10 Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger 2024 – Top Picks

The truth is that only when you buy the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger can you enjoy your Harley Davidson touring bike.

It is not enough to have a Harley Davidson touring bike. If it is not equipped with the right parts, then it’ll function like other regular bikes.

One of the very germane parts of a touring bike is the exhaust pipe, so you can either enhance or reduce the functionality of your bike with your choice of exhaust.

Different factors define what the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson should be.

Nonetheless, after all, considerations, there is always that one that stands out as best among the others.

  1. Vance & Hines 16763 – Best Exhaust for Power and Aesthetics
  2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome – Best Exhaust for Sound
  3. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 – Best for Adaptability to a wide range of models
  4. Freedom HD00232 Exhaust – Best for Hardware Provided
  5. Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust – Best for Sound Flexibility



What is The Best Harley 2 Into 1 Exhaust?

Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust

In all the markets for 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bikes, Vance & Hines 16763 is the best.

The exhaust gives off a great, bass sound, and offers optimized performance and low maintenance cost.

A second-best alternative to the Vance & Hines 16763 is the Cobra Neighbor Haters exhaust brand. It is popular as the second-best in the market.

Why Vance & Hines 16763 is The Best Two into One Harley Exhaust?

Generally, the brand is known to offer some of the best exhaust systems in the market.

This Vance & Hines product is perfect for sound, performance, and aesthetics. The popular opinion is that it is quite affordable for its quality and has a high longevity rate.

Comparison Table of Best Harley 2 Into 1 Exhaust

Top 10 Best Harley 2 Into 1 Exhaust Reviews

1. Vance & Hines 16763 – Best Exhaust for Power and Aesthetics

Vance & Hines 16763


Accumulated Features

  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • 4 inches, well rounded, large muffler body
  • Full coverage shield Available quiet insert
  • Fits a wide range of Harley-Davidson Touring Models.

No matter the specificity of your two into one Harley exhaust needs, the Vance & Hines 16763 will always come in handy.

And not just handy, but will beat your imagination. This pipe has different interesting features that endears it to users.

The Vance and Hines pipe tops our list of best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson touring bikes for several reasons.

The Twin exhaust is compatible with a wide range of Harley Davidson Touring bikes.

The pipe is designed to be used on Harley Davidson touring bikes of models between 1995 and 2016.

While the exhaust system is originally loud; louder than the stock exhaust and with a deeper tone.

They come with an optional quiet insert. So, it has a flexible sound feature.

Another amazing feature of the exhaust is its internal heat shield. The shield is full-coverage hence, stalls the possibility of having blue chrome.

The two into one generate more power to touring bikes as compared to the other two into one exhaust.

  • The exhaust system is flexible with its sound offerings.
  • The internal heat shield feature is full coverage.
  • The slash end tips give bikes an aesthetically unique look.
  • Doesn’t fit recent Harley Davidson models.


2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome – Best Exhaust for Sound

Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome


Accumulated features

  • Fits only 2017 and 2018 touring models
  • Great aesthetic appeal deeper and loud sound
  • 4 inches in circumference
  • A well rounded, bulging rear

The loud rumble that comes from the Neighbor Hater muffler is the true definition of a ‘call for attention.’

You do not need to take out the baffles to get the desired deep, loud, and bass sound.

Even at an idle state, you’ll get very loud blasts and at the range of acceleration, it gives off a sound that is balanced between loud and beautiful.


Installing the exhaust doesn’t require any special expertise. It is an easy to install exhaust and only a little time is required in the process.

The two into one exhaust pipe is 4 inches in circumference but shoots out at 4.5 inches at the end of the pipe.

The perforated exit is designed to look like a trumpet bell. This feature aids its full sound.

  • The pipes are simple to install
  • Come at affordable prices
  • Deep and Bass sound. Great!
  • They only fit Harley Davidson 2017 and 2018 bike models.
  • The internal rusts on the mufflers.


3. Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 – Best for Adaptability to a wide range of models

Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001


Accumulated features

  • Fits 1996-2016 Harley Davidson touring models.
  • The sound is loud; Louder than stock pipes.
  • The end caps are CNC-machined billet aluminum.
  • Non-resistant to heat.
  • Bolts and other hardware.

The Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 came third on our list of best two into one Harley exhaust.

The pipes are designed to fit Harley Davidson touring bike models between 1996 and 2016.

The installation process is an easy ride and takes only a little time. It has a good balance of sound. Very loud in an appealing way.

Be careful with the tip of the exhaust, it is “not heat resistant” and because “the paint is not quality, the paint at the tip tends to peel off and change color with use.”

To salvage the situation, you could repaint the exhaust.

Another thing to watch out for is the hardware for installation. “The bolts are too long, so it’ll be impossible to install saggy bags on the exhaust.”

To mend this, you can either cut the bolt short or buy new ones.

Asides from the length, “they strip out easily,” so you’ll need to double bolt them. This is to ensure that they don’t fall out from vibration.

  • Easy to install.
  • The Sound. It is loud in a mature way.
  • It is adaptable to a wide range of bike models. The 1996 to 2016 Harley Davidson FLH Touring models are compatible with the design of the pipe.
  • Works well with all stock and even some aftermarket head pipes.
  • Sometimes the hardware does not fit.
  • Tips are not heat resistant


04. Bassani Xhaust B4 FLH-747B Exhaust

Bassani Xhaust B4 FLH-747B Exhaust


Accumulated features

  • Megaphone Muffler
  • Specific to tuned motors.
  • Lightweight (32.6 pounds)
  • Compatible with 2006 to 2016 Harley Davidson models.
  • Good TQ and HP
  • The complete heat shield fittings.
  • Complete installation hardware except for exhaust gas.

The Bassani pipe is built for tuned motors. And it is only compatible with 2006 to 2016 Harley Davidson models.

The quality of the sound is top-notch; bass and solid sound. It improves the performance of Harley Davidson bikes. It performs better than stock pipes.

Although the pipe at the rear curls around the transmission dipstick when on five-speed transmission, the pipe still reaches the dipstick.

The package comes with heat shields and header pipe slip-on mufflers. Note that after the installation of the pipes, you’ll have to tune the bike.

  • Easy installation
  • The pipe improves power
  • The set up comes out better than those of stock pipes.
  • The quality of the sound.
  • The bike requires tuning after installing the pipe.


05. Freedom HD00232 Exhaust – Best for Hardware Provided

Freedom HD00232 Exhaust


Accumulated features

  • The mounting hardware and brackets
  • Full range torque
  • 16 gauge heavy duty heat shields.
  • The quality of the sound beats those of stock pipes.
  • O2 ports & plugs for early models.

The exhaust is made in the US. And for its quality the price is quite affordable.

This freedom pipe not only makes full, beautiful, and loud sound, it offers good power and improves bikes’ performance.

Even at the peak of its sound, you can still listen to your radio. The sound it produces is not deafening.

Even when you hit the throttle, the sound it makes is more smooth than blaring.

Note that the bike needs to be tuned after the installation of your Freedom HD00232 exhaust. You should tune the fuel mapping for better performance.

The exhaust is one of the few that comes with a complete hardware package.

The package comes with brackets and bolts for installation. Asides from those, it is complete with fits forward & mid controls.

The step performance system is operational for anti-reversion, its full range torque and the optimal horsepower are some of the reasons the exhaust made it to the list of top 10 best Harley 2 into 1 exhaust.

  • Its great look
  • Great sound
  • The quality of the chrome
  • Pipe offers good power.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Requires tuned fuel mapping.


06. Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust – Best for Sound Flexibility

Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust


Accumulated features

  • The 12mm O2 oxygen sensor
  • Megaphone shaped
  • The advanced design system
  • Its optional competition baffle 406-402
  • The optional quiet baffle 632-359
  • The blue-proof chrome heat protective shield.

The Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust is crafted with a unique design. As against other models from the brand, this product is an improved piece.

The pipe offers a bigger volume merge collector. The very loud exhaust is flexible.

It comes with an optional quiet baffle 632-359 for reducing the sound and another optional Competition Baffle 406-402 for increased sound. Whatever be your choice.

The megaphone-shaped exhaust system has a blue-proof chrome heat protective shield all around. Alongside the shield, it also has CNC machines end caps.

These end caps are engraved with the Vance & Hines badge. For bikes with electronic fuel injectors, use Fuelpak for bike models earlier than 2007 and Fuelpak FP3 for models later than 2007.

This will help the fuel management system.

The exhaust is easy to install and the process shouldn’t take more than an hour to unfit the old exhausts and replace them with the Vance & Hines 2 Into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust.

It made it to the list on the account of its flexible sound feature.

  • Pipe offers increased performance
  • Offers great aesthetic appeal
  • The blaring sound
  • The positioning enhances movement.
  • Offers a flexible sound system
  • The small and weak clamps


07. Bassani – Greg Lutzka Limited Edition – Best for Balanced Sound

Bassani - Greg Lutzka Limited Edition


Accumulated features

  • An advanced inner collector for maximum performance
  • Extra packages including hardware, hat posters, and sticker.
  • Equal-length headers
  • 18mm O2 sensor ports
  • The 12mm adapters
  • The megaphone shaped

With the stainless steel, longevity is assured. This pipe rarely rusts. The exhaust is heat resistant and retains color even while in heat.

It has a strong build. Bassani Greg Lutzka products are generally easy to install.

This particular product has a sound that is perfect for cool riders who do not like blaring sounds. Even while on the throttle, it makes a decent amount of noise.


It fits a wide range of touring bikes from 1991 models down to 2017 Harley Davidson touring bike models.

This is another reason the Bassani- Greg Lutzka is listed on our top 10 best two into one Harley exhaust.

  • The beautiful and balanced sound
  • The beautiful look.
  • Stainless steel aids longevity.
  • The heat resistance feature
  • It fits a wide range of Harley Davidson models.
  • Pipe is unfit for riders who love blaring sounds


08. Vance and Hines

Vance and Hines


Accumulated features

  • Available for Harley Davidson 2012-2015 models.
  • The most recent of the Vance and Hines 2-into-1 products.
  • Tuned length stepped headers.
  • Awesome merge collector
  • Header, megaphone, and collector heat shields
  • It is lightweight (30.7 pounds)

The Vance and Hines exhaust has a stepped megaphone design. The pipe merge collector feeds perfectly into the system. The pipes are offered with collector heat and header heat shields.

The first step on the megaphone also has a shield and end-cap. The end cap is a chrome-plated billet. It is CNC machined.

When installing the exhaust system of a carbureted bike, use new exhaust gaskets and a solid jet kit.

Meanwhile, when changing the exhaust system of a fuel-injected motorcycle, use a new exhaust gasket and a digital fuel processor.

“Watch out for the pipe, over time it gets discolored from cam timing, carb jetting, and some other tuning.” Take off the stock flanges on the bike and use o2 plugged for improved efficiency.

The two into one simple exhaust system from Vance and Hines is simple. This particular product is one of the best two into one Harley exhausts.

It doesn’t have complexities in installation, and maintenance. This pipe has an excellent sound and the power it exudes is excellent. It works well with 2012-2015 Harley Davidson bike models.

The look is quite aesthetic, although in a simple way. The flexible sound feature makes it universally accepted and suits buyers who either want loud or quiet buffers.

  • The loud STD baffles.
  • Pipe is compatible with the Harley Davidson forward controls.
  • It is space-efficient. It accommodates the use of rear passenger pegs.
  • Ease of installing.
  • Cases of possible discoloration.


09. Bagger Brothers BB-FE2000-CHR-Apollo-K Maverick Exhaust

Bagger Brothers BB-FE2000-CHR-Apollo-K Maverick Exhaust

Accumulated features

  • Megaphone-shaped 4 inches outlet.
  • Two O2 sensor ports, 18mm.
  • 1-3/4 inches head pipes
  • It comes in black and chrome
  • The exhaust has CNC-machined billet aluminum, removable end cap.
  • Fits the 2017-2019 touring models.
  • The black alpha billet tip

This Bagger Brothers product fits Harley Davidson touring models between 2017 and 2019. The exhaust is so beautiful with its black alpha tip and chrome headers, the beauty of the bike is improved.

You can even mount extended and standard saddlebags on the exhaust. This pipe not only improves beauty but also improves the performance of the bike.

If what you need is an exhaust with reasonable sound, beautiful design, and improved performance then you’ve got one.

  • Pipe gives room for saddlebags
  • The balanced sound
  • The improved performance feature
  • Removable end cap 
  • None


10. New Supertrapp Stainless Steel Bootlegger

New Supertrapp Stainless Steel Bootlegger


Accumulated features

  • Short, removable baffle
  • Stepped header
  • 18 mm 02 sensor
  • The turnout end cap
  • Bracket and bolts
  • Stainless steel

It comes with hardware- bolt and mounting brackets for exhaust installation. Baffles are removable, but it’s best that you don’t take them out.

The exhaust is quite loud. Taking out the baffle will only constitute airborne pollution and get you in trouble in most cities and states in the US.

Aside from noise pollution, taking out the baffle will definitely tell negatively on the performance of the exhaust.

The pipe is built with high-quality material improving the performance of the pipe.

It has a well-balanced sound, is loud enough for any rider and doesn’t work with a heat shield and is not heat resistant.

Does not come with header gaskets.” Installation is easy. Its design accommodates Harley Davidson touring model 2011-2016.

The stainless steel Bootlegger exhaust has a flexible end cap. The end cap can either be turned out or turned face down.

  • Perfect on factory floorboards.
  • It offers good backpressure
  • The exhaust is compatible with high flow intake
  • Flexible end cap
  • Pipe offering comes with brackets
  • Lack of heat shields


Buying Consideration Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger

2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger

In getting the best exhaust for Harley pipes, the following features should be considered.

Sound performance

One of the features that stands a Harley Davidson bike out from others is its sound. Every Harley bike comes with the loudest sound offerings.

Losing the premium sound to a changed exhaust is tantamount to losing the bike itself.

As you can already tell, sound is a very important feature of pipes. So, pick an exhaust that reflects your desired sound.

Installation Hardware

Not all exhaust pipes come with installation hardware. While some exhausts come with brackets, heat shields, and screws, some others only come with the pipes.

Nonetheless, it’s not enough for the pack to come with hardware, ascertain the quality and longevity of these tools.

Although this feature is not a very important feature that should determine whether you buy or don’t buy a product, you could consider it an added advantage.

It saves you the stress of searching for hardware that fits perfectly.

If you find a product that you absolutely love but does not have sufficient installation hardware, do not be deterred, you could still go for it.

2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger


Check out for the longevity of the product. The warranty is a good pointer to the longevity of the pipe.

Another pointer is the chrome, the pipe material, paint, and resistance to heat. Confirm all of these before making a purchase decision.


Buy a pipe that complements the look of your bike. It doesn’t have to be obvious that you got a replacement pipe.

Get your pipe looking and feeling new with an aesthetically appealing pipe.

Adaptability to models

This is key. Check out the range of adaptability of the pipe. Some pipes are only adapted to few models while some others have a wide range of adaptability.

Not all exhaust models will ace all these features, so your choice of exhaust should depend on your scale of preference for exhaust pipe features.

Following our list, if you are such a buyer that is big on the sound that your bike produces, then you should get the Cobra Neighbor Haters exhaust.

It is our best exhaust for sound. And for the quality and quantity of hardware provided, Freedom HD00243 Exhaust tops the list.

Meanwhile, for a range of adaptations to models, the Bagger Brothers BB-EX1001 is our most recommended product.

Each of our listed products has one or more excellent features that stand them out while the Vance & Hines 16763 Twin Slash offers generally excellent features and tops our list.

FAQ’s of Best Harley 2 Into 1 Exhaust

2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Bagger

What is a muffler?

Mufflers are silencers. They help to reduce the sound produced in any vehicle. Without mufflers, motorcycles tend to make unbearable noises.

Can I ride a motorcycle without a muffler?

Generally, some touring bikes operate without mufflers. If you want your bike blasting loudly as you ride across, then you can take out the mufflers.

But note that this is illegal as it constitutes airborne pollution. 

Is it legal to take out mufflers?

It is not illegal to take out your mufflers, the noise it produces is what makes tye act illegal.

Generally, some laws set limits to the amount of airborne pollution that can be caused by vehicles.

Although these laws vary across cities and states. Do not be deceived by the number of bikes that move around without mufflers. It is a violation of law.

Do all states prohibit the act of riding bikes without mufflers?

In some states, straight pipes are allowed only for track purposes. While others don’t allow it at all.

Some other locales request that bikes on public roads use mufflers meanwhile, on private property, they can do without mufflers.

So generally there are laws against the non-use of mufflers but they differ depending on where you reside.

Harley Touring 2-1 Exhaust Comparison - Dyno Runs & Review 1-26 screenshot

Of all the Hayley Davidson touring bikes, which ones have exchangeable exhaust fitment?

 The difference in muffler fitment is caused by the change in the header pipe flange at the muffler.

While there are different exhaust fitment per bike model, header exhaust pipes will fit bike models between 1985 and 2008.

The change came in 2009 when the frames became wider at the rear angle.

Which of the two into one exhaust system and two into two exhaust system gives a better balance effect?

Both options have their upsides and downsides. So, while the two into two exhausts offer bikes balance and stability, the two in one system give more power to the bike.

But I guess the two in one system makes up for the issue of ‘balance’ by being light.

It is usually lightweight so it doesn’t cause too much disparity in the weight balance of the bike.

Which of the two into one, and one into two exhaust systems enhance performance?

In terms of performance, the two into one system wins. Especially for the mid-range and low range, it is a better option when compared to the two into two systems.

Which of the two into one, and one into two exhaust systems has better sounds?

For sounds, the two into two systems offer better quality. They are the best sounding pipes. So, for people who are freaked about sounds, the two into two in your go-to.

Can my Harley Davidson Exhaust pipe function without the baffles?

Yes, your bike will operate well without baffles. For most people, the delight of riding a Harley Davidson is the sound it produces.

Recent models of the touring bikes now come with quite an exhaust pipes.

It is the more reason most people are finding ways around the exhaust system to ensure that the sound comes blasting right out.

How can I improve the sound of my baffles?

There are two ways to do this. One is to take out the exhaust and replace it with louder ones, another is to take out the baffler.

Your bike will work without baffles just take your bike to a reliable shop or a Harley shop.

You can also take out the baffles from the exhaust pipes on your own.

What is a baffle?

The baffle is a piece of metal that is mounted into an exhaust pipe to reduce the sound produced by the exhaust.

It serves to bring a level moderate to the sounds produced by the exhaust pipe.

How can I take out the baffles of an exhaust pipe on my own?

1. Affix the hole saw to the exhaust pipe and drill in using an electric drill or battery-powered drill.

2. Rub WD-40 or cutting oil all around the ends of the exhaust pipes.

3. Just above the chrome ring, cut the back end of the first and second layer of the top exhaust pipe.

4. Clamp the baffle with the vice grips and create a twist with the baffle.

What happens if I run my Bike without mufflers?

The back pressure wave will disappear if you run your bike without mufflers.

It doesn’t end there, it’ll also ruin the scavenger. Generally, taking out tour mufflers pose risks to your bike.

It is not good for performance. You’ll run lean and it might get to the point where you’ll damage the engine.

Is it true that riding without mufflers destroys the engine?

Not only is it illegal to take out the mufflers in your exhaust and ride them in public, but it is not so good for your bike.

While it might be fun to take out your muffler, it’ll do your engine a lot of good to keep it in and improve longevity.


In conclusion, the Harley Davidson touring bike is one of the best brands in the market. It is popular for its attention-calling sound and quality.

The buying consideration that guides the buying decision of most buyers of the Harley Davidson bikes is the general quality of its sound.

There is a way a Harley Davidson bike should sound. If you need to replace the stock exhaust pipe, make the right decision so that your new two into one pipe does not downplay the quality of the bike.

Our list of 10 best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson bikes consists of exhaust products that improve the performance of your bike.

Some of these products even produce sounds that are better than the stock Harley pipes. Make a pick from our list and enjoy great rides henceforth.

Here are some other similar products available on today’s market: