 Best Performance Exhaust for Harley Davidson have been researched and are ranked according to their important features and the ease of removing the exhaust from the engine.

01. Vance & Hines 16832 Duals – Best Quality Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson

Vance & Hines 16832 Duals


Highlighted features

  • Contoured Heat Shield
  • Double Bung Oxygen Sensor Ports
  • Separate Mufflers
  • Recommended fuel management system
  • Improved stock performance

Vance and Hines’s exhaust is the best exhaust system for Harley-Davidson because it has so many useful features like increased horsepower, a protective shield, and many other useful features.

This exhaust system has been designed to have more torque turn and horsepower that is hidden right behind the contoured shield.

The increase in horsepower is to accelerate the overall performance of the motorcycle.

To make riding easier and not get hurt when the exhaust channel is hot, Vance and Hines exhaust strategically reduce the heat that is generated by the motorcycle, protecting the passenger and preventing some important engine parts and plastic side covers from the effect of the heat.

This improvement looks great isn’t it, yes it is and that’s the reason, Vance and Hines is the best.

Lastly, the only downside which can give you a little bit of stress is that the mufflers are being sold separately.

After purchasing the exhaust system you have to buy the muffler separately. To get a complete package performance, Mufflers designed by Vance and Hines should be purchased.

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Reduced Heat
  • Full coverage heat shield
  • Lightweight
  • Purchase of separate Mufflers


02. Vance and Hines 47229 – Best Staggered Full Exhaust For Harley Davidson

Vance and Hines 47229


Highlighted features

  • Hot rod sound
  • Lengthy heat shield
  • Desirable color
  • Slash end treatment
  • Silent baffle option.

Vance & Hines are one of the modest names around the world of motorcycle exhaust performance, and they are known for manufacturing high-quality tubes with great sound and also provide visible performance gains.

The Vance and Hines Staggered full exhaust model is of no exception; these tubes are produced to an incredibly high standard of quality and will in turn provide a relatively obvious increase in the number of torque converters and horsepower over your stock tubes.

In addition to the above qualities, the model also provides developments in performance as well as sound and appears at a proportion of the extra aggressive prototypes that they supply.

The only downside to all the qualities is the price; these exhaust channels don’t come cheap.

Also, these pipes are header pipes if you want Vance & Hines-made mufflers to work with them.

This exhaust pipe would be a beneficial investment for any significant rider.

  • Decent power gain
  • Great sound if paired with the right muffler.
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Optional quiet baffle
  • Easy to install.
  • Flat mounting plane panel
  • It’s quite expensive


03. Cobra neighbor Hater slip 6109RB – Best Heavy-Duty Harley Performance Exhaust

Cobra neighbor Hater slip 6109RB


Highlighted features

  • Insulated body
  • Increased horsepower
  • Removable baffle
  • Shield system
  • Improved sound

Cobra Hater slip is a top exhaust pipe brand that is known for producing loud and good-performing exhaust systems.

A good rider knows that occasionally loud exhaust pipe alone is not enough, the bike needs to sound reasonable too.

Cobra utilized substantial sound and dyno experimenting to develop the 4″ Neighbor Hater Slip 6109RB Mufflers, which contribute look, tone, and great performance unlike anything else on the market.

These neighbor mufflers will give your Harley-Davidson motorcycle purr like that of a dragon.

The Cobra 4″ pipe bell out to 4-1/2″ for a fierce and classic back view. Its Baffles also have trumpet-shaped middle tips working in unity with the rolled-up muffler tips for a neat, completed style and awesome sound.

This exhaust is available in chrome or black color which makes it blend very well with the remaining part of the motorcycle. It can also be repainted to the color of your choice

There is a little downside on the part of the manufacturer, a change is recommended to the carburetor jetting or the use of a fuel injection control module.

  • Excellent rear design
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Unique look
  • It does not have a heat shield.


04. Rinehart Racing 4″; 500-0102 Slip-on mufflers

Rinehart Racing 4"; 500-0102 Slip-on mufflers


Highlighted features

  • Different muffler option
  • Sold in pairs
  • Amazing appearance
  • Distinctive sound

Rinehart Racing mufflers are recognized internationally for their distinctiveness in sound and appearance.

Rinehart Slip mufflers feature the exact race-proven muffler and baffle the design as their full-length brethren in an attempt to make an easy-to-install product.

The exhaust system comes in two different colors, either black or chrome that is finished off with black or chrome end caps.

The tubes are designed to install into the factory rubrics or any aftermarket and remanufactured headers which are designed to accept factory slip-on.

Another interesting feature of the Rinehart Racing muffler is that it is designed with two styles, and you can choose the style you like.

These Rinehart 4” slip-on are purchasable in black with black end caps or chrome with chrome end caps, or you can prefer to mix and match to conform perfectly with your bike.

  • Sounds great
  • Easy to install
  • Zero tuning required
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Carved black end caps
  • Extremely loud.


05. Vance and Hines Staggered Full System Exhaust 47219

Vance and Hines Staggered Full System Exhaust 47219


Highlighted features 

  • Short and straight exhaust pipe
  • Maximum coverage heat shield
  • Removable baffles
  • Moderate sound

This is another product designed by the versatile exhaust brand Vance and Hines, the staggered full exhaust system is a bit similar to the Vance dual exhaust but has some little differences in their features.

The Vance Shortshots Staggered full exhaust provides a quality vast system for less than the value of your money and is a bit cheaper compared to most slip-on.

With 1-3/4” overhead pipes strolled to 2-1/8” muffler parts and 2-1/2” 220 degrees range heat shields.

With this feature I can assure you this is a big value and cheap option to go for, this is an indomitable and durable system.

In addition to the features, the short shots staggered full exhaust has a moderate sound, it is not too loud and not too low, so you get a bare minimum sound that will not cause noise pollution to the environment.

Lastly, it has an Optional quiet baffle for a deep exhaust sound and a reduction of 3-6 dB in the noise level.

  • Double slash edge treatment
  • Quiet optional baffle.
  • Great performance
  • Full heat shield
  • Takes time to install.


06. Bassani Xhaust 11315A True Dual exhaust

Bassani Xhaust 11315A True Dual exhaust 


Highlighted features

  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Good fitment
  • Top-quality steel
  • Total coverage heat shield

Bassani products are known for their durability and excellent features and the true dual crossover pipe is not an exemption.

The technology termed ‘cross-over’ is what was utilized effectively and helped lengthen the tract of the exhaust.

As a result of the crossover technology, the exhaust was able to accomplish two significant performance feats.

The cross-over helps to increase the all-around volume of the exhaust system, which in turn helps your Harley engine function less hard at evicting gases and opens up the capacity to move your motorcycle down the road.

Additionally, the exhaust pipe is long and Longer exhaust pipes generally help to deliver stability where heavy bikes need it most.

The true dual Power Curve also offers several interesting features which make them an adorable choice as a unit of your exhaust system.

These dual headpipes can be utilized with either the same Bassani mufflers or most 2009-2013 style mufflers.

Lastly, it also features both the 18mm and 12mm sensor ports, so if you are using an aftermarket and remanufactured fuel controller system, the installation will be smoother. 

  • Easy to install
  • Amazing performance
  • Sounds great
  • Quite cheap
  • Provide excellent power gain.
  • Get Rusty easily.


07. Cobra B000V2Y4FE True Dual Pipes 6250

Cobra B000V2Y4FE True Dual Pipes 6250


Highlighted features

  • Chromed exhaust port
  • Dual pipes
  • Full heat shields
  • Perfect fit pipe

Do you need a good-looking and great-sounding exhaust pipe system for your Harley Davidson? Then Cobra 6250 is what you should get.

The Cobra 6250 exhaust system features a one-piece, 2.5-inch-diameter, and full-length heat shields to protect the passenger and prevent some other vital engines besides the exhaust pipe when it is hot.

Cobra built these exhaust pipes to deliver optimally great torque and power performance while boosting the stock bike’s rideability.

It also Includes head exhaust pipes and full-length heat shields and all the hardware needed for mounting are included as well.

The only downside of this cobra exhaust Is that you have to purchase an aftermarket muffler because it does not come with it but the 1.75-inch diameter ensures that the stock mufflers and all aftermarket mufflers purchased will fit in perfectly.

  • Sounds good
  • Double exhaust pipe
  • Decent price
  • Easy to install
  • Does not come with mufflers


08. Vance & Hines 26065 Radius exhaust

Vance & Hines 26065 Radius exhaust


Highlighted features

  • Available in two colors
  • Normal bike styling
  • Full heat shield
  • Louvered baffles.
  • Factory ports for oxygen sensors

The versatility of the Vance and Hines brand in the production of an exhaust system cannot be overemphasized.

They have proven themselves to be the best in the exhaust pipe market over the years and are not anywhere close to leaving the spot.

Vance and Hines 26065 Radius has set the standard high for custom looks with excellence and perfection in the style of production and performance.

You do not only get a good-performing exhaust system when you purchase the exhaust system.

You buy beautifully curled 2-1/2” full-length coverage heat shields preventing you from overheating of the exhaust pipe tips, and the blue-proof label to show a quality chrome tip.

Vance and Hines do not only have good style and quality, the Big curved radius produces extra torque and horsepower distributed with a hot rod sound that will leave you begging for more.

The curved big radius exhaust system is perfect in style, quality, performance, and sound.

  • Availability of mounting hardware
  • Full heatshield
  • Great sound
  • Improved performance
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive


09. SHARKROAD Black HDMF-MP1718BB exhaust system

SHARKROAD Black HDMF-MP1718BB exhaust system


Highlighted features

  • Deep aggressive sound
  • Can fit almost all glide
  • Loud exhaust
  • Removable baffle
  • Available on different end tip style

Sharkroad is another brand that is known for producing an excellent performance exhaust system. Sharkroad exhaust systems come in pairs and have a deep aggressive sound.

To some people, this deep sound is needed and to some, the loud noise is very uncomfortable.

SHARKROAD creates the 4.4″ largest outlet slip-on muffler that provides a premium intense aggressive tone.

Sharkroad exhaust systems are the loudest in the exhaust industry, the loud noise is a result of hot rod mufflers. The mufflers will make your motorcycle purr like a dragon.

The exhaust pipe also has a removable end tip that you can choose to remove anytime and replace with anyone of your choice.

The mufflers are also packaged very well to prevent them from rusting before you purchase them.

Lastly, the exhaust pipes are available in black or chrome color and of course in a different style of end tips.

  • Easy to install
  • Sounds good at idle
  • Removable baffle and end tip
  • Very loud
  • Gets rusty quickly


10. Vance & Hines 16871 Duals Exhaust

Vance & Hines 16871 Duals Exhaust


Highlighted features 

  • Increased torque and horsepower
  • Full header coverage
  • Heatshield
  • Exclusive power chamber

Vance and Hines 16871 is another excellent performing exhaust system produced by the versatile brand.

The 16871 is characterized by an increased torque and horsepower which reduces the stock performance of the exhaust system. It only has double head pipes, mufflers are not made with it.

The distinctive look of the heat shields on the Power Dual Core head tube conveniently masks the prowess of the dual Power Chamber crossover which enhances the performance of stock head pipes.

The exhaust system is designed to help reduce the temperature of the exhaust up to 250° F, with this, the pipe will not overheat and the side covers are safe.

A full heat shield is designed with it to protect the passenger from the overheating of the exhaust pipe.

Lastly, a double bung Oxygen Sensor port of about (18mm & 12mm) is at the side of the pipe.

  • Great performance
  • Reduced exhaust temperature
  • Double oxygen sensor port
  • Power chamber
  • Mufflers are not added.


11. SHARKROAD Black 4.4″ HDMF-MP9508BB Megaphone Slip

SHARKROAD Black 4.4" HDMF-MP9508BB Megaphone Slip


Highlighted features

  • Throaty sound
  • Third generation baffle
  • Removable baffle
  • Smooth exterior
  • Double slip ons

Sharkroad megaphone slips exhaust system is distinctively different from other exhaust systems in the market because of its extra loud mufflers.

Although, as a good rider you will know that your bike doesn’t necessarily need to be extra loud, it has to sound very good too, Sharkroad exhaust systems are loud and at the same time have good sound.

This is an excellent feature that most people want on their bikes.

Another noticeable feature of this exhaust system is that the end tip baffles are designed in two different colors either black or chrome and you can choose any of the colors to blend with your bike, more so, the end tip baffles are easy to remove.

The exhaust system is designed so that it can easily be installed by anybody, just read the manual and have all the necessary hardware then you are good to go.

The only noticeable downside is that it only fits into the 2017-2020 and cannot fit all aftermarket headers so you have to be careful during the purchase and check to be sure it’s a good fit for your bike.

  • Easy to install
  • Sounds great
  • Fits in perfectly
  • Quite cheap
  • Smooth exterior
  • Get rusty easily


12. Vance & Hines 47227 Shortshots Staggered

Vance & Hines 47227 Shortshots Staggered


Highlighted features 

  • Blue proof heat shield
  • Oxygen sensor port
  • Removable baffle
  • Chrome end treatment
  • Stunning looks

The 47227 short shots staggered is an excellent performing exhaust pipe designed by Vance and Hines.

It is a black and chrome exhaust system that enhances the performance and also gives an aggressive look to your Harley Davidson.

The exhaust system is particularly designed to be used on the Harley Davidson bikes built from 2013 until 2018 to give it a deep sound and stunning look.

It also has a sharp sensor that is very deep in the system than most of the sensors in other exhaust systems.

This is important because it provides you with enhanced data feedback for your ECM and helps you enjoy a healthier ride.

Vance and Hines 47227 comes with louvered full baffles. If you are the type that prefers the quiet baffle, it can be fitted into the system.

  • Blue proof heat shield
  • Rich and deep sound
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Double hole end treatment
  • Baffle can be removed
  • Reduced horsepower.





Highlights features 

  • Removable baffle
  • Aluminum tips
  • Street glides
  • Throaty sound

Mototeks mufflers are straight pipes characterized with awesome sounds. The exhaust system has a 16g triple chromed body with removable end tips.

A noticeable feature of this exhaust system is that the end tip baffles are designed in two different colors either black or chrome and you can choose any of the colors to blend with your bike, more so, the end tip baffles are easy to remove.

The exhaust system is not too loud but sounds great and purr like that of a dragon when in motion.

Lastly, it comes with all the required hardware for easy installation and you don’t need to worry about getting new bolts.

  • Easy to install
  • Deep sounding muffler
  • Comes with the required hardware
  • Discoloration of the mufflers.


14. JFG Racing F17131404 exhaust pipe

JFG Racing F17131404 exhaust pipe


Highlighted features

  • Excellent look
  • Great muffler sound
  • Triple coated chrome tip

JFG exhaust systems are designed to offer your Harley Davidson bike with elegant style and stock performance.

The system is crafted from pure Stainless steel that will not corrode or rust and at the same time, it is heavy enough to deal with the high temperature of the exhaust without any damages.

The stainless steel is painted black.

The system is mainly crafted to operate on the Softail motorcycle that has only forward controls and was produced between the year 1987 and 2015.

If the easy installation is what you look for in an exhaust system, JFG is very easy to install and will pair up excellently where the previous exhaust pipe was removed.

You just need some tools like pliers and screwdrivers to remove the previous exhaust and mount your JFG pipe.

  • Changeable mufflers
  • Easy installation
  • Double exhaust pipe
  • Sounds good
  • Lightweight
  • Not so durable
  • Delay in shipping


15. S&S Cycle 550-0003 Tune Dual Pipes

S&S Cycle 550-0003 Tune Dual Pipes


Highlighted features

  • Dual look
  • 220 Degrees heat shield
  • Updated styling
  • Radiated heat
  • Hidden crossover

S & S cycle dual-pipe has more horsepower than almost all the known dual pipes and this helps to increase the stock performance of the exhaust system.

The back cylinder header is moved under the bike so as reduce the radiated heat from the exhaust pipe to the passenger

The pipe has an excellent styling which gives the bike a modern look, it has an Oxygen sensor port for an easy ride.

  • Full-length heat shield
  • Reduces muffler heat
  • Oxygen sensor port
  • Hidden crossover


Buying consideration of Best Performance Exhaust for Harley Davidson

Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson

There are certain things you should put into consideration before planning to replace your Harley Davidson exhaust pipe.

You need to consider the compatibility, performance, and material it is made of.


Not all exhaust systems are compatible with Harley Davidson, so you need to understand what design, color, and models the system is compatible with before choosing to buy.

You can easily take the exact measurements of the existing exhaust system and also measure the diameter of the new system that you are deeming to buy to make sure that it will be a perfect fit with the new bike.

You need to do this because most of the exhaust systems are non-returnable.


To make sure that the installation process is easy, you have to be sure that all the installation hardware and accessories come with the system.

If you mistakenly pay for an exhaust system that does not have accessories like mounting brackets, or the simple hardware that is required for the installation, then you might have headaches getting the right components to use.

The only thing to do here is to frequently check the description of the product and be certain that all the accessories will be available.


Not all of these exhaust systems are legal everywhere, in order not to waste your money please be sure that the exhaust system is legal in your state.


The material used in naming the exhaust system is most likely to be the same, the only difference is your preference of buying the one made of stainless steel or chrome.


After installing the exhaust system, it is sure to change the sound of your bike, some are extra loud while others are minimal, so be sure you live in an area where noise making is not prohibited before buying a loud exhaust system.

FAQ’s Best Harley Exhaust For Performance

Can the performance of the exhaust system enhance the performance of my Davidson motorcycle?

If you fit in a performance exhaust to your bike, it allows air to flow inside the engine very well and the exhaust gas is released easily, this will, in turn, increase the overall performance of the bike but it might consume more fuel

Will the resale value of my Harley motorcycle rise if I replace the original exhaust with a new performance exhaust?

The price may go up because most riders want a performance exhaust and it might be a bonus to them

Is it legal if I replace my Harley exhaust with an aftermarket performance pipe?

It is legal in some countries and it is not legal in some other countries, so you have to be sure it is legal to change the stock exhaust.


Anybody purchasing a Harley motorcycle has very high expectations concerning the look, sound, and power, and perhaps you are not satisfied with the inbuilt items, like the exhaust pipe, you can easily purchase performance exhausts to boost the sound and performance of your motorcycle.

Check any of the above reviews about the exhaust system and choose the perfect fit for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.