12 Best Touring Seat For Street Glide 2024 – Most Comfortable Harley Davidson Seats

Selecting the best touring seat for street glide is not as easy as it sounds. You know the qualities you desire in a touring seat but simply do not know how to find the best fit.

If that’s you, these our detailed review of the best touring seats for street glide is just what you need.

Read on for our one-by-one analysis of each of our best touring seats for street glide recommended for you.

What Is The Best Touring Seat For Street Glide?

When it comes to the best touring seat for street glide, the Mustang Motorcycle Seats are our top choice.

Mustang is well associated with producing only quality materials that are worth your value for money.

As a leading brand, they have produced many seat models. However, the Mustang 79006 one-piece seat remains our recommended choice.

Why Mustang Motorcycle Seats are the Best Brand for Harley Street Glide?

As far as Harley Street glide is concerned, the Mustang Motorcycle seat beats other competitors to the game.

Mustang produces with such a high level of precision and consistency of quality, making it seem as though they are the official seat makers for Harley Davidson.

Comparison Table of Best Touring Seat For Street Glide

Top Touring Seat For Street Glide Reviews

01. Mustang 79006 Deluxe One-Piece Seat – Best Mustang Touring Seat

Mustang 79006 Deluxe One-Piece Seat – Best Mustang Touring Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Wide Rider and Passenger Seats
  • Bucket Drain Hole
  • Vinyl Covered Seat

Widely known for its high-quality standards, this one-piece Seat from Mustang is one that will undoubtedly impress you.

By purchasing this one-piece touring seat, you can begin to enjoy your bumpy rides without fear of having a sore butt.

However, one significant disadvantage here is the absence of a backrest. It would be great to consider making plans for installing one before making an order for this fantastic deluxe seat.

Getting a backrest kit that perfectly fits this one-piece seat can be a little challenging, but it is definitely worth the stress. Long-distance riding can be very strenuous at times.

Another factor is the cost of getting a backrest. While they are not so expensive, you can decide to check out the other models of this Mustang seat that feature removable backrests.

There is a lot of fun to enjoy during long rides, provided you have a backrest. Also, this Mustang 79006 seat promises comfort at its maximum.

If you doubt this, the 19 inches width for the front seat and 14 inches for the passenger seat will convince you.

An additional feature that makes this seat unique is the front bucket drain hole for rainy times.

Although the seat is made up of quality vinyl material, the drain hole prevents it from absorbing much water.

  • Flexible design that allows the installation of backrests
  • High-Quality Cushion Seat
  • Wide front and rare seats
  • Bucket Drain Hole to reduce water absorption
  • No backrests. You have to get one yourself
  • It does not work with H-D frame backrests

02. Mustang 76033 One-Piece Touring Seat – Best Mustang Vintage Seat

Mustang 76033 One-Piece Touring Seat – Best Mustang Vintage Seat



Highlighted Features

  • High-Quality Cushion
  • Wide seats
  • Vinyl Covered Seat
  • Nose-like Pointed Seat                                    

With the FLHT model exception, this Mustang vintage seat works seamlessly on the other Harley Davidson Touring models.

The Mustang seats’ precision of fit makes it easy to wrongly assume that Mustang is the official manufacturer of seats for the Harley Davidson.

Mustang designs are neat and usually cover for differences in individual sizes and height of people.

Those who do not have any problem with the average stock height should find this seat very useful.

The rider seat features a narrow nose-like pointed front that makes it convenient for the rider to step on the ground.

Asides from the shape of the rider’s seat, both the rider and passenger seats offer excellent comfort because of their wide dimensions. The wide 14 inches rear seat provides enough support to ease you while riding.

That being said, this Mustang touring seat does not come with backrests. So, we will be docking some points here.

However, the baseplate has an open design that allows the installation of the driver backrest. It also allows you to install armrests in case you deem it fit.

  • Easy to install the backrests
  • Comfortable ride due to wide front and rare seats
  • Works on all Harley Davidson Models except FLHT
  • Suitable for both short and tall riders
  • No backrests. No armrests. You have to purchase one yoursel

03. XFMT Hammock Rider & Passenger Seat – Best Hammock Leather Touring Seat

XFMT Hammock Rider & Passenger Seat – Best Hammock Leather Touring Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Integrated Suspension Framework
  • Leather Covered Seat
  • Plastic & Iron Seat Frames
  • Quality Foam Cushion

If you are looking to go on that adventurous bumpy ride with zero fears of harsh road impacts, then this XFMT Hammock is for you.

It offers an integrated suspension framework that minimizes riders and passengers’ risk of falling off on severe road impacts. 

Another thing about this Hammock seat is the material. The seat cover is classy and available at a reasonable price.

With the quality leather cover coupled with the comfy foam interior, you can be assured to go several miles without feeling sore from using this seat.

The exterior design of the seat is also not left out. That is why we have a plastic side frame for the seat and some iron frames that improves durability.  

However, the leather cover on the seat requires special care. The rider has to apply proper maintenance to avoid tear and wears being given out a reasonable price.

The bike should not be regularly exposed to too much dust and heat.

One more stand-out feature of this Hammock seat is the ease of installation of the seats.

There is also room for you to check out how high you sit on it compared to the Harley stock seat.

If you are tall and unsure about how comfortable you might be, there is an option to try out a demo seat from the dealers.

Besides, you should also try getting an adjustable backrest for very long rides. While getting one, you should ensure compatibility is guaranteed.

  • Suitable for long rider and passenger rides
  • Quite cheap for the level of comfort it provides
  • Protects rider’s tailbone on road impact
  • No backrests. You have to get one yourself
  • Stitching lines for the seat cover are not straight and neat.

04. Mustang 76036 One Piece 2- Up Motorcycle Seat – Best Mustang Touring Regal

Mustang 76036 One Piece 2- Up Motorcycle Seat – Best Mustang Touring Regal

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (6 Pounds)
  • Soft Pillow Cushion
  • Vinyl Covered Seat
  • Contour Bucket Design
  • Water Proof Seat

As you must have seen by now, Mustang is a popular brand for motorcycle seats.

They are mainly compatible with the Harley Davidson models, and its manufacturers are known for their consistency in giving out quality at a reasonable price. Comfortability is also a major attribute of their product.

That is why we love the regal style design of this Mustang seat. The vinyl-covered seat provides what we can call a “soft pillow comfort.”

We call it soft because of the unique folds on the seat that make it comfy. With this seat, you can keep riding hundreds of miles without feeling a thing.

Besides, vinyl-covered seats are very durable and can survive harsh climatic conditions. They are also waterproof to some extent.

Although they are not better than leather seats, they are cost-effective. Moreover, the elegant look is so much like that of leather and provides a similar comfort level.

Despite also enjoying the contour bucket design that supports the lower back, there are a few features we do not like.

Firstly, this Mustang seat does not have a backrest. However, the base plate has been made flexible to accommodate one easily. You need to find where you can get a backrest that is compatible with the seat. 

Also, the driver seat is not as wide as we wanted. Fine, we understand that the narrow front nose is to allow short riders’ legs to touch the ground firmly.

Regardless, it reduces comfort because fat riders might likely not find it convenient.

  • The seat is waterproof and does not get damaged by rain
  • Very easy to install after purchase
  • Offers support for the lower back
  • No backrests. You have to get one yourself
  • Narrow rider seat for fat people

05. XMT MOTO Touring Seat – Best XMT Pillion Touring Seat

XMT MOTO Touring Seat – Best XMT Pillion Touring Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Synthetic Leather Cover
  • Cushion Foam Support

If you use any of the 2009-2020 Harley Davidson models, this seat will be compatible with your bike. With a budget-friendly rider and passenger seat, the XMT MOTO is an excellent choice to consider.

This low-quality budget touring seat also comes with all essential mounting parts to facilitate easy installation.

The seat is super comfortable and gives you the leisure of embarking on long adventurous rides with comfort guaranteed.

XMT MOTO manufacturers always thrive on delivering top quality alone, and we could say the same for this seat. 

The synthetic leather covering and cushion foam inside provides adequate comfort while riding for the price. It also has a fine plastic frame with inside iron support for rigidity.

However, this comfortable seat has a downside. There is no slot to install a rider and passenger backrest. That is, plans to establish a backrest is canceled out.

We do not recommend you buy this if you plan to always take it out with a partner or passenger.

Your passenger will most likely complain of sliding all over the seats for lack of back support. That being said, you can consider purchasing if you plan to on more solo rides.

Asides from that, all the other features are great and comes with great satisfaction.

  • Installation of the Seat and parts is very easy
  • Super comfy seat for long rides
  • Works perfectly with any of the 2009-20 Harley Davidson Model
  • No backrests and no open slot to install one

06. TCMT Hammock Touring Seat – Best TCMT Seat for Long Distance Rides

TCMT Hammock Touring Seat – Best TCMT Seat for Long Distance Rides



  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic Leather Cover
  • Foam Cushion
  • Integrated Suspension System
  • 15 inches wide passenger seat

As one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle passenger seats, the TCMT Hammock seat promises good value for money.

The overall light weight of the seat makes it perfect for long rides. The seat comes with a plastic frame, hence the reason for its very lightweight.

Asides from the plastic frame, the seat has a synthetic leather cover that gives it a beautiful and classy look.

If properly maintained, leather-covered seats are very durable and can last for a very long time.

Besides, the foam provides soft support underneath and ensures you do not feel any strain from sitting for too long. 

Another reason why we recommend this Hammock seat for long-distance rides is its integrated suspension system.

With this, both the rider and passenger have reduced risks of falling off the motorcycle on hard impact with bumpy roads.

With that in mind, TCMT Hammock also provides a great deal of comfort via its distinctively wide 15 inches passenger seat.

The cradle-shaped front seat is deep and firmly keeps the rider in position during bumpy rides. It provides adequate support feature for the lower back.

However, this TCMT Seat that is easy to install has its downsides. The staples that hold the fabrics are not very durable, and so they sometimes scratch down to the metal part of your bike.

If not promptly checked, it can lead to costly damages. The solution to this is to upholster the fabrics frequently, which can be very expensive. 

  • An excellent choice for a long ride
  • Very easy to install after purchase
  • Offers maximum comfort to the passenger with 15″ wide seat
  • Does not have a shock absorption framework

07. Le Pera Solo Touring Seat – Best Le Pera Motorcycle Seat

Le Pera Solo Touring Seat – Best Le Pera Motorcycle Seat


Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (9.7 Pounds)
  • Quality Seat Material
  • Foam Cushion

Le Pera, the manufacturer of this silhouette solo seat, is known for its quality designs since as far back as half a century ago.

The Le Pera silhouette solo seat is no exception, and it’s what we regard as a mix of elegance and quality.

The fine-trend design forms a smooth flow from the tanker down to the fender.

The seat is narrower than the stock seats, which is advantageous because it accommodates the average size rider. It allows you to place your feet on the ground quickly.  

The construction of this seat offers maximum comfort during rides.

There is soft foam support under the one-piece seat that ensures you do not feel the strain from prolonged sitting hours.

  • The seat allows you to place your feet on the ground easily
  • Offers soft foam cushion support
  • There is no provision for a passenger seat

Buying Considerations of Best Touring Seat For Street Glide

Saddlemen Seats for Harley

So far, we have discussed some of the best touring seat for street glide. How then do you decide which one is best? What are the factors to consider before purchasing a touring seat?

We will be discussing answers to these questions in this section.

The reality is that there are a lot of sub-standard seats out there, and it is easy to mistake them for quality articles without proper knowledge.

An expensive seat is not always the best one. Likewise, a cheaper product is not necessarily less inferior in quality. So, you have to be careful in the decision-making process.

The dimension of the seat

When it comes to picking a touring seat, the dimensions of the seat width matter a lot.

When we say width, we are talking about the seat’s width in inches and the seat’s height compared to the stock ones.

For a perfect ride experience, the seat should be lower than those of stock to assist the rider putting their legs on the ground.

Besides, it is also vital that the seat is wide. A broad enough rider or passenger seat guarantees comfort over long distances.


While long-distance riding is fun, there is also some stress in it. So, everyone will need to rest at one time or the other.

That’s the backrests function; they help you relax your back muscles a bit even while riding.

The same applies to your passenger too. Asides from resting their back, a backrest will allow them to sit firmly and balanced on the bike.

Some of the backrests are adjustable these days, so it fits your sitting posture regardless of your height or size.

However, not every seat always comes with a backrest. When this happens, you should immediately consider getting one that is compatible and brings comfort.

For some seats, you should also look out for armrests too; they help the passengers to balance well rather than sliding all over the seat.

Riders do not need armrests because they have to hold the bike’s handle.

Quality of Materials


Cheap or not, the quality of your seat material is part of what you should always watch out for!

Buying less quality material is a waste of money because it eventually gets damaged, and you will then be forced to get a replacement. Such expenses are termed avoidable expenses.  

Not only do lower-quality materials waste your money in the long run, but they also jeopardize comfort too.

Always ensure that the seat you are picking has quality foam under it. Look out for the material of the seat cover as well.

Synthetic leathers offer the best in durability, but vinyl has also proved to be a close substitute.

Many manufacturers now use vinyl in designing their seat covers. It looks like leather, although it’s not one.

With the classy and elegant feel, little wonder why it is many manufacturers’ top choice.

Another thing is that Vinyl is also resistant to harsh climatic environments. Leather is more durable but cannot withstand the same heat as vinyl.

This hints that you should probably consider how you plan to use the seat before getting it. If you would be traveling under the sun frequently, go for vinyl instead.


Aside from the quality of the seat materials and seat covers, it is essential to get a waterproof seal to an extent.

Water from rainfall or splashes can often wet your seats. Hence, there is a need to get a good seat material not easily damaged by water.

A good seat cover should be one that does not absorb the water. You should also look out for features like a front bucket drain as well.


All the factors we talked about point to one factor – comfort. Unlike some items where the price is the primary determinant during purchase, the case is different for touring seats.

For us, comfort is a major determining factor. After going on a long-distance ride, the last thing anyone wants to experience is having a sore butt.

However, this is not often the case from the manufacturer’s point of view.

Production costs and other related costs are often considered necessary because what the manufacturer wants is profit.

That is why we recommend going for aftermarket seats over the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs).

That’s the reason all the touring seats we reviewed were aftermarket sales.

The aftermarket manufacturers are closer to the users and tend to offer more comfort for a similar price. They use soft foam for the seats and high-quality materials.

FAQ’s Best Seat For Street Glide

Seats for Harley

What seat material is the best: Gel or Foam Cushions?

Many people ask this question of whether the gel is better than foam cushions as seat cover supports.

Why many manufacturers use gel is because it can withstand high-pressure force without compressing easily. Unlike foam, gel only changes its shape when pushed down.

However, gel displaces when it changes shape, and this affects how much shock it can absorb.

Hence, getting a good quality foam is the recommended option (even though a lot of manufacturers do otherwise)

Vinyl or Leather: Which one is best for use as a seat cover?

If you are talking about which one is better in terms of design or classy look, both are very cool options. However, that’s not all. There are other essential factors to consider.

For durability, leather covers score a good point because of their tough nature which makes them stronger.

Also, vinyl is durable to an extent and possess an edge via their ability to withstand the harsh climate. Besides, vinyl has water resistance features that help to preserve its durability.   

However, vinyl absorbs heat more than leather, which means that the seat gets very hot during a long sunny ride.

Can water damage my saddle?

The answer is Yes, but only if you are nonchalant about it. The first thing to do when rainwater drenches your seat or water spills all over it is get the water out. Firmly squeeze out the water before putting it out in the sun to dry.

However, many seats are now water-resistant, mostly the vinyl-covered ones. Little water might still enter, though, so you have to squeeze to be sure.

You can also consider getting a waterproof cover for rainy seasons and chances where water might penetrate your seats.

Will I get a fully covered leather seat by ordering for one?


Not really. A leather seat means every essential part of body contact with the seat will be covered by leather.

Other parts are usually complemented with vinyl of the same color so that it blends.

These other parts include the side frame of seats or backrest support too. Your body rarely touches them, so there is no need to put leather there.

 The idea is that leather does not absorb much heat as vinyl, so it is placed where it will appear cool on your body. Moreover, vinyl does not stretch like leather, so it remains durable despite the heat.

Are Vinyl and Leather the only seat cover types?

No. While vinyl and leather are the more popular names, we get to hear them every day. They are not the only types of cover seats.

We also have the Velour made of cloth material instead of what we are already used to.

As a result, it has to be treated with protectants against harsh weather changes.

Another problem with using velour seat covers is that it traps dirt so efficiently.

This should not be a surprise since the fabric is that of cloth. It does not also last long, and therefore requires more extensive care.

Does the Mustang seat offer the same height as the stock seat?

Most of the time, yes. The Mustang seat tends to set the rider on the same height the stock seat offered when new.

However, this can change depending on the quality or firmness of the replacing foam.

Can I purchase a saddle alone without getting the backrest?

Yes, you can. Provided the manufacturer offers backrest separately. However, it is advisable to always order for a backrest along with the saddle.

The problem is that it might be challenging to get one that will be compatible in the future.

Can I order a customized saddle, especially for me?

Sure! You can. Your comfort is the priority here, and that’s what every manufacturer promises to guarantee.

Personal specifications like your weight and height can be given to the manufacturers to work on. However, this requires you are sure of what exactly you need.

That is, you should have a previous idea of how your desired specifications will work.

When it comes to customizing, you are the boss and the manufacturer listens.


That brings us to the end of our review. As promised, we have looked in detail into each of our 7 best touring seats for a street glide that you can choose from.

The determining factors before making a purchase have also been explained.

All that is left is for you to decide what features you need and go for the one that delivers it best.

Here are some other great picks available on Amazon right now: