Top 10 Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley Davidson 2024: High Performance & Great Looks

When it comes to the best true dual exhaust for Harley Davidson motorcycles the options available are unlimited and vary considerably, ranging between many models and fitting different budgets.

Finding the perfect fit for your motorcycle can be tricky, but this review will cover the most important factors, helping you to make an informed decision.

From the first models of motorcycles, exhaust pipes had a definitive role, to conduct the carbon monoxide produced by the motorcycle away from the pilot and passengers, if any.

Thanks to modern engineering and innovative design ideas, they can do a lot more now.

From adding a plus of style to reducing the heat, add horsepower, and even improve the sound, exhaust kits have become an important addition that will offer any bike a noticeable upgrade both in terms of performance and even handling.


Comparison Table of Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley

Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley Reviews

01. Vance & Hines– Best Dual Exhaust For Touring Harley Davidson Motorcycles


Highlighted Features

  • Decreases emitted heat
  • Boosts engine performance
  • Reduced weight – 13 pounds
  • Has Dual Bung Oxygen sensor ports

With over 40 years worth of experience in the engineering area, Vance & Hines has produced some of the most powerful and innovative parts for motorcycles, and this dual exhaust is no exception.

This astounding exhaust system is able to ensure not only a noticeable upgrade in terms of raw power, but it’s also able to ensure one of the best sounds possible on a motorbike with a clear and powerful tone.

Even if it isn’t in the low-budget area, it has everything you need to get going.

A heat shield that will protect the driver and passenger from increased heat as well as vital engine parts, oxygen sensor ports and plugs, and a staggering look with a black finish.

This is peak engineering, and only a few models can beat this one. This model is also compatible with Trikes, however, it requires an adapter kit sold separately.


  • Easy to install
  • Improved sound
  • Compatible with Trike models (installation kit sold separately)


  • Mufflers are not included

02. Vance & Hines Power– Best Chrome Dual Exhaust For Harley Davidson Motorbikes


Highlighted Features

  • Increased torque and horsepower
  • Prevents heat damage
  • Incorporates Dual Bung Oxygen sensor ports
  • Elegant design

For those looking to upgrade their 2009 – 2016 motorbike’s performance while also keeping a phenomenal look, Vance & Hines have the perfect solution.

This double exhaust with chrome finish is not only very good-looking but also amazing technically speaking.

It will increase the horsepower of your vehicle while also creating one of the best sounds on the market.

It features ports for the oxygen sensors, a heat shield that will protect the driver and passenger from increased temperatures while also protecting the vital parts of the engine, and it’s also compatible with Trike models.

However, it needs a Trike adapter that is sold separately. Users have reported several mistakes in the installation guide that can create confusion in the installation process. We recommend new users to ask for help if they cannot use the manual.


  • Increased performance and sound
  • Quality materials
  • Compatible with Trike models (installation kit sold separately)


  • Installation instructions are vague

03. Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250 – Best Low Budget Exhaust for Harley Davidson Motorcycles


Highlighted Features

  • Improves vehicle handling
  • Complete and easy-to-install package
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Enhances engine and sound performance

For those who want to save some money without sacrificing too much performance, the Cobra True Dual Head Pipes ensure everything you need while costing only half the price you’d expect.

Very easy to install with clear instructions, this dual exhaust set will boost the raw power of the engine while also ensuring a mellow and quieter sound for your motorcycle.

The ingenious design will allow better handling of the vehicle and thanks to the chrome finish it’s guaranteed to turn some heads.

Improved overall performance with a smoother throttle, very good-looking design, and a new sound – everything at only half the price other companies ask. This is quite the deal!


  • Facile installation process
  • Noticeable sound improvement
  • Ensures better exhaust flow


  • Mufflers are not included

04. Vance & Hines– Best Dual Exhaust For CVO Harley Davidson Motorcycles


Highlighted Features

  • Straight forward installation process
  • Enhances engine power
  • Greatly reduces the exhaust heat emission
  • Compatible with Trike models

For those rocking a CVO Harley Davidson model, Vance & Hines have a special exhaust alternative that will increase the performance of your vehicle and add a plus of style.

Brilliantly designed, ensures a boost in performance by adding extra horsepower and torque to your vehicle, while also looking very stylish with its chrome finish.

The heat shields are mounted on the Power Duals head pipes to protect the pilot and passager from heat emissions and are beautifully masking the vital parts of the engine for even more utility.

The system also includes ports for an oxygen sensor. The V&H Power Dual Exhaust is compatible with Trike models but requires an additional adaptor kit sold separately.


  • Very stylish design
  • Greater horsepower and improved sound
  • Perfect fit for an easy installation process


  • It requires a floorboards extension, sold separately (for CVO models)

05. Bassani Xhaust True-Dual– Best Value True Dual Pipes For Harley Davidson Street Cruisers


Highlighted features

  • Modern chrome finish
  • Great compatibility range from 1995 – 2014
  • Ports and plugs for oxygen sensor
  • Very easy to install

Probably the product with the most compatible models, this True Dual Crossover Headpipes set for Harley Davidson bikes has everything you need to treat your vehicle with a little upgrade.

Not only that the installation process is easy and fast, but the package will contain all the mounting hardware and instructions that you need to get started as soon as you want.

It features a set of heat shields that will protect the pilot and passenger from rising temperatures while also protecting the engine’s vital parts.

The boost in performance is guaranteed, adding some extra horsepower and noticeably improving the sound over the stock version.

Top it with a nice chrome finish for some extra style and you will get a product that is not only performant but good looking.


  • All hardware included for easy installation
  • Affordable to most budgets
  • Very good sound and modern design


  • Mufflers not included

06. S&S Cycle Power Tune Great Value Power Tune Duals For Harley Davidson Motorcycles


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with 2006-2008 models
  • Modern design with chromed heat shield
  • Strong 16-gauge build
  • Custom design for heat reduction

If you are looking for a new set of pipes for your Harley Davidson motorcycle, S&S Cycle has a very good offer that will give all the value it can for the amount paid.

Engineered to add 8 horsepower to the vehicle and improve its torque, this set is able to deliver a boost of performance while requiring minimal effort to install.

It is also compatible with a broad range of Harley models like Road King, Road Glide, and Electra Glide.

The oxygen sensor bungs, full 220-degree heat shield designed to protect the pilot and passenger from rising temperatures, and complete mounting hardware needed for installation, recommend this system as being one of the best deals available on the market.

For some Harley models, the heat shield’s positioning might need a slight adjustment. However, this hasn’t been frequently reported so this can be easily avoided by contacting the manufacturer and requesting the exact sizes.


  • Complete kit, ready to install
  • Upgrades the bike’s horsepower and throttle response
  • Enriches the sound of the motorcycle


  • The heat shield position needs adjustments

07. Vance and Hines 16672 Twin Slash– Best Value Slip-on Exhaust For Harley Davidson Cruisers


Highlighted Features

  • Ensured a deeper sound
  • Compatible only with 2017-2018 models
  • High-quality product for the given price
  • Good for Trik Glide and Freewheeler models

For those looking for a small upgrade that will boost their motorcycle’s performance, look no further, Vance & Hines have the perfect solution – The Twin Slash Round Chrome Slip-On.

Not only that it requires little to no effort to install it, compared to a full exhaust system, but the differences are noticeable from the first ride.

Compatible with 2017 – 2018 cruisers and touring Harley models, these mufflers combine the vintage look of round slip-ons with a unique and staggering twin slash end treatment that is guaranteed to add some extra horsepower and ensure a whole new sound for the motorcycle.

Top that with a chrome finish and a full-coverage heat shield, and you will get the best product in terms of price per value that money can buy.


  • Increases engine performance
  • Affordable price range
  • Stylish look with chrome finish


  • For some users, the sound might not be loud enough

08. Freedom Performance HD00202 – Most Stylish Exhaust System For Harley Davidson Cruisers


Highlighted Features

  • Includes ports for oxygen sensors
  • Full Softail True Dual system
  • Good looking shark tail tips
  • Wide variety of compatible models 1997-2006

The two most important perks that recommend this system are its wide range of compatible vehicles and the very good-looking shark tail tips that will make your motorcycle stand out.

It features everything it needs for a complete package like a removable baffle, oxygen sensor ports and plugs, full 220 heat shields that will protect the engine’s vital parts as well as the pilot and passenger, and the complete mounting hardware and brackets made out of stainless steel.

It also guarantees the motorcycle a deeper and richer tone easy to distinguish from afar. Everything about this exhaust system recommends it as one of the best choices for cruisers like Softail Deluxe, Heritage Softail, or Fat Boy.


  • Gives the bike a deeper tone
  • Great fit, easy to install
  • Chrome finish for a plus of style


  • Cannot be used in certain states due to noise regulations

09. Rinehart 100-0200 4 Professional True Dual Exhaust For Touring Harley Davidson Motorcycles


Highlighted Features

  • Increased horsepower and torque performance
  • Improved sound over stock options
  • Compatible with models from 2009 – 2016
  • Modern look with chrome finish

When talking about quality exhaust systems there are a few names every enthusiast can name, and Rinehart Racing is definitely amongst them.

A company that started just like many other big names, in a garage, built its name and brand around important values like commitment and passion.

The 4 Xtreme True Dual System is no exception to this rule being one of the most impressive exhaust systems available for touring bikes.

Besides the increased horsepower and torque, it ensures an amazing sound over the stock exhaust version making your vehicle sound like a true Harley Davidson motorcycle.

It features oxygen ports, 4-inch mufflers included, and a set of black end caps that be changed at the customer’s request.

The impressive performance combined with this staggering look ensures a complete experience that is going to reinvent your riding experience.


  • Comes with black caps that can be changed at the request
  • The package includes 4-inch mufflers
  • Perfect choice for Harley touring bikes


  • Getting the mufflers on the header pipes can be tricky

10. Freedom HD00220 Exhaust – Racing Dual Exhaust System For Cruiser Harley Davidson


Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty heat shield
  • Oxigen system ports & plugs
  • Improved horsepower and torque
  • Comes equipped with an anti-reversion system

For the owners of Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycles that want a little upgrade, the freedom HD00220 exhaust system is a great start.

Engineered to offer amazing performance, optimal horsepower, and increased torque, this complete kit has everything you need, including the mounting hardware, for easy installation.

It features heavy-duty heat shields that will protect the pilot and passenger from excessive hear emissions and ports and plugs for the latest oxygen sensor system.

Combine the performance boost and enriched sounds it provides with a very fashionable metallic finish, and it will become clear why this is the best choice for your street-cruiser Harley.


  • Stylish modern look for classic bikes
  • Noticeable performance improvements
  • Enriches the sound


  • Pretty expensive

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Buying Considerations Best True Dual Exhaust For Harley

Picking the right dual exhaust for a Harley Davidson motorcycle implies a fair amount of research since there are plenty of aspects to consider.

From the material used for fabrication to size, performance, overall look, and the features it provides, there is a product fit for everyone.

Even more, the budget might also have a saying when it comes to making the right choice but this is not an issue since there are so many available models it is impossible not to find the optimal, low budget, high-quality dual true exhaust you want for your bike.


Modern exhaust kits are generally engineered to ensure increased horsepower – some more than others – and smoothen the throttle by facilitating a better airflow.

Some products are meant to replace the stock parts without modifying the vehicle’s performance, while others benefit from the advancements of present enginery and can seriously improve the riding experience.

If you are looking for raw power, more torque, and a radical change in terms of rideability make sure to check the specification sheet and choose a model that will guarantee all of the above.

Most manufacturers specify the exact number of horsepower added by their product, and thanks to modern communication channels you are one click away from finding demo videos of the products you are most interested in.


Perhaps the second most important factor riders take into consideration when purchasing a new exhaust system is the sound it produces. After all, you will always hear it before see it coming.

Some exhausts are built to ensure a deeper tone, others will reduce the overall noise, and lastly, there are plenty of models that will guarantee your vehicle can be heard from miles away.

While mufflers are mainly responsible for reducing the amount of noise produced, the overall build of the exhaust system and the materials used will contribute as well.

The process is simple, the pipes redirect the airflow and allow gases to expand into sound suppressive materials.

Since not everybody wants a silent vehicle, some exhaust systems will ensure the total opposite, meaning they will create a louder noise but richer at the same time.

Unfortunately, this comes with legal concerns since many states around the world have restricted vehicles that produce a certain number of decibels, so make sure to check it out before making any decisions.


Even if this doesn’t actually count as technical criteria, the design is one of the most important things to consider since it can drastically change your bike.

Chrome or mat finish, with fishtail tips or black end caps there is something for everybody. If you want to preserve the classical chopper look you can pick a normal chromed finish with long parallel exhaust pipes.

Or maybe you want to give your bobber a sport look so you might as well pick short mat finish pipes that will give the performance boost you need while also maintaining a modern and aggressive aspect.


Besides the increased performance and overall looks, modern exhaust systems come equipped with heat shields that will protect the driver and passenger from rising temperatures while also preventing heat from reaching vital engine parts.

Modern exhaust systems for motorcycles also include ports and plugs for oxygen sensors so you can accurately measure the oxygen levels of your fuel injection system.

Some models are specially engineered to add a plus of handling by equally diving the weight on both sides while others add quite some mass to your already massive motorcycle meaning you will need some extra muscles to hold it in place.


Giving the fact that hundreds of thousands of motorcycles have been manufactured since their first apparition till the present.

It comes as no surprise that there are so many available options on the market, it would be impossible to list them all.

Model, year of fabrication, and engine displacement are the most important compatibility factors you need to consider before making a decision.

Before making your purchase make sure the model you are looking for is compatible with the Harley Davidson bike you have, and make sure the package contains everything you need for installation.

Some exhausts are compatible even with Trike models but require a separate kit for installation, meaning yet another purchase has to be made.

It is also very important to check the content of your package since some of them don’t include important pieces like support brackets, mufflers, or slip-on for the exhaust.

This is a very important aspect to be considered since some kits may seem more expensive but the fact that they do not require any additional purchase usually can save more money than a cheaper version without the much-needed parts.

So remember, even if you have a limited budget and want to opt for a cheaper set thinking it will make a great deal, most of the time it can result in more work and waiting time until you can obtain all the pieces and make sure they match with one another.

How To Install Tips

Installing a true dual exhaust on your Harley Davidson is a lot mot easier than you’d expect but at the same time a little more difficult for those with no experience whatsoever.

This can vary from model to model and most of the time manufacturers will also include a guide will all steps included

  • Before you start the actual work make sure to remove any saddlebags and the side front floorboards
  • First things first, you cannot install a new exhaust kit if you don’t remove the old one, start with the mufflers, then the heat shields from both exhaust pipes, rear pipes, exhaust brackets, flange nuts, front pipes, and remove the exhaust gaskets
  • Next, you will have to install new exhaust gaskets, new exhaust flanges, and retaining rings as well as a brand new set of brackets, make sure to purchase a brand new set of spare parts if the kit doesn’t include them since you don’t want to use the same old one that might break
  • If available, install the oxygen sensors, however, if you don’t have oxygen sensors you can apply anti-seize to threads of included bung plugs and install them into header pipes
  • Now it’s time to install your brand new front header pipe and begin to thread exhaust the flange nuts but don’t tighten it
  • When sliding the ’P’ clamp onto the front cylinder header pipe from the rear make sure that the bolt holes tabs and the flat edge of the clamp are located right underneath the header pipe
  • Be sure to appropriately place the front header and tighten the front cylinder exhaust flange nuts as well as the ’P’ clamp
  • Install a barrel clamp onto the inlet end of your right muffler, we recommend applying a bead of copper high-temperature silicone sealer to the muffler inlet. After that, the muffler assembly can be slide onto the right front header pipe, and install the bolts and locking nuts, make sure they are tightened
  • Once this has been done, it’s time for the heat shields, make sure to check the manual for the correct orientation of the clamp and tighten it
  • From now on it might be necessary to loosen the starter wire terminals and re-position wires towards the mainframe covers
  • Install the header tab bracket and barrel clamps on the rear pipe but do not fully tighten since there is going to be needed some space for adjustments
  • The heat shield needs to be installed on the read cylinder header pipe and it is also time to install the pipe on your bike, make sure everything is in place and well adjusted
  • Once you have completed this, it is time to install the muffler assembly onto the rear cylinder head pipe and make sure to tighten all the barrel clamps, shield clamps, and exhaust flange nuts, and of course the floorboards

While this is a general description of the installation process sometimes it can be a tad more difficult based on the exhaust’s dimensions.

This is why it’s very important to have the exact sizes, otherwise, you might need to get your bike to a service for a custom installation process

Do’s & Don’ts

Whenever you decide to acquire a new exhaust system for your Harley Davidson motorcycle there are a few things you should consider doing and not doing:

01. Don’t buy second-hand parts, unless you know and trust the buyer. Even so, buying second-hand goods puts you at risk since there is no accurate way of approximating the remaining life span of the product.

Sometimes second-hand products can have hidden defects that will be revealed when it is already too late.

Additionally, used parts might not satisfy the updated pollution and noise regulations or even safety ones.

02. Don’t buy from an untrusted source. Well-known manufacturers have taken years and years to perfect their products to ensure such high levels of quality and performance.

Moreover, such important parts require special engineering, careful measurements, and precise building to properly fit and respect legal regulations.

The seller should also be authorized and trustworthy. There are so many authorized sellers around the globe that provide quality products at different price ranges that it wouldn’t make sense to risk it just for a few bucks.

03. Don’t remove the mufflers to make the motorcycle louder. Even if it might sound like a good idea to remove the slip-on from the exhaust system in order to increase the volume.

This can damage the vehicle, due to heat not being properly distributed, by burning the exhaust valves, melting parts of the bike, or even your shoes.

Instead, you can purchase an aftermarket muffler or even a new exhaust system that will not only create the best sound one could wish from his motorcycle, but will also benefit the engine and the vehicle’s life span.

04. Don’t use illegally modified mufflers/exhausts only for the sake of noise. In many states, there are strict rules about noise from 2 wheeled vehicles.

The legal average is around 80 decibels but many riders seem to be unhappy and unsatisfied with this legal regulation.

While illegally modified pieces can ensure the „upgrade” you are looking for authorities are not going to be happy about it and this could end up badly.


01. Do some proper research before getting a new exhaust system. As we’ve already mentioned in the buying consideration, such parts require certain sizes, shapes, and materials to perfectly fit a motorcycle.

Doing your research also involves figuring out whether the items have or do not have the needed licenses, if they respect the regulations in the area where you live or if they are illegally modified.

Always keep in mind that illegally modified exhausts do lead to heavy noises, but they can put your safety at risk. It’s best to go with the safe option rather than risk it in the long run.

02. Do think twice before installing an exhaust system altogether. Once you’ve installed an exhaust system, you won’t be able to go back to your motorcycle’s initial state that easily.

First of all, the installation of the kit itself will leave marks on your bike’s parts. For instance, your pipes will get stained or scratched, and that will most likely lead to changing the pipes as well.

Take your time to decide whether you truly want to upgrade your motorcycle with such a kit and make a decision that is as informed and researched as possible.

03. Do terminology research and pay attention to what you’re buying. If you’re a beginner in upgrading motorcycles, you should dig into what each part is supposed to do.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. Here’s a brief that should help you:

04. The pipes are the parts that carry the carbon monoxide to the exhaust. They can easily be spotted because of their stainless steel appearance. They come in different sizes, but they ultimately do the same thing.

05. The exhaust manifold is the part that moves carbon monoxide and other gases from the engine towards the pipes.

Depending on your motorcycle type, manifolds may operate on one or more cylinders. Header manifolds work on one cylinder only.

06. The converter is the part of the exhaust that keeps you safe by converting the poisonous gases into breathable air.

Even though the compound of substances is still harmful to your health, it’s much less dangerous than non-converted gases.

07. The name “muffler” speaks for itself – it’s the part responsible for partly eliminating the noise that your motorcycle produces.

Even though it sounds tempting to ride without a muffler, it’s not a good idea. It has the role of balancing out the sound.

08. The exhaust guard is only present in some systems. They are adding an extra layer of protection for your exhaust system, keeping debris away. You should take it into account for a longer lifespan.

FAQ’s of Best Dual Exhaust System For Harley

What materials are exhausts made of?

The most common materials used to create exhaust systems are steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium each material having its pros and cons.

Different materials offer different performances at different price ranges, so picking the right one might require a little research.

Stainless steel is the to-go option for the industry. Fairly resistant and durable, it doesn’t require any special treatment, and it’s very wieldable so the manufacturing costs are very low compared to other materials.

The downsides are pretty obvious, it can bend, and its heat and corrosion resistance is not as good as other materials.

Titanium is relatively strong and durable, so it will not bend easily, while also remaining pretty lightweight.

This is enough to ensure great performance without adding any extra difficulties to the riding experience.

Unfortunately, titanium is the most expensive material and difficult to work with since it requires specific manufacturing conditions and machinery.

Carbon fiber exhaust systems have two primary perks, they offer an amazing and modern look to your motorcycle, and the performance/weight ratio is amazing.

They are usually made for sport models and have pretty high production costs, meaning they are not only pricier than standard models but also need special conditions when manufactured.

Those are the most common ones, but not the only ones.

When fitting the exhaust, what type of sealant can I use?

We would recommend using a copper high-temperature silicone sealer since they have an increased oil resistance compared to standard silicones and are way more flexible than cut gaskets.

The temperature range is around – 60 and 371 Celcius which will guarantee longevity no matter the conditions. For those that need quicker and simpler solutions, there is a much more common alternative.

The truth is you can use even bathroom or shower sealants, providing they are silicon-based.

Make sure to use a moderate amount around the inlet of the end can as well as inside the pipe that connects with the OEM system.

Do I have to tune my motorcycle if I change the exhaust system?

The answers may vary based on your motorbike and the positioning of its catalytic converter. Harley-Davidson touring bikes have their catalyst in the head pipe, thus changing the mufflers only will not require any sort of tunning.

Despite that, changing the complete exhaust system, head pipes included, will require the usage of a tuner and a high flow air intake in order to accommodate the higher airflow leaving the combustion chamber.

This again applies only to Harley Davidson bikes, so for different models, you might have to contact the manufacturer for further clarification.

How much power does an exhaust system adds to your motorcycle?

The aftermarket exhausts always add up some horsepower and torque compared to the stock versions thanks to their build.

They are lighter, use better materials that are heat resistant and less corrosive, and are specially engineered to expel gases more efficiently so the engine can benefit from increased airflow.

The slip-on also adds a little power at the lower end and if you pair the new exhaust with a little bit of electronic engine tuning and airbox mods, you might see a 15 percent improvement in horsepower.

Remember that every exhaust system has to be perfectly designed for your motorcycle to use its capability to the maximum.

What sort of exhaust should I choose?

This is heavily dependant on the type of riding one does. Some like to load their motorcycle and visit the camping area while others want to race and test their limits, each case requiring a different type of upgrade.

Based on the type of exhaust system, there are two types of possible replacements:

Only the mufflers, meaning you won’t have to replace the whole system, only the slip-on, so it keeps the factory head pipes.

This upgrade requires a minimal investment, both in terms of money and time to install it.

The boost in performance is not going to be groundbreaking, but for those that want to add a little power and change the sound of their vehicle, this might be the right choice.

The second type of upgrade, a full exhaust system, will change everything head to tail. From brackets to nuts, clamps, and everything that is part of the exhaust ensemble including head pipes.

This type of procedure usually requires an additional type of tunning and sometimes minor changes to the fuel management system.

While the cost is higher and it requires more time and experience to install it, the results are far greater and noticeable.

You can expect a real boost in performance, improved throttle, a totally new sound, and even an improvement in terms of aesthetics.

Do I have to clean the exhaust system?

Not only that the exhaust requires periodical cleaning but the engine will highly benefit from it as well.

This will ensure longevity and safety above everything else, and the process is very easy.

All you need is any metal cleaner substance available in any store, a sponge and scrubbing brush, a piece of cloth, and a bucket with water.

Apply the metal cleaner on the pipes and leave it for a few minutes to take effect. Remove the dirt and dust with the scrubbing pad and sponge until there is nothing more to clean.

The bucket of water will be useful for cleansing the remaining dirt and for those that want something extra there are also metal polishing products that can be applied after the cleaning process.


No matter what you are looking for, raw power, deep and rich sound, or the vintage look of a cruiser, dual exhaust pipes for Harley Davidson bikes have come a long way and now can benefit your bike in more ways than you might have expected.

With our in-depth review, you can now make an informed buying decision that will benefit your bike for a great period of time and turn it into the top-notch amazing vehicle you want it to be.