Top 7 Best Harley Davidson Trike Cover Reviews 2024- Waterproof & Heatprotected

Are you a proud owner of Harley Davidson? If yes, you cannot refrain from getting a Harley Davidson trike cover to protect your bike from UV rays, water, dust, dent, etc.

A good quality trike cover will ensure that your vehicle is not rusted in the long run.

Trike covers with proper air vents will not allow the moisture to get trapped inside, leading to rusting.

Before finalizing the trike cover for your Harley Davidson, you should check the same for quality, size, air vent, and installation.

What is The Best Harley Davidson Trike Cover?

Nelson-Rigg TRK355 is one of the best Harley Davidson trike covers among the others listed here in this blog.

If you are looking for a lightweight trike cover for your bike, then you can go with Covermax’s trike cover for Harley Davidson.

Why Nelson-Rigg TRK355 is The Best Brand For Harley Davidson Trike Cover?

Nelson-Rigg TRK355 trike cover is the best brand for Harley Davidson because of its best hard-wearing performance.

It gives your bike 100% waterproof protection, thus preventing it from rusting.

Other than this, the perma-venting function averts the accumulation of condensation, thereby allowing persistent air circulation.

Also, this trike cover can withstand harmful UV rays very effectively.

Comparison Table of Best Harley Davidson Trike Cover

7 Best Harley Davidson Trike Cover Reviews

01. TRK355 X-Large Trike Cover by Nelson-Rigg: Best Water Proof Trike Cover For Harley



  • It consists of Tri-Max polyester
  • Withstands harmful UV rays
  • 100% waterproof for superior protection
  • Heat-resistant lower panels
  • Perma-venting system for air circulation
  • Hassle-free access to the trunk

Made by using the premium quality Tri-Max polyester, which is UV-treated, this Harley Davidson trike cover is ultra-durable.

Besides, it is medium-weighted, making it convenient for the user to put the cover on the motorcycle with ease.

On top of that, this product is fully waterproof to deliver reliable performance, especially in the rainy season.

Furthermore, all the seams are heat-sealed with the help of an electronic process.

Likewise, there are silver lower panels that are heat-resistant to protect the cover from the hot exhaust—additionally, the windshield liner with smooth surface aids in safeguarding the cover against hazing and scratches.

Other than this, the perma-venting function averts the accumulation of condensation, thereby allowing persistent air circulation.

However, the rear zipper of 50” enables the user to access the trunk compartment without removing the cover.


  • Resilient to scratches and hazing
  • Ideal for long-term use
  • Stylish and classy look
  • Delivers heavy-duty performance


  • Lack of maintenance can cause a little color fade
  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions

02. Harley Davidson Trike Cover by Covermax: Lightweight Trike Cover



  • Crafted with 300 denier polyester
  • Durable concealing of polyurethane
  • It comes with a storage bag
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Air vents for enhancing the airflow
  • Elasticized bottom for a perfect fit

This cover is lightweight that facilitates ease of use. Apart from this, it is suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Another striking part about this product is that it can withstand water damage with higher efficiency.

What impresses the most is the inclusion of air vents alongside the closures for loop and hook.

In the long run, it helps in improving the air circulation for unmatchable performance.

More to say, this cover enhances the overall aesthetic features of your motorcycle. For the convenience of the user, this trike cover arrives in a storage bag.

Further, there are reinforced grommets that are adequately sewn into the cover. The bottom part of the cover is elasticized.

In addition to this, it ensures that the cover stays intact, even during harsh winds. This product is suitable for prolonged use.

Most importantly, the polyurethane coating secures the cover against inevitable deteriorations.


  • Great for extreme weather conditions
  •  No need to adjust the cover frequently 
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Water-resilient seams


  • Not much resistant to scratches
  • Requires a little effort in folding the cover

03. 51060-00 XXX-Large Trike Cover by Dowco Guardian: Breathable yet Robust Trike Cover



  • ClimaShield technology
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Made with 300D polyester fabric
  • It contains a concealing of soft cotton
  • Vent system with moisture-guard
  • Elasticized shock cord for precise fitting

Dowco trike cover is breathable. Along with that, it is also waterproof to provide best-in-class protection for your vehicle during rainy weather.

More to say, the construction of this cover comprises of soft cotton that effectively safeguards the windshield.

Another notable aspect of this product is the reflective vent system.

Ultimately, it plays a crucial role in preventing the accumulation of moisture underneath the trike cover.

All thanks to the moisture-guard system of vents that keeps the cover in good condition.

Other than this, the grommets that are sewn into the cover facilitate an easy pass-through for wheel lock.

Furthermore, the build-up of this cover is made using the ClimaShield technology.

In the long run, it offers unmatchable protection for the cover against the mildew, rain, and fading caused due to UV rays.

For reliable performance, it has been made using the 300D polyester fabric. Lastly, the double-tapped seams restrict the entry of fluids inside the cover.


  • Suitable for all-weather types
  • Remains unaffected by UV rays and mildew
  • Highly resilient against fading and scratches
  • Inclusion of a drawstring bag


  • Build-up is slightly heavy in the segment
  • Inclusion of only two securing eyelets

04. 4-465BC Black/Charcoal Trike Cover by UltraGard: Best Heatproof Cover



  • Reflective logo design for visibility
  • Elasticated hem with bungee cord
  • Grommets to withstand tearing
  • Arrives in a compact storage bag
  • Resistant to fading and UV rays
  • Fully waterproof with heat shield

Ultragard trike cover is seamlessly stylish. Other than this, it comprises heavy-duty construction that offers optimal reliability in long term usage.

Apart from this, it is also waterproof that secures your vehicle from the damages related to water.

Furthermore, it has a tailor-fit design that takes the shape of your vehicle’s natural stance. Ultragard cover is made using polyester.

On top of that, the durable coating of polyurethane assists in enhancing the performance.

Besides, the fabric used in the construction is resistant to harmful UV rays as well as fading. Additionally, the heat shield is highly resilient against the scorches.

More to say, it safeguards the cover from the hot exhaust tubes. For ensuring a tight closure, this product has four dual-stitched folding interlocking seams.

To sum up, the windshield liner driven by Softtek helps to prevent scratches.


  • Grommets are rust-proof
  • High-precision and constricted fitting
  • Remains unaffected by dirt and pollution
  • Tear-resistant side panels


  • Not ideal for use in the scorching heat
  • It does not avert the moisture build-up properly

05. Premium Trike Cover by Formosa Covers: Top-Notch Fitting and Trunk Accessibility



  • Rear zipper for easier trunk access
  • Highly visible piping of reflective accents
  • Made with 300 denier polyester fabric
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Resistant to scratches and UV rays
  • Heat-sealed seams for water resistance

Formosa cover has a rear zipper that enables the user to reach the back with ease.

Another significant part about this product is that it flaunts piping of reflective accents, giving it an alluring look; on another note, the premium-quality fabric aids in protecting the sew-in zippers against scratches.

Formosa’s medium-weighted cover is breathable and durable as well.

Further, it is highly efficient in withstanding the deteriorations caused by the water.

Likewise, there is a heat shield that protects the cover in scorching temperatures.

Additionally, all the seams are heat-sealed through the electronic method.

A notable aspect of this cover is the softer protector for the windshield that prevents hazing and scratches.

Other than this, the air vent function helps remove the moisture layer, thereby facilitating air circulation.

To conclude, the elasticated bottom with 1” grommets in the center ensures a tight and precise fitting.


  • Breathable and elegant cover
  • An efficient air vent system
  • Ensures snug fitting
  • Inclusion of storage pouch


  • It might take time to fold the cover
  • The installation process is a bit tough

06. 4-466BC X-Large Trike Cover by UltraGard: Durable Performance and Compactness



  • Interlocking dual-stitched seams
  • Breathable and compact
  • Flat elasticated hemp
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Side panels to avoid tear
  • Visible logo with a reflective piping

This trike cover provides a first-class fitting so that it remains intact on the vehicle. Along with that, it has lightweight compactness for the user’s convenience.

Due to this, one can easily install or remove this cover without much time and effort.

Ultragard cover delivers reliable and long-lasting performance. Furthermore, the surface of the cover is black over the charcoal topped with a smooth finish.

Overall, it can withstand the damages arisen out of dirt, pollution, and adverse climatic conditions.

However, the inclusion of a windshield liner powered by SoftTek secures the cover against scratches and harsh winds.

Another big thing about this product is the bungee cords combined with coated hooks that keep the cover strapped.

Above all, the lower panel comprises a heat shield that defends the cover against the hot exhausts.


  • Appropriate for outdoor use
  • Remains intact in extreme weather
  • Lightweight and easily foldable
  • Long-lasting performance


  • Not separate function for air circulation
  • Ineffective in avoiding condensation build-up

07. 4-365 Essentials Trike Cover by UltraGard: Superior Windshield System



  • Expandable pockets for windshield
  • Travel-friendly storage pouch
  • Includes windshield liner
  • Elasticated bottom for an exact fit
  • Coating of polyurethane
  • Rust-resistant grommets

4-365 essentials trike cover holds strong resistance to heat damage.

Apart from that, there are tie-down grommets that are rust-proof as well for long-lasting and unswerving performance.

Further, this cover arrives in a zippered storage pouch that is travel-friendly too.

However, the bungee tie-down cords ensure that the cover remains intact over the vehicle irrespective of the weather conditions.

In addition to this, the hooks have a coating of polyurethane. Ultimately, it offers exceptional protection against scratches and extreme climates.

Another attractive part about this product is the elasticated hem that ensures a tight fit.

Talking about the looks of the cover, it is black-colored with a sleek finish texture. 4-365 essentials cover is suitable for outdoor use.


  • Convenient installation system
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Ease of folding and storage
  • Unaffected by rust and scratches


  • Lack of air vent system
  • Resistance to water is not satisfactory

Buying Guide of Best Harley Davidson Trike Cover

There is a vast availability of premium trike covers in the segment. Because of this, it has become quite challenging for the user to select the most suitable one.

To get the most out of the cover, one must consider certain features along with compatibility.

For this, the following are the buying considerations that would guide in selecting the best Harley Davidson trike cover.


Most trike covers are versatile when it comes to compatibility. On the other hand, few covers are suitable only for specific models.

That is why one should carefully assess the compatibility of the trike cover before purchasing the same.

Otherwise, the fitting of the cover would lack precision, thereby delivering poor performance.


Another essential factor to consider is the size of the trike cover. The bigger motorcycles would require covers of a greater size such as XL, XXL, or XXXL.

Contrary to this, the trike covers of M or L size are suitable for the smaller models.

To achieve a more comprehensive coverage with unmatchable protection, it is recommended to go for large-size covers.


If you want to enrich your motorcycle’s aesthetic appearance, then opt for colors such as grey, black, or charcoal only.

Such colors give a classy and trendy look to the vehicle. Conversely, the trike covers in neon colors do not look graceful. So make sure to select the color which goes well with the vehicle’s build-up.


To determine the ease of handling, the weight of the cover plays a key role.

Generally, the heavy-duty covers are quite weightier, making it difficult for the user to install or roll them.

On the other hand, lightweight covers are comparatively more comfortable to use.

To sum up, there are compact trike covers in the segment which are resilient too for offering impressive durability.


One of the most fundamental factors to look for before investing in a trike cover is the installation system.

It is not feasible to dedicate time and effort to fix or roll the cover at the end of the day.

To prevent this issue, the user must check the installation system of the cover.

Lastly, the cover with a quick and straightforward installation system adds to the user’s convenience.


Some of the leading brands provide a handy storage bag along with the trike cover. Sooner or later, it enables the user to store the cover with ease when not in use.

Besides this, some storage bags are travel-friendly so that one can carry the cover effortlessly. In due course, compact storage supports proper maintenance of the cover.


If you want a cover that performs well even in the rain, then go for the waterproof one. Some covers are partially resistant to water, whereas some are not.

To ensure an exceptional protection system for your motorcycle, the trike cover must be water-resistant.

Additionally, most covers often have a sealing that averts the water or fluid from entering inside.

Weather resistance

For ensuring reliable performance throughout the year, one should invest in a weather-resistant cover.

From harsh storms to harmful UV rays, the weather-proof covers can withstand all with ease. Moreover, it also prevents the color from scratches and fading.


Usually, the trike covers are made up of UV-treated or 300 denier polyester. A resilient construction offers superior and durable functioning in prolonged use.

In addition to this material, there is a coating of polyurethane also that safeguards the cover against any kind of inevitable damage.

To keep your motorcycle free from scratches, make sure that the cover’s underneath layer is made of soft cotton.

Air venting system

Due to the unfavorable climatic conditions, there is a build-up of condensation over the vehicle.

To resolve this problem, the trike covers have air vents. Most importantly, it eliminates moisture build-up and promotes air circulation.

Elasticized hem

For providing a snug fit with higher precision, the trike covers have an elasticized hem.

Not only this, but it also ensures that the cover stays intact without any re-adjustments. Other than that, it makes the cover more secure in times of harsh winds or storms.

FAQ’s Harley Trike Cover

What are the different types of trike covers?

When it comes to popularity and preference, the following are the two most common types of trike covers:

Full-size covers:

Such types of trike covers are capable of covering the full body of the motorcycle. From wheels to the tired and from mirrors to handlebars, it conceals all of them.

In particular, a full-size cover’s prime role is to protect all the key components of the vehicle. To put it another way, most weather-proof and water-resistant covers arrive in full size only.

Half covers: Being half the size of a full-size trike cover, it conceals only the motorcycle’s upper half.

One can protect components such as gas tank, surrounding area of the handlebars, and seat through this cover.

Though the half-size covers do not shield the vehicle’s full body, it can block UV rays. More to say, some of the half-size covers are waterproof as well.

What are the advantages of having a trike cover?

Having the top-notch Harley Davidson trike cover offers the following benefits for your motorcycle:

  • If you are parking the motorcycle outside, then the trike cover would safeguard it against UV rays, rain, and unfavorable weather
  • In case if the user parks the vehicle indoors, it would protect the vehicle from grime, scratches, dents, and dust
  • A trike cover helps in keeping the motorcycle clean and dirt-free for a longer

What are grommets in a trike cover?

Usually, the grommets are present on the lower half of the trike cover. One can even secure them properly by using either a rope or a chain.

Most importantly, the grommets’ role is to help the cover stay intact, especially during wind storms.

What is the use of reflective strips on the cover?

If you are parking the motorcycle outside, specifically during the night, reflective strips will be of great use.

In general, there are fair probabilities of accidental hitting in the parking spot when it is dark.

To avoid such accidents, the trike covers have reflective strips. These make your motorcycle more visible to other people and vehicles for maximum safety.

Can a trike cover cause rust?

By using the premium-quality trike cover, one can prevent the vehicle from rusting. If the fabric of the cover is breathable alongside vents, then it would not trap the moisture.

Because of this, the flow of air would be sufficient enough to remove the build-up of rust-causing dampness. Conversely, if the cover is not breathable or there are no vents, it can cause rusting.

How to clean a trike cover?

Regular cleaning of the trike cover is very vital as it assists in maintaining its quality and performance.

You can use a non-abrasive and soft cloth to wipe down the cover. After removing the dirt and grime from the cover’s surface, dry it with the help of another clean and soft cloth.


No one can deny the fact that how essential trike covers are for your Harley Davidson bike.

A good quality Harley Davidson trike cover will help withstand bad weather conditions and UV rays.

One important thing you need to keep in mind while buying a trike cover for your bike is that it should have a proper air vent so that moisture is not trapped inside.

This blog will surely help you choose one of the perfect trike covers for your Harley Davidson.